Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Getting Ready! Welcome the Chinese New Year 2021

Our Chinese New Year of the OX will be coming soon! It is just less than 3 weeks away. I believe we might celebrate this festive season on a smaller scale this year. I do not wish to feel miserable with my wife just in case, our country has to observe a full lockdown. Last CNY 2020, we were supposed to fly off to Guangzhou on 2nd day of CNY but I cancelled our flight on the eve of my departure as the pandemic was sweeping across Guangzhou already. Luckily I got credit refunds from Air Asia. I truly appreciate that we also received refunds for our planned trips to Hua Hin, Taipei and Melbourne by MAS and Air Asia. To be safe is my ultimate happiness. We can always travel again when the world is safe again.

Last month, I went on shopping spree on Boxing Day Sales and bought CNY dresses and tee shirts for my wife and myself. Yes, I always bought dresses, clothes and even Victoria Secret's panties for my wife. Why not? This is something most people were shocked as they never heard of their husbands buying clothes or panties for their wives. Am I abnormal or something is wrong with other husbands? I want to hear from you.

Look at the clothes, decorations and all the CNY goodies I have bought ahead to celebrate this Chinese New Year of the Ox. They are all cheap items.

I bought 2 CNY  Lucky Cat door mats to welcome GOOD LUCK, Huat Aarrrrr!
Trust me it works, if you really believe in the Law Of Attractions!

Special OX Chinese New Year Red Packets for the kids. 
I prefer to buy my own cute ones online from China as those given free are less exciting.

I bought 5 pieces of CNY Cushion Covers, online from China.
It costs me only RM23.00 for 5! Cheap hor....

I bought 2 Door Banners to usher the God Of Wealth and visitors.

Lion Dance greetings to hang along the bannister.

Auspicious red CNY clothes for yours truly.
Ang Ang Boh Hai Lang.

Floral red blouses and dresses for my wife! 
They are loose fittings as she dislikes those cheongsam that gags her throat all day.
I chose and bought them all while this uncle went shopping alone.
No mistakes done as I used my fingers to measure all her dress and pants accurately.
The sales ladies often stared at me in disbelief with open mouthed.

I have got some goodies and canned abalone ready to give out to all closest relatives. My wife will cook Poon Choi to celebrate for the Reunion Dinner with relatives (subject to the MCO rules)

Have I missed out anything? 


Sunday, January 24, 2021

Happy Birthday To Me @ Home MCO 2.0

It was my birthday yesterday. That was the first time in my whole life that it was such a quiet affair but I am most fortunate to have my loving wife beside me. She is always there through all the good, happy, sad and lockdown days. I have nothing more to complain after all, the whole country is confined at home with minimal outings ke Sana ke Sini.

I was overwhelmed to receive some 300 Facebook greetings from all over the world spanning from Malaysia, Singapore, Canada, USA, Japan, Australia, Bhutan, Thailand, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, New Zealand, Sweden, United Kingdom, Indonesia, India, Poland, Ireland, Philippines & South Korea! That was a lot to fill up my heart and kept me busy replying one by one besides another 100+ messages from Whatsapp groups. What more can this birthday boy wish for?? I am thankful that this era's social media connects everybody across the globe.

Now take a look at how this birthday boy has grown up today and what he ate yesterday.........

Look! Am I not cute? I posted this in my Facebook too and was bombarded with another round of craziest comments. I seem to give shocks to everyone and wake up their souls often. That's me! Bwahahahahaha

I bought almost RM100 worth of delicious & spicy Thai food and desserts plus snacks from Frame Thai Restaurant at Happy Mansion, in Section 17. I wanted to support this Thai lady boss as business has slowed down for them and I don't wish for them to close down. She was grateful and chatted so much in Thai language to me. I was acting all the way and spoke perfectly whatever I could still remember. I still can be a good actor.

At night, my wife roasted 2 pieces of chicken with colourful vegetables for my dinner. The chicken was well marinated with roasted super crispy skin until I almost chewed the bones too, like a hungry dog. My wife baked a new recipe cake which tasted unique with cheese on top and sprinkled with meat floss. Inside this soft butter cake was sandwiched with rich salted egg gooey and mashed Japanese Purple Sweet Potatoes spread. It was really rich and tasty to dance my eyebrows! My sister also baked my favourite Pavlova Dessert with mixed berries and delivered all the way from Mont Kiara to my doorstep. 

