Thursday, September 16, 2010

Have You Been To Yala?

Since I embarked to the trails of my late grandpa's past CPO postings in Thailand, I have just covered Phuket last year and Yala recently at the troubled South of Thailand. For a while, I was worried about terrorists or fanatics who might bomb or behead someone while I was there.
It was a safe and peaceful place with much interesting photos to share.

The highlight of this town Yala is their past notorious communist camps and activities during the reign of Chin Peng's era.

This is their town which is just 2-streets, running like a square box. Damn boring without shopping malls or exotic cafes.

I stumbled across a Rumah Tumpangan named Jacky Chan Hotel.

Believe it or not ~ this is the OLDEST and TALLEST mail box in the world!

In such a sleepy town, they have this 5-Star hotel where I stayed. It looked like 3-Star to me though their carpet & paint smelled new and their Chinese Restaurant served very delicious and fresh food.

They also have a very impressive Thai Buddhist Temple built by the Queen of Thailand with a real pure gold minaret above the pagoda tower.

There is a huge Buddha statue sitting majestically below the hilltop temple.

There are several smaller temples surrounding the monastery.

Next attraction was the well preserved communist camp and the above is the arch-entrance uphill.

After a long hike through the thick old jungles, I arrived at the 1st view-post of the communists.

This tunnel is where they had a hidden stove and the coal's smoke was cleverly filtered to prevent the police & army to detect their hideout for decades!

The above long tunnel is where their soldiers hid inside.

It was such a low, dark, damp and foul-smelling tunnel where I had to stoop my head all the way. I think the communists would never recruit a 6 footer like me who would pose as a threat instead.

Hello? Hello? Can you see me?

They even had bamboo a make-shift pavillion to host the marriages amongst the soldiers! They were not allowed to have babies, so the men had to 'tie' their genitals.

These were their cooking utensils with mud-clay steps for kitchen cabinet.

There is an interesting museum which stored all their confiscated stuffs after their fall & surrender BUT no photography was allowed. You know me, I just curi-curi snapped so that can share with you guys.

I was surprised that the communist flags changed their emblems several times.

They had walkie talkies, sharpenels and other weapons displayed here.

Their Land Mines looked like Diamond's Water Filter canisters.

They also used Land Bombs and don't they look like uncooked "Lemang".

Hope you enjoyed the above sights of Betong in Yala, South Thailand.


  1. tQ for dropping by. Yes been to the communist tunnel aka mouse hole long time ago, got a relative in Betong. Huh Jacky Chan hotel wonder he received any royalty? Interesting caption you have got on the land mine canisters & lemang. Great post. tQ

  2. My dad plan to have this place as next. Family trip. When? Still not sure.

  3. I don't think I will give Southern Thailand a try, as interesting as it sounds and the assurance from those who went.

    Nice pics, and wow, tallest mailbox. Bet it's less than a quarter full most of the time. ^_^

  4. Communist flags! They are my friends and comrades!

  5. Medie007 - It was interesting one even after having seen hundreds of temples.

    BananaZ - Looks like I am a late visitor to Betong.

    TZ - I suggest you guys make it day trip and stay over in next town!

    Shingo T - You bet, I had lots of reluctance before being dragged onto the bus!

    Legolas - Wah! You're Mao's fan! I miss those days you wrote emo blogs from Beijing and had to run in circles!~! LMAO!!

  6. oh i never been to betong yet though i would love to... no one wants to go..scared dangerous wor.. sigh..

  7. it's interesting to know what you discover in yala. i haven't been to any other part of Thailand except for Bangkok and pattaya.

  8. oh, i think i've heard of this place but never been there.. is it near haadyai?? my friend told me she went there before, and been to the underground settlement of the communists..

  9. anyway, not really insterested to go lah, cos not much shopping there one.. hahahaha!!

  10. but i like the post box!! very nice, bright red in color so easily spotted..

  11. Great post and thanks for sharing. Didn't know got such attraction!

  12. interesting! hope to go there one day!

  13. I know you are back... I have been following everyones blog. Just that I don't comment much lately.

    I have never been to thai. No where near... But certainly hope to. The food, culture, and most importantly, the people!

  14. Reanaclaire - I won't say it's a must to go since there's no shopping malls for you.

    Life Ramblings - I've not visited Pattaya even though I went to BKK a hundred times.

    SK Thamby - It is quite near to Ha'adyai but they are on different directions. I won't go there again 2nd time. I forgot to post a letter to you from that letter box.

    ChrisAu - I had difficulty to add your blog into my read. What's wrong? Help!

    FuFu - What a funny vocab to call Lemang bombs! You are indeed a humorous and innovative guy!

    Wenn - You might like that place since you have such a good sense for Art.

    Bravebear - I know and feel your presence always! i was just catching up with all the blog links. You have grown up more leng chai!

    SmallKuching - Meow! Please drop by again too.

  15. I am curious abt the tallest and oldest mail box.

    There shouldn't be any mails above the slot hole? Not very much more at least? Why did they build such a big mail box?

    Prob there is only one in the area?

  16. A Common S'porean - Some Thais are very dramatic and good in exaggerating!! Look at how the Red Shirts protest in BKK and now look at their Red Mail Box. SO BIG!

  17. HAHAHAHA! The day while you were busy typing this post, I was actually busy doing some kacang shopping; lepaking at 7-Eleven & sweeping their Lay's; had some wonderful Thai meals and desserts, & bringing my colleagues who hv nvr been there around -- Haik! You beat me in the chase of writing Betong's post! -- You can actually get the loads of sexy, Thai gay mags - lor! But one thing I'm really disappointed with is the lack of gay massage or gay boys there! Kheksei!

  18. Simonlover - That place is a super boring place if not for the communist tunnel that made my day!