Friday, September 17, 2010

Hit & Run Lucky Number

It was dawn at 6:45 am on Malaysia Day.

I was getting ready to drive out of my house when I heard a very loud crash in the quiet morning's ambiance which sent many sleepers jolted from their beauty sleep.

A white Proton Wira had knocked onto this Toyota Altis which had parked nicely on the side road's pavement. I did not know how it happened so fast when there were no other moving cars that morning. The young punky lone driver got down in a daze to inspect. Maybe he saw a ghost and swerved his vehicle.

At 7:00pm, the wrecked car was still there! I think the owner had gone for a long vacation in another friend's car and parked his car at the safest spot. He will be shocked and piss in his pants when he comes to collect his mangled car later.

I will snap his photo with his wet pants later.

Now, the hit and run car's lucky number is


  1. Whoa! that's a very bad accident...

  2. wah.... time to buy 4D. Btw, I wonder why the owner park the car besides the road like that.... it's an easy target for accidents or scratch.

  3. wow, that is really a bad crash!! how that proton can ever did such a damage?? poor altis~~

  4. Poor thing.. and managed to lodge a police report too? The car owner will need a witness when he lodge his report at the police station.

  5. Alamak! The poor owner! And the fella who hit him didn't even leave his number? I would have!

  6. Guess the Toyota owner would be jumping sky high shouting & not singing "Oh what a *bad* feeling"!. If Toyota suffered that kind of damage what about the Proton? Could be much worst? Walau eh.. Twilight given out angkong ji...haha.

  7. looks like just roadside, not even a parking spot?

  8. Medie007 - It is really bad & woner will have hard time to get insurance from other party.

    Legolas - Now I am wondering whether owner is still alive. It's a trend now for cars to be parked elsewhere & owners perished!

    BengBeng - Good one! I bought 3 sides but TOTO pusing the number!

    ChrisAu- That roadside is outside a condo. Polpular to leave cars there under the trees. Very dangerous lor.

    Wenn - I've learnt a lesson from this, not to choose a busy street.

  9. SK Thamby - The Wira wasn't damaged so much and the driver came from opposite direction and crashed at the back side. Crazy!

    Pikey - Owner hasn't come back and it's been 4 days liao! Dunno whether he's still alive or not...

    Savante - I think the contact number was tucked on the wiper. So many nosy neighbours talking and staking the car plate. It came out TOTO terbalik and got winner wor!

    BananaZ - LOL...I would scream and pengsan if that's my car.

    Takashi - You are right. It is not a parking lot except for a spacious and shady road side on a BUSY street.

  10. wow.the car number plate came out in toto but in different combination...

  11. Did they number come out in Malaysia?

    I checked the 4D here in sg.

    It opened 1570 1st prize Sunday, another zero on top the zero.

  12. and all the commotion of returning to the blogosphere is this post?

    we expect more drama!

  13. wow wow wow...poor owner of 1578

  14. waaaaaaaaaaaa giving number on ur site ar...hahaha come out or not? :p

  15. Derek - Oh you also gambler like Grandma Twilight.

    A Common Sporean - I was told the number came out in TOTO terbalik.

    Queen B - I am no better drama Queen than your majesty, who does it with natural grace and deadly pokes.

    FuFu - Wow wow wow! It has been 6 days and the car is still there. I think it could be a stolen car, being left there!

    Manglish - You want more accurate numbers, look for Grandma!

  16. OMG, the owner must be emotionally heart-broken and pissed off when he sees this. i felt sorry for the poor fella. such culprits will not find peace in life.

  17. Life Ramblings - The owner came back after a week and horrified to see his car that night. It was towed away at 10.30 pm. I think the culprit pasted his contact number on the wiper. So I guess he is not a bad culprit after all.

  18. At last the owner is back... oh well, at least he left a contact. Good la.. can settle with him.