I am the happiest birthday boy now!


Tuesday, January 19, 2021

My Favourite - 134 Mixed Rice Restaurant

Let me share this place where I often drove all the way to buy mixed rice takeaways. Sometimes I would sit there with my wife to eat our dinner. You can be the judge to see what attracts me so much.

This restaurant is located at the spacious corner shoplots in Taman Megah, Petaling Jaya. Our influencer sista Blogger PH often goes to the shop farther behind with her dahling to buy their porky supplies. This Ritz Carlton Selipar Jepun lady had probably not visited or even aware that 134 Mixed Rice exists.

Look at their ceiling! You might wonder why they have like over 30 fans hanging outside to cool the corridors?? Oh well, it was previously occupied by Old Town White Coffee which had lined extra tables outside like Alfresco style. The business failed from Day 01 and didn't attract many customers. 

My advice is that we need to get our DOB and Bazi checked by the sifus which elements suit our career. Even if I am a good chef and barista, does not mean I would succeed in doing F&B jobs if my Bazi is not favourable. My wife has checked my Bazi long time ago and found something strange in the thick Chinese Fate Reading Directory. Besides doing 'Fire related jobs' like advertising for my career, it specifically pointed out the rare job skills that I must sell coffins!!! It is a rare fate anyone could have to sell coffins! That was over 10 years ago and I shrugged off this superstitious job out of my thoughts. Somehow, I could not fight with fate and destiny as my blogger friend who became my upline, actually billed my relative's funeral while I was holidaying in Bangkok and signed my name as the NV Agent for that funeral service. Whoa!!!! My head was reeling is confusion back in 2018 and the extra pocket monies started rolling into my banks as if the Heavens was preparing to keep me afloat knowing that my advertising's boss would start to collapse in the worst scenario. I am truly thankful for this divine's blessing. Maybe I have been kind and good to others unknowingly.

Look at the mile long buffet table spread of very delicious and sumptuous dishes! So many daily customers who throng this place cannot be wrong. The dishes are all warm and the kitchen chefs would keep adding new trays during the peak lunch and dinner hours. 

My wife finished her economy rice inside the car while I was driving back. I chose 2 types of vegetables and Sweet Sour Pork for her. She ate them in front of her laptop's running the Zoom Meeting. My box contained my favourite Fried Crispy Pork Belly, Kiam Chai Boey and boiled peanuts. It was an impromptu decision to turn into Taman Megah to buy lunch after our Heat Therapy, so I didn't bring my new Tiffin Carrier. Both boxes of our lunch totaled RM15.00 only.


Monday, January 18, 2021

Pet Memorial Garden In Malaysia

This is Malaysia's only Pet Cemetery with burial & columbarium plots inside the Nirvana's Memorial Gardens in Semenyih.

I love dogs and cats very much. They are much more fun than many humanoids that I have known. These pet dogs and cats will not betray me nor talk back. They will give their masters many hours of loving companionship whenever we have to be alone. Of course, both dogs and cats would be different in behaviour and demands as they are 2 different animals with 4 legs. I have never owned any pets on my own but fate has made me caretakers for my sister's huge ginger cat that flew home with her from Adelaide upon her graduation. Then she had this hairy Persian cross cat that costed her ex husband a big bomb when he wooed her. He went all the way to buy that grey Persian cross from the most famous hairstylist in Ipoh, named Philippe Sum who was breeding expensive and beautiful pedigree dogs and cats. I remembered hearing the HKG singer Alan Tam thanking Philippe Sum for doing his hair for the Penang Concert. I wanted to laugh so hard! 

I believe that someday if I have to live alone in case my wife returns to other planets before me, I might keep a small pet dog or share my neighbourhood's cats! Hahahaha I have seen how much happiness these pets could bring to the whole family. In return, the whole family loved their pets just like their own blood family members. Nowadays I do see my nephews and nieces on my wife's side bringing their pets during family dinners and outings. While these pets normally have shorter life span than humans, they would leave their loving Masters much earlier and proceed to Rainbow Bridge. I have seen how the bereaved families would grieve and cry their hearts out for days like there's no tomorrow. So sad!

