Thursday, January 29, 2015

Mindpower & Auspicious CNY Decorations

Comes this 19th February, we will be ushering the Chinese Lunar New Year when the goats will bleat happily! Last weekend, I went to the biggest store I could locate which sold the cheapest and widest variety of new auspicious red Chinese decorations in Petaling Jaya. I forgot the name but it is a warehouse-like store right behind the Ming Tien Food Court at Taman Megah.

Let me show you the photos and share my own personal thoughts why we should buy something new, very red and auspicious to welcome every new year with a LOUD BANG!! I have read far and near, in various feng shui & religious theories to understand something here.


- We, human beings live in this huge universe where everything revolves around good and bad frequencies. Learn to tap the good ones!

- We have so many remote controls to activate our home gadgets, appliances, auto-gates & car alarms etc. All used tiny batteries with invisible frequencies set to move, open and activate big items!

- Your MIND has even stronger FREQUENCY POWERS than tiny batteries to order our juniors, maids or kids to run errands/chores or even move people.

- Our MIND could activate our hearts and mouths to make someone happy or angry with the rightful words & wishes.

- Most humans have short memory & weak frequencies to precisely tap & draw all the good frequencies hovering above our homes - WEALTH, HAPPINESS, LUCK, LOVE & many more.

- So, we need to get the rightful auspicious objects to display so that everyone will only THINK precisely of the right & good thoughts. Good thoughts will help your MIND to tap the good frequencies too.

- The RIGHT magnetic thoughts will generate the RIGHT magnetic frequencies you desire. So we must always associate ourselves with good people who emit good frequencies and live & work in good environment too.

 1. So many kiasu wannabes like ME, the uncles and aunties thronged this place to grab every thing that fancied our eyes. The prices are very cheap after hefty discounts. This Golden "Fook" display caught my eyes!

2. This "Fook" sign was once popularly displayed as "福" upright until the trend & beliefs that it should be shown as falling down to you. To me, it looks a bit like my luck will become upside down.

3. Don't you agree that it will look more auspicious in the upright position like this??

4. Good wishes is a must!!! Whoever that reads them out aloud or mumble in their thoughts will generate these auspicious frequencies around your house like blessings!

5. The burning candle lights from the old lanterns would bring good tidings but these days we have to put an electric bulb inside! "Raise The Red Lantern" was a very good movie showing the Emperors & his Concubines.

6. I bought some cute Red Packets with the Goats smiling.

7. This festive fire-cracker light bulbs were the most popular item! The whole string costs less than RM10 each! Hurry there & sapu!

8. Wow! The lion heads come in many colours now and selling cheaply. You can save cost by doing your own lion dance outside your door. You could also hire the "Anay & Thambee" troupe to dance for you for free! Wakakaka

 9. In China, I have seen such well-tangled red ropes in huge gigantic displays being hung up at the entrance of buildings. These red displays will attract very solid relationships with everyone.

10. I bought one for my door!

11. I was impressed with these section where all the displays had moving parts waving, using small batteries!





  1. Good afternoon TM... The weather here is super hot...

  2. No. 8, how about Anay & Thambee come up with a video of the Lion Dance and upload and share with us, kakaka....

  3. So how do I book the Anay and Thambee troupe? hah..hah..hah... This shop sure is interesting as this would be THE place to get all the Chinese New Year decorations. I am not into all these but I do like looking at them.

  4. Huat ah Anay!!!

    Borong how many lorry?

    hm...nno wonder la last sunday I pass by there got like human mountain himan sea. I thought they go pasar. So this is d attraction la.

  5. Come come Anay and Thambee troupe....come my house. Me no energy to do much nowadays. Come here and choong hei my house make more energy.

  6. Those big tanglung how much? Two yrs ago was a pair for rm90 in sg buloh mkt

  7. wah!!! so fast Anay already "decorated" his blog for CNY!! it's red, it's auspicious and it's a happy color!!! and Anay also blogged about fengshui, woot woot, we must take those advices seriously dei..

