Thursday, January 12, 2023

Spring Cleaning For The Chinese Lunar New Year

Chinese New Year comes once a year and when it comes, my head gets reeled up without fail. Getting new Red Ang Pow notes and new clothes to wear would be lingering in my head. 

This year, I will not be going anywhere, owing to the condition of my poor health. I have been eating restricted diet yet you could see that my body has shrunk thinner due to the side effects. It may take many months or many years to gain back the robust health I once had. This is the very sad truths of receiving the strongest chemotherapy injections after the surgery and cancer relapse within 3 months. It was the most terrible nightmare which I wish to erase the year 2022 from my life. I am still struggling to bring up my platelets count which is dangerously low for too long now. Every 3 weeks, I had to follow up in hospital for Antibody infusion which costs around RM13,000 per visit.

I have been keeping myself sane and positive by getting busy with my bereavement business and to fulfil my 2023 resolution to declutter and sell off every piece of antique in my hand. I am also back into antiques hunting for my wealthy collector friend who resides in Cayman Island. Besides this, I am also helping my childhood friend to sell off all his heirloom antiques from Malaysia's most prominent Peranakan family which had to be auctioned at Christie's or Sotheby's in Hong Kong. My friend is reluctant to visit Auction House again as the last one nearly gave him heart attack. He pointed out that the scenario was way too tension when Chinese tycoons were bidding for his heirloom antiques before the hammer came down. I could imagine the tension and would enjoy sitting there someday. 

It's just 10 days more to Chinese Lunar New Year Celebrations! I hope you have spring cleaned your home and got all your sweet cookies ready. I am so glad that I am still alive to greet this coming Year of the Rabbit.



  1. Thank you very much Lili for always flying here from so far away! I truly appreciate your thoughts.

  2. RM13,000 per visit is definitely no joking, hopefully 2023 will bring you good health and abundance of happiness!

  3. Your indoor garden is big and spacious...and well kept too...good job! Your equally spacious living room with all the antique furniture looks like you're living in a big bungalow like a Datuk....hehehe! ;)

    To suffer from cancer is the worse...worst still if you're poor and can't afford the expensive treatment. I remember my father-in-law's cancer treatment too where the doctor asked him to stay off red meat (I believe your doc is telling you the same thing?) and then his platelet count dropped too. In the end, we cooked iron-rich foods (especially beef) to bring up his platelet count otherwise he can't even go through the chemo sessions. Red meat and iron-rich foods (especially livers) are good to increase platelet count. I think your low platelet count may also be due to you not being allowed to eat green leafy vegetables and fruits. Some say coconut water will help too (don't know how far that's true).

    For 2023, I wish you nothing but better health...and keep your spirits up. Persevere, TM and the good times will come again. Will keep you in my prayers.

  4. We are also in the cleaning business for the Pongal festival tomorrow. Mom was busy right away and has been doing the chores little by little for a week now. My heart goes out to you seeing you this way, but I'm glad to hear that your activities keep you busy; I hope you can get back on the same healthy track soon. And my Chinese New Year greetings to you in advance.

  5. nice lavish house with green indoor garden! May you continue healing & live well in 2023!

  6. Hope you are getting better and gaining back your health soon..I like the greenery at your house.

  7. HI TM! I am happy to see you are looking good! I have been MIA for a couple of months, hope this time round, I will be back sitting and blogging regularly again. Take care and God Bless!