Ever since I started my career path at Nirvana's Bereavement Services, I have visited this only pet cemetery in Semenyih many times. Normally during my trips, I would just duly walk past all the graves of departed humans as quickly as I could. No, I was not afraid but just do not wish to linger unless I have to accompany potential customers. Somehow, I would purposely drive over to the Pet Cemetery in a hidden area just to see these tombs of the well loved pets being buried or had their niches kept there. I would walk around slowly to look at the whole place because it gives me some sentimental and warmth feelings to see how much these pets were being loved when they were alive. The outpouring messages and pretty photos engraved on the individual tombs could show much their masters and families mourned for their losses. 

This neatly and well kept Pet Cemetery is strictly for dogs and cats only.

There is something strange to me as this Nirvana's Memorial Gardens cemetery grounds is believed to be the biggest in whole Asia if we include all their land banks for future development. The whole place is well kept & maintained daily with swept streets and walking paths. One columbarium area near the main entrance is so beautiful with ancient pavilions that line the whole water canal. This whole majestic stretch looks so identical to Suzhou in China. I was stunned to hear brave young couples wearing their full bridal attire to take wedding photographs with that scenic landscapes!

So what's really strange is that I don't see any stray dogs roaming so freely in the cemetery except inside the Pet Cemetery!! They would run around or just lay down to sleep beside the graves as if they could see their "Friends" resting in peace.

This NV bereavement services also offers basic funeral services for the departed pets besides the choice of either burial or cremation rites where ashes would be kept in urns at the columbarium (above) I will share the cost estimates below without the breakdowns. Those who wish to place early bookings or instant cases will get the full price & itinerary from me. Many smart & wise pet owners placed early bookings for pre-need packages to save money and enjoy peace of mind as the whole area is almost fully booked today.

Pet Burial Plots: (28 sq,ft - 4 feet X 7 feet)
20% downpayment: RM1,500
12 months installment: RM500 (per month)
Next Total Price: RM7,500

Pet Columbarium (Block E - Level 1 & 9 are cheapest)
20% downpayment: RM680
12 months installment: RM227 (per month)
Next Total Price: RM3,400

Pet Funeral Package
20% downpayment: RM460
12 months installment: RM154 (per month)
Next Total Price: RM2,300


Sunday, January 17, 2021

Ali, Muthu & Ah Hock @ TTDI (November 2020)

There is a new outlet of the famous Ali, Muthu & Ah Hock's restaurant chain which was opened in the neighbourhood of Taman Tun Dr Ismail. The most active of the 3 bosses who often oversees all the restaurants happens to be a very good buddy of mine. He is a very well known philanthropist in the community over the years. He is also a great influencer too and gets the whole neighbourhood excited whenever he posted something interesting.

The AMAH's latest 9th outlet was opened in TTDI around 20th November 2020 (If I remember correctly) I have dined at this outlet several times from 24th November onwards, based on the dates of my photos. 

This new location enjoys roaring business as the Menara LGB sits right above it. So many big corporate offices and the Deloitte offices have many employees who conveniently throng downstairs for quick breakfast, lunch and tea breaks! So easy and convenient to enjoy hot & delicious food at affordable prices.

I met up with the boss Ernest Ong Hock Guan who is the "Ah Hock" partner of the trio. He is also a successful entrepreneur who has a yacht boating company in the marina shores off Terengganu. I told him that I would post this outlet's opening in November itself but I procrastinated till now. I jumped with fright when I read Mun's Blog yesterday and quickly started searching back the photos. 

I have saved the photos of the Hainanese Chicken Chop, Mee Jawa and Curry Laksa. Missing photos are the famous Nasi Lemak Ayam Berempah, Roti Jala and all the drinks plus Nyonya Kueh made from their kitchen. You can view them from Mun's Blog and order for online delivery. Guaranteed delicious!


Friday, January 15, 2021

MCO 2.0 declared. Be Safe & Happy.

