Friday, April 28, 2017

A Story Of Korean Fried Chicken

This Is Not A Paid Post

I have a group of very close Korean friends whom I met during the our college days living inside the US boarding school. Everyday we would meet up, ate dinner, showered, slept and got drunk together on the same floor for international students. Now 2 decades later, we still chat silly inside the mobile phone's KakaoTalk which is very popular in South Korea. 

They are all happily married and live in Seoul now. The current situation there is causing worries & sleepless nights over the tensed war threats by North Korea. I always assured them that my home will always have a place for them to shelter if they have to quickly flee their country. They need not have to worry about food and shelter here. One fella often asked me the prices of the food and rentals in Kuala Lumpur. He was so shocked to hear that a packet of Nasi Lemak is only RM1.20 here! 

I often bragged about the famous Korean Fried Chicken sold at One Utama Shopping Mall which is so delicious with long queues daily. They told me that was rubbish fried chicken and should visit them in Seoul, in order to eat many other best fried chickens. I was puzzled and wondered how a better Korean fried chicken tasted? Finally this food Blogger Sean shared about this place where 2 things attracted my eyes! It serves real Korean Fried Chicken and closes at 2.00am daily! I being a real Burung Hantu who love entertaining friends outside till wee hours, this place should fit the bill. 

Last night, I decided to treat my wife to a special meal before she flies overseas for her mountain climb trip again.  We made our way through massive traffic jams to Sri Hartamas.

The Cafe Chicken
No: 66, First Floor, Jalan 27/70a, Desa Sri Hartamas, 
Kuala Lumpur. 
Open 5.00pm-2.00am / Closed on Tuesdays.
 (Look out for the News.Com in red colours &
you will easily spot The Cafe Chicken above)

 The ambiance and decor is quite unique with well partitioned
brick walls to offer much privacy for big gossipers like me.

 We took so long to decide which to order as they have so many
types of fried chickens which come in "Full Order" or "Half & Half".
So I decided to try the popular Sweet & Spicy and the Soya Sauce Chicken.
Wow! I love the Sweet & Spicy chicken which has strong spices with
tinges of bean paste & herbs! My darling prefers the milder Soya Sauce chicken.

We also ordered a bowl of spicy hot Korean Ramen which my wife
always loved. I will be back again soon to try all the other fried chickens!
Yums! The bill was RM71.00.

Happy Long Weekend!


Friday, April 21, 2017

City God Duchenghuang Temple - Xi'an

We always try to visit temples during our trips to any foreign countries to pay our respect. We would pray for blessings to have a safe and happy holidays. My prayers and wishes have always been blessed so far with no untoward incidents.

We took a nice walk along the busy & crowded Shangye Street to locate 
this famous Duchenghuang Temple. The weather was quite chilly.

This is the grand entrance statement to the huge temple's complex. 
It was built in 1387 AD by Emperor Hongwu of the Ming Dynasty. 

The original temple was destroyed by fire during the reign of 
Emperor Yongzheng (AD 1723) during the Qing Dynasty. 
It was restored by Governor Nian Gengyao using selected 
woods torn down from the Palace of Qinwang.

We enjoyed browsing at the many small stalls selling Chinese souvenirs, 
handicrafts and China's historical memorabilia. Everything was cheap there!

They were selling the attractive 2017 calendars
but I didn't buy as we don't have the same public holidays.

So many ornaments, jade stones and Chinese
brushes hung up for sale, making it a pretty sight
to behold.

The temple's complex consists of the entrance statement, 
a memorial archway, drum and bell towers,  
stage theater, main halls and Wenchang pavilion with 
ample living quarters.

Father and son played an interesting ball game. I stood there 
watching for some 30 minutes, thinking of my own late father
who taught me fishing, swimming and even ballroom dancing!
The love & warmth of our fathers will live on,
in our heart & memories forever.

That's my cutie pie wifey pointing
at a big word happily.

The grand pavilion of entrance leading to
the inner court yard of more grandiose architecture buildings.

The various halls inside the huge temple complex
hold the altars for the City God Dunchenghuang,
God Wenchangdiyun, God Guanshengdiyun,
Goddess Jiutianshengmu & others.

The big urns for joss sticks.

Take note of the giant abacus hanging above.
I often saw this similarity being used for
enhancing the Feng Shui.

The main hall of the Duchenghuang Temple.

The prominent stage for the festive opera shows.

There are more stalls selling interesting items & souvenirs.

They even sold heavy headgears worn for the Chinese Opera

Where there are books, there my wifey is.

They sold the many red drums and festive dragon equipment
for performances.



Monday, April 17, 2017

A Beautful Hindu Temple

This is the newest landmark building which is located along the busy Federal Highway. I used to attend their consultant's meetings during the earlier construction days as my colleagues could not speak proper English with their team. It gave me lots of unnecessary tensions.

I always drove past this Hindu Temple beside the building a few years ago
I was very attracted to their elaborate architecture and colours.

Last week, I got down from my car and went inside this
temple. I believe that I have divine fate with the Hindu Gods and Goddesses.

Once upon a time, I went to work for an advertising agency
before I went to US. A handicapped colleague asked me to take over his
assignment to paint and touch up some idol statues of the Hindu Gods
and Goddesses at a small temple in Penang.