  8. yes.. agree!! I think one's mind and will power and also positivity is very important.. fengshui is there to enhance the good or avoid the bad, but csn never change things from black to white or the other way round.. so it's also the mind power to get in synch with fengshui and frequency for the maximum effect.. hence, stay positive and your positive aura and frequency will make things better..

  9. wow!! what a great place to shop for CNY decorations!! surely it is wiser to come to this warehouse than to get things few times more expensive at shops and malls!! and look at the varieties I guess one need to spend half a day there to browse through and finally decide what to buy, muahaha!!!

  10. fire crackers light bulbs for RM10!! aiyoh that is a steal, so how many did Anay borong home and place them above your door?? and that big head for the lion dance, Thambee can imagine Anay wearing that bs perform a very good show to entertain the guests, muahaha!!! xD

  11. Wah, everything is red, very ONG ar!!

    We still under mourning period so no ang pao will be given this year....

  12. yes, I prefer the 'fook' to be placed upright instead of upside down.
    I used to like decorating my home but since I work in the shop, I hardly have the time to fully decorate my home for CNY.

  13. i like CNY very much, and i really enjoy the festive mood 2 weeks before the big day.

  14. Whoa, I like this post! Very "si lai" and aunty post, me like.. Everything has to be ang-ang and ong-ong during CNY and I would try my best not to shout or scream at the kids.. Most, just a killer stare, and hope my killer stares still work, haha.. I agree with your #our mind has strong frequency powers to ask someone to do something# as I believe one thing: If he/she has a heart to do it, we need not say anything much, if not, say a million words also useless.. So we must always use the right words at the right time all the time so that the person can do the things that we want la, kan? I've seen those lion heads in #8, but I dare not buy home la, looks scary to the kids.. But I'm thinking, if I buy one to scare them so that they eat, hmmm, maybe can hor? It's good to hang one in the kitchen to make them eat.. Ok, I'll think about it..

  15. Yeah, that upside down "fook" word never made sense to me too! They play on the pronunciation, saying fook "collapsed" sound like fook "arrived", but if you ask me, the actual meaning holds more power than twisted meaning. Sounds like arrived, but in actual is collapsed. How can fortune collapsed be a good thing??

  16. Those decorations are so cute la!! But every year my house just use he same decorations, didn't buy any new one, coz my house rarely has visitors to visit also. hehe!!

  17. Yes, that's why everywhere, the good folks asked us to think positive and it's not merely say only. Think positive and believe you can and feel good.
    Nice decors... I am sure you are looking forward to CNY already. hahaha

  18. I see you are all ready for CNY with your red, red, ang, ang blog. Very nice decorations! Your blog also very nicely decorated for CNY.

  19. I agree with you, Anay. This year, I must allocate a portion of my bonus to buy CNY decoration to beautify my house, so that it has positive energy.

    Last year, Anay sent me a "福", I stick it on my wall next to my main door outside my house. I also put it upright. I don't find upside down is alright too. Hehehee

  20. Practice the law of attraction? Great minds think alike? :P

  21. I like the red packets, wow even your blog template colour is red, auspicious right?

  22. There is so much red to cheer up the festival season there, but I like that firecracker serial light bulbs – unique and different! The Chinese red lanterns capture my attention many times in online... i liked reading the connections and frequencies

  23. Wishing you a happy new year in advance after so long past~

    (A Growing Teenager Diary Malaysia)

  24. Wah the red packets look really cute!

  25. Yeah, I guess it's just tradition that makes people hang the FATT character upside down. :)

    Everyone I know does that, I once hung it for my grandma right side up as a kid and she scolded me. We don't hang it at home though coz my dad and late mom are Christians but I feel it's festive too. I can feel the CNY mood now, it's just two weeks till CNY!

  26. You're super fast, dear! I really enjoy seeing CNY posts as it's relatively quiet here in SG compared to M'sia.........