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The Latest Mop

Take a good look at this bunch of roots unearthed recently. I found it in Puchong last weekend and it costs a whopping RM400!! What issit?

It is edible but not advisable though. It's better to use it for decoration or mop and dust your pillows.

See what I meant? Decorate on your head!

Come and meet this handsome man Kenneth, my official photographer who is a real professional. Over a wedding eve dinner, he so kindly explained how he slept, washed and tied his hair to keep it in style. It was so tedious and tough to be a fan of Bob Marley! I would rather shave my head bald which saves water, shampoo and time as I have no patience. 

My Snowmen @ Christmas

I know I am late in wishing all the readers and bloggers a very MERRY CHRISTMAS & A HAPPY NEW YEAR! Twilight was so busy working so bloody hard and running grandma errands. I waited for enough snow to fall from the skies so that I could make snowman. See! See! I have made so many snowmen below since last night and still making.
First of all I wanna thank Froglicious Fable Frog for bestowing me with an AWARD for all my fabulous grandma stories! Aawww!... Even rambling crappy and nonsensical gossips could get an award! I am so touched inside my pants and veli happy lah. I am just a newbie, 6 months old blogger who speaks from the brain, not mouth. Earlier Perky has awarded me the first one too. I am fully motivated to kick start to a better blogging tru the New Year 2009.
I just sketched with a mac mouse, so it looked hilarious to me. It should be better sketches if I had done it 10 years ago. The thoughts just came to my head on some bloggers who have strong and distinctive essence on…

Christmas @ Red Box Pavilion

We had our annual office Christmas party on Saturday night at Red Box.  I guessed it was the first and last visit for everyone!  It was kinda expensive and the buffet spread was so little compared to Neway Karaoke @ Puchong.

The waiters were all dressed with Santa's hat and the service was prompt & good as we were a bunch of fussy earthlings!

We took the VIP suite so we demanded so many things. We drank hundreds of glasses of beer, wine and whiskey. I think everyone drank their 1st sip of alcohol before 5 years old. No one admitted they were drunk as usual.

We also got this fabulous view of Twin Towers by the big window. So much merry making, contests, singing, bitching and several beer gulping contest. My colleagues love to fun & camwhored in groups - over 1000 photos! Crazy lah!  I heard they took 3ooo photos when the company trip went to Korea. Siau lang!

... Sing! Sing! Sing! ... Can we bet on which one will walk up the aisle in 2009? 

They both seem to be a lovey duet in eve…

32 At The Mansion

I treated my parents out for a special dinner to celebrate their 51st Wedding Anniversary in Penang recently. Yes... 51 years is a long time but I am not anywhere that old. I have confessed being the spare tyre or found-in-the-trash baby as being told to Dr. Nase & Fable Frog.
My parents are so uniquely a glued pair of Yao-Char-Kwai as their friends labeled them. They had never quarreled even for once in their 51 years of marriage except for minor No-shiok & Muka-Masam bouts by mum, typical of a married woman. Let me tell you their secrets! Their marriage is so precious as mum came from a prominent Thai family where my maternal grandpa was then the Chief Police Officer of Thailand. He was so damn fiercely egoistic and powerful in his hey days that his presence scared the shit out of many. I was never allowed to stand when he sat down, so I had to crawl on the floor across the room like a small baby bear! Sometimes I still shudder at the thoughts of the extreme Thai manners. So …

Braving The Recessions

The economy is getting shittier each day and Malaysia will be sliding along further into the ditch. We should start blogging on tips to save and eat at home rather than helping to promote all the eateries. What happens if I kena pecat and retrenched? Will my fellow bloggers feed me while I wash your cars and toilets? No jobs, no money and do I have to prostitute myself ? Let's start thinking of cooking at home and cutting shopping sprees!

This is a delicious Japanese Curry Rice for my dinner tonight. So yummy and aromatic with carrots, potatoes and chicken slices. The rice was pressed into stars from the mould for overgrown kids like me. Hee! hee!

You can get one box of Ready-To-Cook Japanese curry from the Japanese store for only RM5.90. You can cook up to 5 servings or 5 single meals. The taste is as good as Kampachi Restaurant's serving.

This budget 100 YEN Shop sells everything at RM4.90 or RM5.90 for their Japanese goods. If you shop at Jusco, you will not enjoy this low pri…

Christmas Night @ Orchard Road

Singapore has been beautifully decorating the city every Christmas since 1984! I believe they have the most exciting festive ambience in the world, beating London and even New York City. The madness bargains and throngs of shoppers crowding the whole stretch of Orchard Road was simply overwhelming and fun.
I advise non-Singaporean tourists to hop into their free open-top bus at the Singapore Visitor's Centre which is located in between Paragon and John Little along Orchard Road. Just show the reception your passport and they would gladly put you on their guided tour bus to see more lights without having to walk so long! So clever of their tourism board for making visitors happy!
You won't miss this big orange sign, yeah?! The bus stops there every half hour.

It was such a rush trip for me. I was there to do my MTV video clip outside Takashimaya and VivoCity. All the tourists just stood still and stared at Twilight who was shaking and dancing his ass off, swinging like a whore wit…

Let's Go Funeral Shopping

I have hundreds of CDs containing many exotic and private photos in my collection. At first, I thought that they should be kept as P&C at all costs. Then I realised hor that when I die someday, my photo CDs will be cremated with me. What a fucking waste! So I better share good stuffs with everyone yeah. 
Everyday I read gory news and so much deaths occurred lately! Landslides, gruesome murders, overturned bus accidents and suicides. Last month I got news that my ex-colleague died of kidney cancer in New York and she was just in her 30s. Then my parent's so-called god son died of colon cancer in Penang. He was a hottie bachelor cum lawyer in his 30s too. What a waste of good lives! My head was reeling nightly about all the unexpected deaths. I remember the old Chinese folks often quoted that many deaths would always happen randomly just before Chinese New Year. We never know when's the day we have to 'balik kampong' to China.
Have you ever thought of your own death? A…