Thursday, July 28, 2022

Chronicles of a Clairvoyant 2

My close childhood friend Henry passed away about 2 months ago after a short illness. His death came as a huge shock for us as he was so active in the different Facebook groups that he created. Suddenly he went silent and nobody noticed it. Within few days he died of mysterious illness at the hospital in Skudai. Yesterday I had lunch with several school mates and we talked about Henry's unhealthy lifestyle while I pointed out that he wasted much time leading meaningless life. I reprimanded him many times about the porno stuffs that he shared in the chat groups which I am aware what, cause & effects would bring. I am not saying that watching it, is right or wrong but when one tries to forward all the videos aggressively to hundreds of people daily is another story. You can be the judge.

So 2 days after his funeral and cremation, Henry came into my dream. It was so clear and vivid that I spoke to him, knowing that he had passed away. He showed me many folded "gold paper" ingots that we often see at Chinese Taoist funerals. I examined the folded "ingots" and noticed that they were unusual in shades of dark gold prints with pictures of deities on them. Henry pleaded with me to burn lots of such gold paper offerings for him besides dedicating prayer merits for his soul. I nodded my head and assured him that I would help. Next morning, I woke up and could remember all the details of the dream. When you dream of your departed loved ones and could remember every single details such as the clothes they wore or the conversations engaged, it is very likely the soul had visited you for closure. 
I asked my wife to register Henry's name for the special prayer sessions held at our Tibetan Buddhist Temple in Seattle, USA. Hopefully, my friend Henry could be rescued and ascended to the Heavens of Western Paradise (Amitabha Buddha's Heavens)

When one is alive, it is important that we do a lot of charity and prayers so that we could accumulate good merits for our next life in other dimensions. 


I was head hunted by Dato Simon Lee while I was still attached to the HKG advertising agency. He was looking for the most capable person to be the P.A. to the politician who had just won the the Member of Parliament seat in the landslide win that kicked MCA's Mah out. 
I decided to accept Dato Simon's offer as he was my agency's supplier in Billboard making and he knew exactly how I worked. He was kinda impressed that I could operate all the softwares in the computer from the different Adobe designs to all the Words, Powerpoint, Excel and many others. I would say that it was the happiest and most relaxed company I had ever worked in my whole life. I got along very well with the politician YB Seah and my tasks was to handle all his business export plans to China. We both had close bonding like real brothers.

Sadly, my boss was a heavy smoker and drinker which I loathed. I got ticked off each time I tried to advise him to cut down his daily 4 packets of cigarettes to one pack. Within 3-4 years working under him, he had developed lung cancer at Stage 4 which had spread to other organs. It was the saddest day of my life when he passed away within few months. I missed him so much as I still continued working at Dato Simon's office and all the business files were still on my table. Everyday I would say short prayers for YB Seah with the hope that he would not suffer in wherever he had gone to.

One night, I had a clear and vivid dream about 2 years' after my former boss' death. I was sitting on a white sofa inside a huge transit lounge where everything was white. I could not see the walls and ceiling as they were all in a misty and cloudy ambience. There were many other beings around me and they all wore white attires. Suddenly, someone called me and tapped my back. I turned around and saw my ex boss. I was so surprised and happy to see him. In his usual hasty tone of talking, he told me that the Hell's Officer had allowed him to come up for few minutes to meet me!! Whoa! My eyes went wide and felt speechless. My ex boss quickly uttered politely and said "I need your help. Please help me". He bade me farewell and had to leave quickly. Poof!! He just vanished off. I clearly understood why and what had happened to him.

It dawned upon me that I might have some fate with the Hell's officer to get such visitors in my dreams recently. I could only guess that I probably built the fate after having printed thousands of copies of "Journey to Underworld" books which were all distributed to many temples in Malaysia to create awareness. That was over 20 years ago. I had many dreams including meeting my grandfather and both parents but I will slowly share in future. They were not in hell like others and could easily come into dreams. I guess they had the merits to fly and roam about like human beings using money to travel about. So we better be good, do good and collect enough merits for ourselves in the next life.



  1. wow....another interesting post! YB Seah was so young when he passed away....such a huge lost to the community (he was serving then). You are so blessed to know many VIPs in your life!

  2. You're indeed a kind-hearted soul....not only do you help the living, you help the dead too. That's why so many come to you in your dreams coz they know you'll help them. You have a gift! When I dream, I'd wake up and can't remember a

    Your description of how your ex-boss came to you with everything white and surrounding all misty and cloudy (which reminded me a bit of the scene when Harry Potter supposedly died and met Prof. Dumbledore), I thought your ex-boss was in heaven (until I read further about him being let out by the Hell's Officer! >.<) I'd think the YB would have done good by serving the people...was that not enough?

  3. I hope your friend can rest in peace after you "fulfilled" his wish.

  4. Quite a heavy story you in your sharing this time. Whatever it is, I hope their found their place in afterlife, may their souls rest in peace.

  5. My condolences and may your close childhood friend rest in peace. Sharing the same name as him makes me even sadder. I hope that you're all well.

  6. Hi TM. I love reading this. It is so vivid. I totally agree that we need to do good to earn eternal happiness.

  7. Hi TM. I've been checking this blog almost on a daily basis to check if you have an update. I want you to know that I've been praying for you. I hope everything is fine at your end.


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