Monday, March 5, 2018

Chinese New Year In Penang (Part 2)

It was a very healthy and stress free trip to Penang during Chinese New Year. We left KL early on Tuesday morning and the highway was smooth with very few cars, making it a relaxing drive. We stopped in Kampar to visit my wife's 8th Aunty before buying some ingredients for our steamboat. 

Everyday my wife would find time to hike up Penang Hill or take long walks with me around the famous Botanical Gardens. The air is always very fresh and clean around the gardens and definitely helped my lungs!

Created in Year 1884

This beautiful gardens were created by the British since ancient times. 
It covers a large area of over 70 acres of rolling hills and lush greenery jungles
with natural cascading waterfalls. Next year, I plan to bring my wife to stroll
around London's Hyde Park which is 5 times bigger and connects to
the beautiful sprawling grounds of Kensington Gardens. I will show
her my foot trails.

The present government has put in continuous effort to beautify and upgrade
this gardens from time to time. Now it has beautiful lily ponds outside to welcome
all visitors.

Someday I will be sitting on the benches during my Twilight Years
as a real Twilight Man to rekindle all my childhood memories
of this big gardens.

Flowers may bloom and wither but the sweet memories will stay forever
in my thoughts.

This place is perfect for leisure strolls and to admire its rich abundance of flora & fauna.

My wife was there to join my friend and his gang who were having
their tough boot camp session. I didn't join them as I was busy
looking for monkeys.

They have good landscaping too with perfect settings to hold a garden wedding.

Many photography enthusiasts took hundreds of photos of the fallen tree.
Once upon a time this old tree had stood very prominently but nothing is
permanently in life as the Buddhism teaching says.

This hot couple preferred to enjoy their intimacy by kissing and groping
each other continuously for so long. It really distracted my peaceful walk

Even the monkeys got excited to see the hot couple!
..Monkey see, Monkey do....

There are plenty of very old and unusual trees like this Cannon Ball tree.

This tree bears funny fruits that resembled the cannon balls! I think the monkeys
used them to play football too.

Let me share this secret! This is where the Malaysia's 1st water treatment plant was built
in Penang and many swore that the water from the hills of these waterfalls are naturally sweet.
Now you know why all the hawker food tastes better in Penang!

Good & clean mineral water helps to build healthy bodies like these plants from the 
Daun Kedok family. They are so mighty giant and bigger than my shoes!

I have the fondest memories of this cascading waterfalls where my late parents took
my family to have picnics and we played with the fresh & cooling water!
Those days we played outdoor and climbed the trees without all those gadgets
like computer games and iPads! It was rain or shine with fresh air.
Some parents today spoilt their kids to remain indoors as they
believed it is safer. Remember the saying that
...The Ship In Harbor Is Safe, 
But That Is Not What Ships Are Built For....

Further down the slopes, I saw cupids hovering above this young lovely couple who sat peacefully on the mat to enjoy their Valentine's Day! They were both sketching quietly on their own drawing pads while enjoying a whirlwind romance! Their giggles warmed my hearts and prompted me to walk up to greet them. I took a good look at their drawings and was smitten by their expressive drawings in myriad of colours! I have studied all the types of paintings of Art History in America but this couple drew something new like modern day abstracts instead - Lovebird's Art. I gave them my blog links and told them that I respect their passion to enjoy the mother nature instead of spending a bomb to celebrate Valentine's Day in posh hotels. I wish them success in their love life and future.



  1. I think many of us have forgotten or have not been to Botanical Gardens or our own Lake Gardens since we were kids. It probably deserves more of our attention with its beautiful flora and fauna...though bumping into 'hot couples' like that (in daylight some more) certainly spoils the tranquil scenery...hahaha! ;D

  2. Wow... so much you can see in Botanical Gardens.. I normally just walk and go back without any sweet memories in mind.. hahaha.. You really captured a lot!

  3. I must visit this botanical gardens again. Went there many years ago and sad to say at that time it was not is very good condition. I am glad that it has been upgraded. Being a plant lover, I can spend the whole day there.

  4. Wonder why I didn't go up to Penang Hill the last time. Nice V-Day outing! xoxo

  5. indeed you had a very relaxing stay in Penang..I wish I could do that often to stay away from the stressful work.

  6. There's a lot of nice flowers at the garden, more than TTDI park it seems. Wah the hot couple making out under the HOT! LOL

  7. u went back hometown quite early yea? last time I went up hill in penang was 2012, air itam peaceful, so quiet...

  8. The botanical garden looks like a best place to stroll, rest and relax on the lap of nature while admiring the beauty of same. Lovely photos on the garden and sweet things happening around... Looks the British was interested in creating gardens wherever they patched their feet, just like how they developed Ooty Botanical garden in South India, on the mountain landscape at more than 2000 MSL.
    Loved the waterfalls and old tree with great detail to shoot…

  9. I feel at peace just reading this post and scrolling through the many lovely pictures. I remember this botanical garden. I remember the monkeys. But I don't remember the kissing and groping couples. LoL!

  10. What a beautiful place for a walk - fresh air, interesting sights and lovely flowers. I haven't been here in years! It's nice to see it through your lens.

  11. Those giant lotus leaves looked really amazing! I think you should try to sit on it see if it can support your weigh, LOL

  12. "Tidak dibenarkan berkelakuan sumbang di taman awam."

  13. The flowers are beautiful! I have been there when I was studying in Penang. you didn't ask the couple permission to take photos of their art to show here?

  14. I never been to Penang for ages but I do remember this ‘ monkey hill’. When I was a kid visiting this place in the evening , I remember there are lots of monkeys around and we used to feed them with nuts bought nearby , though I think it’s illegal to feed. I also remember a monkey almost attack me when I feed it a nut and my cousins told me to leave those red ass monkeys alone. Hahahha

  15. thanks for sharing pictures...i like the picture of hot couple...

  16. I love flowers, rivers, lakes, waterfalls etc so i feel i would enjoy a walk in this garden, in sg we have the fort canning hill and botanical garden, we like to make fun and say that fort canning hill is haunted, those times still kids so our imagination ran wild lol

  17. I love the garden. So well maintained. Good to have a place to enjoy the nature and relax. I never seen such fruit tree before, does look like cannon ball. Lol.

  18. I last visited Penang Hill 10 years ago

  19. Anay, please bring me there and show me around! LOL

  20. beautiful and well-kept lotus pond, unlike the Thailand ones which are usually poorly maintained.


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