Thursday, November 18, 2010

My Winter Holidays

Where are you guys going for your Winter vacation?
Last Winter , I went skiing and ice sledging in the mountains of Korea. Remember how I met the Korean celebrity on the plane? I really had whale of a great time with my friends during that trip.
Guess where I have planned for my Winter holidays next month?

I have booked a trip to go hiking in the alps of Borneo Island on Christmas Eve! I have started my rigorous training daily by taking long walks from 5km till 10km. I also went back to my condo and ran up and down 22 floors besides taking big strides like 3-4 steps per climb. My groins and knees are aching and killing me now.

FACTS You Need To Know!!!

- Mount Kinabalu is the tallest in SE Asia @ 4,101 metres (13,455 feet)
- Accorded UNESCO World Heritage status

- You get to see 4,500 species of plant, 326 species of birds and 100 species of mammalian species besides Orang Utans
- The world's largest flower Rafflesia is there

- Mount Kinabalu is closer to heavens compared to Kuala Lumpur
- I might see Santa Claus waiting at the peak on X'mas Eve

The beginning will be trekking through miles of thick tropical jungles in winter jacket attire! The steps are so steep for miles! I will have to sleep for 1 night half way, somewhere! There will be 1 hired guide to lead us all the way up and down with more guides to carry my bags, water and cosmetics!

The next morning at 2:00 am, will be the 2nd part which will be all rocks scaling till the peak. So dangerous and exciting like a Fear Factor sequence. I will need to have bigger lungs, stronger arms and legs! The air gets thinner and thinner up there.

I must train hard and not freak out later!

Have you ever hiked to Mt Kinabalu?
Please advise me what else to do!

I have to reach the peak before sunrise to plant my "Twilight" flag there! After camwhoring NSEW, we all have to hurry and climb down fast before the sun burns and incinerate me to ashes!

Whooa! Rushing down all the way in tight ropes like this is slippery and so frightening. I might have to increase my insurance coverage!

I stole all these photos from internet and wonder if the above photo is stained with snow falls? I have no idea.

Look! Santa Claus will be there on Christmas Eve!
Tell me your wish list and I will ask Santa!
No promises okay!
Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas!


  1. sarap nyan ang magmountain climbing...sana nag matagpuan ko si Santa pag napunta ko dyan...haha

  2. I had been there. I didn't make it to the peak. I was sick before I went there and went there right after I healed.

    1. Training - you're doing pretty good.
    2. Pair of good hiking shoes.
    3. Waterproof gloves.
    4. Chocolate - put in your side pocket and munch it all the way. Don't worry about fat first if you wanna make it to the peak.
    5. Glucose - I just poured one spoon amount of glucose powder into my mouth and I got all energized.
    6. Raincoat - I was LUCKY enough to bring that.
    7. Just pay the potter to carry your bag. You can afford it. (Which I didn't do and now I'm regret).
    8. Buy the stick (tongkat) they sell to rest yourself all the way through.
    9. One 500ml water bottle, refill the mountain water all the way up.
    10. Rest well!

    You can make it. I'm very sure. :)

  3. Wow!!! I makes me envy...
    I always want to go there but failed due to 3 aspects: No Money, No Time & No Stamina... :(

  4. What snow alps in Borneo? Oh! Mount Kinabalu!! I thought where! Haha

  5. I have been to Mount Kinabalu - at the foot visiting the Kinabalu park. LOL!!

  6. I love to trek through that jungle. Must be bliss!!

  7. But I think I will hate that part where you need to wake up at 2 am to climb up to the peak!

  8. I am just not a morning person and I will be tired and sleepy!!! How to climb?!

  9. Probably going down the hill will be worse! Not sure!

  10. A word of advice - do not rush when you climb up. Climb at your own pace. A friend of mine rushed and she ended up so sick that she had to be carried down!

