Sunday, April 10, 2022

Weekend Workation @ Kuantan

This is the backdated post which took place before my unforeseen hospital stay. My left leg swelled like an elephant's after returning from Kuantan. The emergency doctor blamed that I sat too long hours and triggered the blood clot at my leg which my wife fully agreed. However, the later blood tests found that the tumour markers were exceptionally high and I was sent to get CT scan done. I will save this news in another post when I have found the courage to write as I am still undergoing the 5 weeks of radiotherapy and chemotherapy treatment.

On a happier note, let me share our happy trip before the hell broke loose. Here I was posing outside this Hyatt Regency Kuantan Resort which has been around for over 2 decades. They still rank 5 stars today. 

This is my lovely bride who actually came for her work trip to attend an important function of the MOE. She paid for this hotel stay herself and I was enjoying myself like in honeymoon bliss. Our luxurious room overlooked the whole ocean and that costs close to one thousand ringgit a night. Oops!

She was busy like a bee as always. This year she has to submit all the thesis and project papers for the 2 different Master Degrees she is pursuing. I cannot study like her as it might give me extra brain cancer if I have to do 2 Master Degrees at the same time!! I always suspected that my wife came from another planet.

I was lazing on the deckchair watching people and the birds. I drifted into dreamland and reflected the journey of my whole life. Have I done enough meaningful deeds? Have I seen enough of this world? The rolling waves in the ocean reminded me again that "Time and Tide Waits For No Man"..........

I went to swim alone and laughed like a small boy again. I spent most of my childhood days swimming like this at the beach in Songkhla at the South of Thailand. My late grandpa's retirement bungalow house was along the coastal Laemsai Road which connected to the famous Mermaid Statue by Samila Beach. I guess many of you had seen that bronze Mermaid Statue. Both Songkhla and Kuantan faces the same stretch of South China Sea where the waves are always choppy with monsoon seasons. Sweet memories!

This is my darling! What was she thinking?

We had buffet dinner by the beachfront of Hyatt Regency. The food was top notch and the chefs came out to greet all the diners to hear their food reviews.

The fish was so huge and superbly tasty with all the stuffing.

That was my first plate of dinner. 

I was damn greedy and had 3-4 helpings after that. I went to bed with tummy upset as my colons were all clogged up and the digested food couldn't move. My hospital doctors and surgeon had warned me to strictly observe low fiber food yet I went on a binge eating. Padan muka! I was tossing on the bed whole night, rubbing almost a bottle of Young Living's Peppermint Oil to no avail. I finally managed to sleep  near sunrise! I have to avoid most vegetables and fruits until today.

All the guests sat at the open air to enjoy their dinner under the moonlight and cool breeze. It was like heavens on earth setting. 



  1. U shouldn't go for buffet coz the foods are too tempting to avoid. Sorry to hear about ur health condition. Hope u r feeling better now.

    1. Yes I will remember after that painful lessons. Greed could kill me! I will get better soon.

  2. So, you slept and feasted like a king while your wife is hard at work! :D That's the reason why I don't go for buffets can't control yourself and become super! I'm so sorry to hear about your latest health episode and wish you a speedy recovery...and next time, please stay off food you're not supposed to eat (so, what food can you eat in a low fibre diet?).

  3. I am so sorry to hear about your latest health predicament. As for food, hard to resist sometimes. Just like my dad, in the beginning he used to have many digestive issues that gave my mum a lot of headache! But he has improved and so will you. But certain fruits like nangka and cempedak, my dad cannot eat. I wish you a speedy recovery and hope that you are coping well with your treatments.

    I salute your wife! Two master degrees at the same time and I won't be surprised if she goes on to PhD! Me, I will not sit for anymore exams or write anymore thesis. One time is enough. LOL!

  4. TM, I hope that you're coping well with your treatments and wish you a speedy recovery!
    I believe you can have enjoyable beach holiday really soon after you've done with all your treatment.
    Guai guai follow advices of doctors!

  5. So sorry about your health issue. Be a good boy and follow doctor's instruction and very soon you will be well again. Stay off food that cause problem and enjoy those that will not upset your system. Salute to your darling wife pursuing 2 master degree at the same time. She is a super woman with a super brain. Lol! I like the last photo. So nice to be dining under the starry sky and enjoying the sea breeze at the same time. Get well soon.

  6. I envy the way you enjoyed dinner—on the beach, open-air, taking in the cool wind and the lighting, all done beautifully. It appears to be a quiet vacation for you, which is necessary for you to recover while your wife is busy with her work. We had a tenant who (vacated now) was a manager at the Hyatt Regency in Chennai. He was from West Bengal, and when he was a tenant, he had COVID, and their portion was isolated. And, for the same reason (COVID), the star hotels had a poor business, causing him to resign, pack his belongings, and return to his hometown.
    Desserts are delicious!
    Please keep an eye on your plates and stay away from what all doctors told you to avoid

  7. The most expensive hotel room I ever stayed was close to 500myr in Singapore

  8. OH dear, I could understand how food can be so tempting, like you, I just couldn't resist too! Anyway, wish you speedy recovery and hope to see your posts soon!

  9. Hi there. New to this blog. Nice photo of the food. What happened to your leg? I hope you're okay.

  10. Hi, TM. I hope everything is fine at your end. Take care.

  11. Nice post thank you Elizabeth

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