Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Deeelicious Story

I was doing some Spring-Cleaning to my antique photo album which had fungal print marks on every page. I stumbled upon this silly shot which I snapped when I finished high school.

I was the youngest and holidayed with this group of young executives who eventually became my BFF till today. I am forever grateful to them for paying all my expenses before I graduated to start my career.

That year in the 90s, I followed them to Pulau Tioman by boat from Mersing. All except me were scuba divers who had dived in almost every exotic marine beds from Mauritius, Great Barrier Reefs and Cebu up to Jeju Islands. Goodness, I could never afford to dive like them!

I love this photo taken from their backs. The centre torso in yellow cap is my Princess of Arabia! We have come a long way as friends and she fussed on me like a terror kid brother! I call her Abby and she used to work for Bristol Myers Squibb in KL after her decades of nursing stint in United Kingdom. In the gang, there was another beezee lady, Helen who hardly had time to catch up after leaving her famous purchasing post at Metrojaya.

Abby was most well known for her loud laughters, sweet tooths and world class stuffed Christmas Turkeys besides all the pastries, cakes and yummy desserts! The KBS drama featuring the chef Kim Tak-Gu reminds me of Abby who has the natural flair to toss, cook and bake! I used to lick my dinner plates dry.

They all rarely communicated as I lived away in Penang before leaving for States. Abby who used to attend the Bristol Myer's AGM yearly at Indiana in US had made an effort to visit me in Pennsylvania one summer. We had planned to tour Philadelphia and NYC as I could be her tour guide but her time was tight, so we called off.

So, I took her around Pittsburgh to see the beautiful European designed buildings of Heinz Hall and Carnegie Music Hall where the movie "Flashdance - What A Feeling" was filmed. She loved my rented condo in the swanky Shadyside haven for yuppies which had glass roofs to view the falling snow in Winter. I guess I was a bad son, living like a prince and even visited Trump's casinos in Atantic City as a student. Ssssshh!

Here, we took the train up to Mount Washington to view the skyline of Pittsburgh.

Next, we chilled at the giant fountain which sits by the the tip of the famous 3 rivers - Allegheny, Monongahela and Ohio Rivers. Bruce Willis often made his movies here and considered Pittsburgh as Hollywood Of The East. Before I returned to Malaysia, Abby had been promoted and transferred to Hong Kong to head the aggressive marketing division.

One thing led to another, Helen went on to open her chain of oversized dresses!

Next, she teamed up with Abby and Deeeeelicious was born!

I truly salute their hard work and sweat for everything today where Abby still heads the factory's huge kitchen now.

I have patronized several outlets and prefer the one at Dua Residences as it was a memorable noisy birthday dinner by a Sri Garden's student. They made so much noise in the private room till all diners threatened to throw us out. Later on, some bloggers also left a stained dispute on that wall. LOL!

Abby highly recommended me her sweet Mud Chocolate which could give me an instant diabetic on the 2nd helping. Believe me, I love the food menu but the bill hurts my pocket TERRIBLY. I would love to hear your sweet bitter dining experience too @ Delicious. Abby does not know I blog, no worries yet laaar....


  1. Seldom go to Delicious because I find the menu difficult to order, as in doesn't have much choices for me. But that is just me though.

  2. my ex-host here in brazil was studying in Pittsburgh too...he told me a lot about the city...

  3. haha.. i knew benjamin! And i think i might have dined with abby before as well in one of those rich and famous socialites gatherings hosted by ben!

  4. I think the place is over price...

  5. nice, i would love to try her chocolate.

  6. Ohhh give me some of that yummy treat, it looks so fattening and so Delicious, I just have to have some,what ever the price.

  7. given a choice.. Delicious will be my second choice lorr.. cos i really dunno what is so special with it la... and ues, the price is a bit... high lorr..

  8. yeah~~! it's so expensive, especially ever since they were bought over by ENO group.... ishh...

  9. Arumugam!! that's a very nice post from back then to now.. but how come all about US and nothing about your dear motherland??

  10. yeah, i like the Ladies of Arabia photo!! looks really Arabia with the towel and caps!! are they wearing sarees?? :p

  11. i was actually expecting some coconut tree, green grassland and flower bushes as i scroll down the page.. but NO, there isn't any.. :D

  12. Thamby haven't really dine in Delicious before, maybe just twice only having drinks, and drinks only..

  13. i think not cheap lor, though Thamby just have drinks, that already make a hole in Thamby's pocket!! you know Thamby is from slums back in motherland right~~ :D

  14. and i really curious, maybe you can post this question to your friend in Delicious..

    why are drinks sold at such high price?? even more expensive than food??!!

  15. Delicious is just a place to see and to be seen! it's definitely not abt eating good food!

    on a different note, this post seem to hv an ulterior motive, no?

    *batting eyelashes*

  16. the mud chocolate looks so yummylicious. temptations like that are just impossible to resist.

  17. I love Delicious! Especially the Duck confit, one of the best :) But I do agree that it hurts my purse! LOL!

  18. i love delicious food actually esp at midvalley one...

  19. after this post, she will know u blog :)

  20. in response to your previous question, i'm back from Europe, currently in Penang now. you can view my recent vacation pics starting from April onwards if you're interested. TQ.

  21. dat place seems nice. too bad i cant take dat mud choc. :P

  22. LEGOLAS - Agreed! Their menu is probably not offering the variety we want. Bring me along and I will make your appetite come!

    FUFU - Oh what a coincidence that your ex-host went to Pittsburgh. I do not know how to describe that place actually. Small, very modern but lovely to study at.

    TAKASHI - I had guessed that you would not all the Who's & Who's. Now you are one celebrity too!

    TZ - Even a rich Ugandan prince said it's over priced! LOL

    WENN - You will love their food!

  23. GLENNIS - You really love food and price is not a factor! How nice!

    DANNY - That place has lovely seating and ambiance, suitable for Danny to gossip and dine!

    MICHI - I didn't realized that their prices shot up after E&O Group bought over. Sounds true!

    SK - Our motherland got no photos la, all Slumdogs location deh... I don't beileve Thamby never dined there! HOkei deh, we go together and Thamby treat Arumugam hokei!

  24. QUEEN B - I think you struck the chord that it's a place to be seen and eaten up! LOL

    What my post got motive meh? I wasn't stirring bygones!

    WILLIAM - Your pair of eyes are sooo observant. I didn't even realize that Grandma's legs were crossed in many photos wor.

    LIFE RAMBLINGS - I will be damn fat if I am always indulging in such sinful food. I love sweets!

    IAMTHEWITCH - I didn't even know they served duck stuffs. Must try when my purse is loosened.

  25. VIALENTINO - The one at Mid Valley is always packed and noisy wor. I prefer the Dua Residences, where the well heeled crowd dine there.

    BENGBENG - Hey please don't stir the hornets! She would kill me for blogging this! LOL

    LIFERAMBLINGS - I had read tru your backdated posts! Lovely! I dream to travel to exotic places like you.

    KOALAEXPRESS - You must be a health freak to watch your diet. Sinful food is my priority always!