    When she returned to KL, she found out she lost some part of her memory!! A visit to doctor revealed that the lack of oxygen at the top of Mt Kinabalu destroyed some of her brain cells. She took 2 months to fully recover!

  11. Also it's a good idea to take lingzhi supplements during the climb. Lingzhi mushrooms (ganoderma lucidum) appears to increase the concentration of oxygen in your blood cells. This helps to prevent nausea and headaches on your way up.

  12. Good luck! I shall support you from home or shopping mall that day, Uuunnnnnclleee Twilight!

  13. Sound exciting. Be safe and enjoy yourself. Do some training first and condition your body.

  14. OK my wish is: I'll be fit enough to climb Mt Kinabalu next year ^^

  15. It's a myth Mt Kinabalu is SEA's tallest mountain! National propaganda... u fell for it! :P

    It is Borneo's and Malaysia's highest mount no doubt. But there are taller peaks in SEA:

    Hkakabo Razi in Myanmar (5,881 m)
    Puncak Jaya in Irian Jaya, Indonesia (4,884 m)

    all way taller!

    visit this for a complete list of SEA's tallest mountains: (for a record, Kinabalu is ranked #10)

  16. Was up in Mt Kinabalu aka Mt Api in 1995, oh C'est la vie has given quite good tips one more to add, bring along wind breaker. Am positive you can make it if grandpa like me can do it am pretty sure a fit grandma like you 'mai mi pung har'.

  17. Good thing we have to climb up early in the morning too dark to see the bottom so you don't freak out haha..Also was hungry at 3am and choosing to eat choc bar or to breathe as the air gets thinner so need to eat slowly. I breathed through my mouth as that would be faster than nose.

  18. wah, finally able to see your blog leh Arumugam!!

  19. i keep trying to load your blog, but then cannot see anything, only can see the blog title only!!

  20. that one is because i using IE lah, but then Thambee very smart, switch to try with FireFox, and viola!! can see now already!!

  21. Arumugam, your winter holidays how come not going back to your motherland?? don't you know how Letchumi is missing you??

  22. so nice!! Thambee also not going anywhere at all.. Arumugam somemore go mountain hiking.. but this time no snow woh~~

  23. hey, Mt Kinabalu is no more the tallest mountain in SEA lah.. your knowledge so outdated one??

  24. just google "tallest mountain in south east asia" and you'll know which one is the tallest..

  25. anyway, hope Arumugam enjoy the trip and can successfully conquer the mountain!! remember to bring your chapatti and goat's milk up there to celebrate ok??

  26. it would be interesting to try..

  27. mount kk...wanna go there again

  28. I wanna climb Mt K at least once in my lifetime..

  29. Since Grandma going to help to communicate to Santa...

    Here you go my 3 little wishes
    1. One unit of One-KL
    2. 40mil of cash in my bank
    3. Still thinking... Will let you know once i think of what i need :p

    Oh... don't forget to let Santa know TZ is a good boy for the last two years.

  30. a fantastic piece of tourism promo stuff this post :) i am considering whether i should do it again next month :) it was very easy the last time i tried it but that was before my leg troubles :)

  31. ah~ i want to go also.....
    hmm hmm.... i miss mount KK!!

  32. sounds cool. this would be fun yet challenging. i'd like to conquer MK someday. all the best in your endeavours. be safe and take care.

  33. i look forward to reading and learning more about your experiences. hope your week is going well.

  34. Wow, hiking up to Mount Kinabalu! Good luck and take care, my friend. I add you to my blog list as well!

  35. cause n effect is tao and karma is buddhism. sometimes this two conflicts so it does confuse sometimes

  36. i added ur blog in my blogroll too! yeay!

  37. i always wanted to try.... i guess need to make an exclusive trip for mt.kk.