We have gone through the lockdowns of MCO, RMCO and MCMO in the period of one year. The stress, worries and anxiety during this pandemic has toughened me up like never before. I have never put in so much thoughts about my finances, health safety and even deaths until my career drifted towards bereavement services! Call that fate and destiny which I have to believe.

I am absolutely glad that I have the opportunity and all the time right now, to visit the wellness centre in Puchong daily. It is like fate has diverted me there to fix all my lifelong health issues, gradually back to robust health. My accidents during the younger days resulted back bone injuries and the near fatal appendix rupture were the most scary and worrying matters at that time with aftermath struggles until today. Now I believe this heat therapy treatment does natural wonders to heat up my bones and intestines to slowly heal and realign them. When I laid down flat on my stomach, even my face & both cheeks would also get heated up to excrete all the toxins and water retention. Just wait, I will show you later when I look slimmer faced and younger to join the K-Pop's BTS Band!! Haha!

I might be free these days to sleep longer and watch Netflix like a couch potato. However, my wife is still busy like a Bee with her Toastmasters, business, career, studies and new lecturing stint at UTAR. She needs 48 hours a day to complete all her no ending tasks. So I discouraged her from cooking as I could easily tapao food from any restaurants. My top favourite place is getting mixed rice from the shop at Taman Megah which has a very huge spread of delicious dishes. Just look at the long beeline of customers!

I told my wife that many people went there daily and armed with many stainless steel tiffin carriers to take way. She thought that it's time we should have bigger and proper tiffin carriers now, so that we will not use all the disposal boxes that are not environmental friendly. My wife started browsing Shoppee and found a neat looking plastic tiffin carrier which was under RM20.00. I took a good look and realized that our takeaway food was always warm or hot, therefore I should use a stainless steel set. I told her to search for some pretty carriers I had seen in Facebook which were replicas of Nyonya Peranakan Tiffin Carriers. She FOUND IT and CLICKED right away that afternoon.

Next day, we had a big surprise to see the delivery of this Tiffin Carrier! Voila! Super service by Seller. My wife was so happy to see the set of 3 big containers! So big lah!

Come take a good look! Nice or not??? Only RM68.00 lah

I went to Hero Market to buy some groceries and 3 types of Potato Chips. They are different brands with the same flavour. I love sour and vinegar tastes as they keep me awake during my Netflix marathon watching. I love the stronger Kettle's Brand while my wife prefers mild taste Tyrrell's which are both from England. My family doctor has pointed out to me years ago that he had never seen a couple like us who both have sodium deficiency from our blood test results. Usually it might happen to a family with same DNA but not married couples. So he advised that we both should not worry about the salt intake in our food as our body would somehow excrete it out naturally. As a result of sodium deficiency, I often suffered from stomach or left leg cramps in the middle of my sleep. I would wake up screaming and groaning in muscle-pulling pain. Even my gym's trainer told me to try drinking salt water often as he saw me getting stomach cramps during workout exercises. Do you have such problems like me??

I was surprised to receive 2 Red Packets from LAY's Potato Chips! They are so cute. Just pull the red banner and the Lion's eyes would come ALIVE!!


Friday, January 8, 2021

Computational Thinking at University Tunku Abdul Rahman

Finally! My wife made a trip to UTAR in Kampar to kick start the American curriculum after signing the MOU last year. You can view back the grand signing ceremony HERE.

My wife posing proudly outside her faculty with her Princess Diana's hairdo. It is a milestone as UTAR would be the first varsity to upgrade their education standard to adopt the Computational Thinking curriculum which was originated from Carnegie Mellon University in Pennsylvania, USA. This CMU has been ranked as the World's TOP university in Computer Science for many years.

This UTAR may be quite new in our country but they have very high standard of degree programmes. Take a tour in the campus and you will admire at their architecture and many lakes.

Time for me to chill.

Wife at WORK.... Hubby at PLAY....

The prestigious Heritage Hall.

The once booming town of Kampar during the glorious tin mining days will once again see the return of the excitement and wealth to this quaint university town. The whole Kampar is surrounded by many auspicious Feng Shui mountains that keep it alive. The best 2 teaching hospitals for the university's medical students are being built now. UTM university will open soon next to UTAR. 

