Wednesday, October 20, 2021

My Wellness Journey

While waiting for my coming surgery, I still need to live each day to the fullest. My mental state and emotions have changed for sure as it is unavoidable at times. Somehow I managed to pull myself together easily with my wife's support and understanding. She has longer years experience with Hospice to provide palliative care to patients. 

I went to the gym to do light exercises as my weight has continued to drop further, So my muscles have shrunk and skin sagged. Doing light weights helped instantly. 

I went to my regular Bistro-Q restaurant for dinner after my gym. I was so surprised that this mamak eatery has hired a new waitress to serve drinks. It was amusing to watch this robot move around the big restaurant space and navigate itself so well without knocking any tables or patrons. Her name is BellaBot.

The day I was discharged from hospital, I was so surprised to see a delivery guy waiting at my door step. A good friend Joyce  from Setia Alam had ordered a big box of fruits and 8 bottles of Granny Doris Cold Pressed Juices to reach my place at the precise timing. 

This is my first time drinking this famous brand of mixed fruit juices. It was so delicious and nutritious for my recovery. 

I ran to toilet many times for 3 days as the juices really purged all my bowels.



  1. Good morning TM,
    I seems to have miss some of your news as I don't read much blogs nowadays. I am glad that you are in recovery now. Will continue to uphold you in prayers. Take care and stay safe.

  2. Good to see you hitting the gym and start working out again bro. Good sign indeed.

    So sophisticated already now that they are replacing humans with robots. At least the robot will not call in sick. LOL :D

  3. So glad to know that you're well on your way to wellness and road to recovery. This is one time I'm sure you won't mind me wishing for you to be fat...coz that means you'll be healthy! Please eat more to pack on those pounds again! ;) P/S: That's a very lovely designer fruit box your friend sent you. #StaySafe #StayHealthy

  4. Whoever, surgery means scary, and I hope you are recovering in full swing. I could see how lean you went, and I believe there is nothing serious with your health, and those fruit juices and fruits help you regain back. The new waitress sounds amusing!

    Take care my friend

  5. nice name for the robot - BellaBot! hehe...Good to see that you are OK with those dine out and gym visits. Stay healthy and take care.

  6. Hi TM! Good to hear of your journey to wellness. Please eat well because nutrition is very important and you can afford to put on some weight. My late grandfather always said that we should have some reserves on our body for those times when we need it like recovering from illness. I wish you well and pray that you have a successful surgery and a fast and trouble free recovery.

  7. How long more before your surgery?

  8. Oh dear. Have not been blogging for a while now (again) to see this. Hope you are doing well in your recovery.