I was very timid and balked out many times as I was not good
at paintings, let alone on sacred statues! Finally I went after repeated 
pleas from the polio handicapped colleague who was a Muslim.
He explained that he was not allowed to get involved in other
religious matter. This colleague has passed away recently due to
kidney failure and cancer.

This timber door is very huge and heavy.

It has nice and neat carvings as patterns.

I was attracted to the 3-D statues that looked so alive.

The whole ceiling is elaborate with colourful drawings and patterns.

The musicians started playing as the prayers was about to begin.

Many Hindu devotees arrived and clasped their hands in prayers.
Everyone stole glances as I was the only Chinese present.

The temple's priests took the devotee's pots of offerings
to bathe the statue of the Gods.

The temple's priests conducted the religious rituals.

This temple has several small shrines inside.

They looked beautiful and alive.

A tall ornament in gold stood majestically towards the skies.

All the offerings of candle lights and flowers.

Graceful Indian sarees are always colourful and vibrant.

The priest walked around to offer a tray of holy ashes.

A statue of the Hindu Goddess.

The exterior view of the temple.

Temple's Address:
Kuil Sri Sakthi Easwari
 Jalan SS 8/39, Petaling Jaya,
Selangor Darul Ehsan.


Thursday, April 13, 2017

The Worst Airlines In The World?

I was too outraged to see the recent videos of the passenger being yanked out of his seat. It disturbed my head for 2 days that such horrific services happened at O'Hare International Airport in Chicago. I felt sad that I have been praising this airline as the best for the last 2 decades to everyone I knew. I remembered that as a young student, I flew by United Airlines to America and filled their questionaire forms praising their services to the skies besides the spacious leg room for a 6 footer and served exemplary good meals all the way. 

Comics To Laugh (Source: Facebook)

I have flown by different United's aircrafts to Singapore, Hong Kong, San Francisco, Chicago and Philadelphia. Every semester break I would go for short trips across the country and had flown by Northwest Airlines, US-Air, Delta, Trans World (TWA) and British Airways. Yet, I still personally voted United as the best. So you could understand the shock I had. Maybe I should sue them for giving me shocks, sleepless nights and horrific visions at work. LOLOL

Comics To Laugh (Source: Facebook)

I had seen many incidents of very rude passengers on board several airlines especially AA and China's planes. Their manners, demands and tone of voice were so unspeakable towards the cabin's crew. At the same time I also saw very few cases of the air hostesses being rude to me and I just blamed their bad days or "Aunty Visit". Like it or not, this is a service industry where "the customer is always right" policy applies after having paid big sums of cash to fly.

I just watched an online US news where the TV host lambasted that there was NO OVERBOOKING that occurred. The fact was simple that the whole plane was just full and no overbooking took place. The airline merely wanted to fish out 4 volunteers to leave or swap their flights with tokens of cash, hotel and meals given but there were no takers. They chose the wrong paths instead of just sending their 4 airline workers to travel by road to reach the destination without any fuss and untoward incidents. It was so sad and angry to see what happened next..... 

Several of the scary videos taken during the incident were posted and shared on social media. Now many are looking forward to hearing about the inevitable lawsuit as the victim had collapsed and had to be sent to hospital to treat his injuries. This is truly an isolated case that happened for the first time and shocked the world's travelers. I am flabbergasted and may not boycott this airline as I don't always blame a whole family just because the son is a tyrant.

I must learn to FLY SMARTER & SAFELY!


Wednesday, April 5, 2017

My Hometown in Penang Island

This Is Not A Paid Post.
All Opinions Are My Subjective Thoughts.

I took a break recently and followed my wife's working stint to my hometown in Penang. She was there to conduct her Master Trainer's computational thinking for the lecturers at the famous university there. She has been flying all over the country to share with all selected universities to move foward our educational level to be on par with the Computational Thinking's way of education in America and all other developed countries in the world. We seemed to be sinking but will slowly rise now.

So I had free hotel stay, why not? This paradise island has been voted many times by various foreign tabloids for having the best food, attractions and place to live. The notably media votes were repeatedly bragged by New York Times, LA Times and even CNN's list. I really enjoyed relaxing by the pool which overlooked the ocean and famous "Millionaire's Row" in Penang where many huge prominent mansions still stand with charm & grandeur.

The Northam All Suites Hotel 

All the rooms in this hotel  come in the suite sizes!
It may be slightly dated but the price is very reasonable
with free breakfast and good services.

This is a typical smallest suite rooms that comes with separate
living and sleeping area with a huge bathroom.There is a special guest
toilet by the living room too!

This huge bathroom comes with a huge wardrobe and safety box
which further pampers you with a jacuzzi and individual
shower & WC stalls.

The panoramic view from my suite on the 35th floor! I could see the mansion of the Tycoon Ng Sui Kam below where I spent my childhood years swimming at his private swimming pool. Today it has sadly become a public's food court with hawker stalls!

Next to Ng Sui Kam's mansion, you could see the Royal Palace of the Sultan Kedah and the most prominent mansion is next to the palace. That one is "Homestead Mansion" which belongs to the family of Yeap Chor Ee.

We came down to the pool deck on the 9th floor to monkey around a bit.
Now we could see the mansions at a closer view.

Look at how the tycoons enjoyed the lifestyle of beautiful mansions on acres of land that overlooked the breezy oceans with passing ships. This only happens in my sweet dreams during sleep.

 Come and visit Penang okay!

The million dollar condominiums there are dotted along Gurney Drive.
I am waiting to strike jackpot to buy a unit there.