HAPPY New Year, Happy NEW LOOK!!!

I love this fabulous lakeview where faculty's lecture halls and the Arena line beside. So relaxing!

They have many modern and cool buildings.

The whole campus have many tree lined roads and big beautiful lakes. My wife will have to teach at UTAR almost on weekly basis once the semester re-opens for new intake. So she quickly booked a brand new SUV car with the lowest petrol consumption to keep her expenses low.

 Guess what car is this??

Gone for a swim. Bye Bye.


Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Malaysia's TOP Wellness Centre @ Anran Therapy (Puchong - Kuala Lumpur)

There is a sophisticated & popular health centre being operated by a team of dedicated professionals in Puchong. Highly recommended by an old uncle of my wife, who is over 70 years old. He suffers from diabetic with high blood pressure plus multiple blood clots that blocked all his 3 main arteries of his heart. Does that sound scary when even IJN could not operate him?? He had to seek TCM to drink boiled herbal medicine that somehow stabilized his near fatal heart attacks and slowly nursed his health back to robust condition.

Another younger relative has been going to this place in Puchong to heat her whole body and boasted to this old uncle that it has helped her to become stronger and slimmer. The heat seems to break down cellulites and helped burn all her enormous fats. Old uncle went and came back to tell me that I should go!! Old uncle and I are both good companions at the casino tables playing roulettes and baccarat in Genting Highlands and cruise liners. So we both have this very trusting relationship!

I drove all the way to Puchong alone to this place which is located at the shoplots not far from IOI Mall. One needs to study the timing of the nasty traffic jams along LDP, so that you will avoid being caught in the traffic crawl. 

Many VVIPs come here faithfully for their daily treatment. The whole team at this centre would welcome you with smiles and excellent service just like any VVIP.

Here I was alone inside the heated room where they have special imported tiles that are heated below. This ancient therapy is very popular in China and all over South Korea. The staff would brief the patrons on the best ways to enjoy the heat treatment. I stood upright and let my soles get roasted by the heat to push all the blood circulation well. Then I sat down to heat my buttocks to send heat waves to all the vital organs. Next, I lay down flat on my back like a dead fish. Then, I turned sideways to the left and right for some minutes. Lastly, I lay down flat on my stomach to heat up my intestine and gut areas which had been giving me much problems for sometime. I perspired and sweated out buckets of water. My whole body felt so loosened up and all the stress were GONE! 

Maximum time to get roasted inside the heated room is just 40-45 minutes! You will be given a mug to drink water from the dispenser inside the room. They have separate sauna rooms for male and female customers. I felt my whole body being rejuvenated and restarted like brand new. I came out after 40 minutes and dozed off on the sofa right away.

Many stroke and heart patients came to this place. Many stroke patients could walk again unaided while some fully recovered. This is not miracles but real. I went home feeling refreshed and my whole back bone aches from my accident during fishing trip was relieved. I slept like a dead log that night. 

Here the Lady Boss would teach and guide all the younger team members. She would share all her valuable experience and TCM lessons with them so that more customers like us would benefit from their care and advice.

I brought my wife along on my 2nd visit onwards and she liked it very much as she is a highly stressed person due to her demanding jobs. The first benefits she felt was her skin became smooth right away after sweating out all the toxins as the heat therapy could trigger all the negative ions inside our bodies to work hard. 

Look at all the benefits on the wall charts which could benefit both healthy and unhealthy people. I have visible varicose veins on my left leg near my knee which I suspect was caused by another serious motorbike accident during my schooling days. The varicose veins appeared a bit a few years ago and seems to bother me a bit though it is not serious yet. I noticed that the 3 sessions of heat therapy has lessened the appearance of the veins on my left leg. Besides that, my right side upper back bone is less irritating now whenever I indulged in rigorous exercises. 

We signed up the 10 sessions treatment right away. My wife suggested that we should sign up the 50 sessions soon!!! That's how convinced she is. 

Give this address to your UBER driver! Please bring your loved ones there if they have issues that need treatment. 



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