  38. i would want to climb mountains that high
    so much of an adventure love it

  39. its been a while since the last time i visited blogs its just that i've been sick this past few days
    happy to be back in action again
    have a great day

  40. Have you ever been to the mountains of Taiwan? Gosh, I used to be a hiker as a teenager, but now I'm barely climbing little hills :P

  41. I was told that you just need to train for a month by climbing hills. After that, you can go to Mt. Kinabalu. I wanted to go many times but so far I have not done it. Go for it when you are still young!
    Oh, thanks for visiting my blog. Have a blessed week.

  42. Moks - What did you say? You love climb mountains too? I don't read tagalog laaa! LOL haha ha ha!

    William - What a lazy slut! Go climb mountains and keep your arse tight la! Kekeke kekekeke!

    C'est la vie - Thanks a mountain for your valuable advice till now. I really appreciate and it has given me confidence! Anymore advice aahh??

    Mr. L - I didn't pay for this trip, so I only need to build my stamina. I have been climbing stairs like crazee.

  43. FoongPC - You funny man! Been to the foot of Mt Kinabalu only...! Why never climb up?... I will take your advice not to climb up until sick like your friend...BTW where is my prize? I have been waiting all my life....

    Legolas - What another lazee fella like William? Wanna be God of 6 Packs but no exercise. Please don't forget my X'mas pressies!!!

    Leon - Thanks for your wishes and I am still training myself by running the stairs and park 10 rounds!

  44. Khengsiong - I thought you surely have covered Mt Kinabalu. Okay, I will give you my tips when I come down ok!

    KYH - Thank you so much for pointing out this silly mistake of mine. I realised what a nerd I was for believing the stupid Wikipedia of Bulls.

    Bananaz - So scary! You mean you had to breathe tru your mouth? I better bring asthma spray in case Grandma faints! LOL

  45. SK Thambeee - Bring Chapati and mountain goat milk? You kidding me, LOL!!!! I also had problem to open my own blog, how silly! Of course SK is IT expert and know how to open with Fire Fox. Arumugam is really outdated la.

    Wenn - You should try since you love outdoors too...

    Bravebear - Hope Santa knows what is PSP. Ho ho ho ho!

    fufu - I salute my hats to you! You are always ahead of anyone else in travelling and discovering places!

    Pikey - I hope you will climb for once! Everyone told me the feeling is very great when you have reached the peak and you might cry too. After that you will come down a changed person! Dunno how true!

  46. TZ - Santa said your X'mas wishes are crazy and he will go BANKRUPT soon! He knows you have been a good boy but you didn't do any charity???

    BengBeng - I cannot compare with your lovely blogs promoting Sibu and Wushu! I am still learning from you la.... I also have my groin and knee pain but still going ahead. I guess the pain will never leave me.

  47. KeO - You miss Mt KK? You been there??

    Life Ramblings - Thanks for your kind wwishes and hope you will make the trip to climb soon! I will blog the details to share with you when I return.

    Jam - Thank you for your wishes and adding me. Keep blogging yeah, I love to read your blogs.

  48. Biqque - Thank you for adding me. You write nice blogs too, keep it up!!

    Lily Riani - Just hop onto the plane and make it happen. See you there!

    PoorPrince - Your country has so many lovely mountains and panoramic landscapes to explore. You should blog about them too. Hope you will take supplements daily to keep stay strong. Will miss your blogs when you are sick!

  49. MKL - I have visited the lovely cool mountains in Taiwan and stayed once in a Buddhist Monastery in Nantou during a freezing Winter. I slept in the monks' quarters! It was a good experience and I love Taiwan very much esp Taichung..

    William - I have less than a month left and I am so scared. Not enough training yet. Wish me good luck, will you? LOL

  50. Have a great trip! Good choice...KK good food, fresh seafood, nice sea views and islands...and Kinabalu, great place to unwind - not too sure about climbing to the summit though, never tried!

    Have fun, take care...and have yourself a merry little Christmas. Enjoy the log fire in the cosy chalet.

  51. suituapui - Thanks for your kind wishes! How come I never think of the log fireplace for Christmas. I will see whether they have them on Mt Kinabalu...