Friday, September 14, 2018

Mid Autumn Festival - 24 September 2018

Times flies so fast and so many things have happened while my blog was growing cob webs with leaking drips of putrid water. Muahahahaha I hope to be back in active & regular mode to update my blog posts. Many are still kept inside the archives after being nicely written and prepared. I have lame excuses for hibernating my finger to click the post.

It will be our Mid Autumn Festival in another 10 days. I really miss my childhood days when my parents bought me coloured lanterns almost every year. It was so fun to parade around the neighbourhood streets with my young friends to show off. Our lanterns used to be made from wired figurines being wrapped tightly with multi coloured and painted glass papers. We just had to light a small candle inside and hold it up with the fastened bamboo stick. These days the kids have plastic ones using battery operated lights for their lantern parades. That is too modern and looks no fun to me. Time has changed including the moon cakes.

Look! I am very proud to show off the 2 pretty moon cakes I have received from Blogger Small Kucing.  She is so thoughtful and creative to make them every year. While she gave some to her close friends, she also took in many orders from across the country. Please order yummy ones from her!

 Look! The 'roasted' piglet moon cake is so cute from the top view!

I had a good laugh to see the backside! What did I see?? This pig is complete with eyes, nose, tail and even an ANUS!!!! Muahahahahahahaha

So clever of the manufacturers of the moon cake moulds! They created an anus! Time has changed. Thank you so much for making me laugh -  Mamarazzi Small Kucing!

I would like to wish all my blog readers and silent readers from the whole world a
Happy Mid Autumn Festival.



  1. Replies
    1. Handmade oh... the mould ones friends said look like crocodiles instead...go my fb see.

  2. Very nice of mamarazzi to give you homemade mooncakes. Her mooncakes are amazing and too cute.

    I didn't buy any for own consumption this year. Luckily we got a mooncake plus gift set from Starbucks last night otherwise we wouldn't be eating any.

    I was just talking to my man last night that we burnt most of the paper lanterns last year after having them for few years. Time to buy new one for the kids. I stillborn the,traditional paper lanterns. More authentic. The fun of lighting up the candle, place the lanterns on sticks and walking around with them are the joy and tradition we should uphold.

    Happy Mid-Autumn festival to you and family in advance!

  3. Aiyo, that one we call the tail-lah, not anus...wakakakaka! :D Yeah, the mooncake is very cute...what is that thing supposed to be on top of its head?...behind the ears. Every year I don't need to buy any mooncakes coz whole family don't fancy eating mooncakes! ;) Happy Mid-Autumn festival to you and your wifey.

  4. Some filling should overflow from the anus!

  5. Happy festival to you too! THat pig is hilarious!

  6. LOL! I am just blessed with a box of Lavender Mooncakes from Malaysia from my sister, traditional ones, two with yoke, two without yoke

    My mom bought the traditional paper lanterns for my nephew and we just had a walk just now, more fun lah, paper lanterns where we light the candles and try to keep the fire from going off

    Happy Mid Autumn Festival to you and your wifey

  7. Wah you are so early! Still 10 days more to go and you have already wished everyone so here's happy autumn festival to you too! You are so good to spread the word about Mama Kucing home made pretty moon cakes. She is so kind to send you some to enjoy.

  8. The piglet so so cute! Happy mid autumn fest to you and your family! :)

  9. Yeah, gone are those days when I was a kid and looking forward to festivals like these.. We siblings would hang out with the neighbours' kids to parade our lantern, play with the candles etc etc...

  10. Anay finally update his blog!

    Happy Mid Autumn Festival!

  11. Haha!!Small Kucing is really talented - these mooncakes are so pretty and well made.

    Happy Mid Autumn Festival to you and your wife in advance, TM. May you be blessed with all things good this season. The lanterns I used to burn is nothing fancy but I love it. I use the coloured paper ones and once burned down my laundry line because I hung it all there ...kakaka.

  12. I miss those younger days playing with lanterns too. Gosh, time flies!

  13. A bit early but my sincere wishes for a Happy Mid-Autumn Festival to you and your family.

  14. I prefer paper lanterns. I always get some for my boys. But the best part about playing with lanterns is actually playing with the candles. Lighting them and seeing them melt is simply satisfying. Haha.

  15. hee..hee...that piggy mooncake is so damn cute! I now love the fruits and nuts mooncake.

  16. I think that is not anus lah, just your mind is a bit "senget" to think like that, LOL

  17. It is indeed thoughtful of Mamarazzi, besides she is just getting better and better in her baking.


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