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How To Make "Happy Overnight Oats"

I have been making my own version of overnight oats for my wife's breakfast for some years now. I would always make 5 bottles at once and that should last her a whole week to be eaten at her work place. She has become so addicted to them after I have experimented with so many hundreds of ingredients like yoghurt, mixed nuts, various fruits, rolled oats and other organic edibles. I am posting this after successfully serving my wife who dislikes anything sweet or too much carbo diet. However, she loves this slightly sweet healthy overnight oats that tastes like those imported ice cream! This is also a happy diet meal with everything in pink & red - LOVE

  A Quick Glance at my ingredients and its step-by-steps.
There is no definite or fixed recipe as the ingredient choices are all subjective.

I found that only instant oats could absorb all the strawberry milk well and dissolve them into ice-cream like mixture. The GoodDay brand has the best fragrant strawberry milk, after experi…

Bad Parenting On The Rise

Yesterday, I went to the nearby supermarket in my neighbourhood to do my grocery. It was a Sunday and it would always be packed with regular shoppers. I disliked the big crowd always as I often encountered problems to navigate my mini trolley along the aisle. Most of the familiar faces are those well heeled lazy aunties who would bring along their maids just to push trolleys. Occasionally you might see some noisy small kids running around too, knocking into the people and shelves until the displayed items fell off. Some parents would apologize and snapped at their kids. Some parents would transform into blind bats and ignored their own kids by pretending to look elsewhere!!

I had a real fright of my life when my trolley reached the end of the aisle to get some toilet rolls. This boy was rolling and tossing on the floor singing away his lullabies. My eyes went wide and my mouth opened big with dropped jaws. The boy continued to kick and toss, pulling down more boxes of tissues to do h…

A Despatch Boy's Future

Many people have mistaken that the positions of a Despatch Boy has rather limited & stagnant future. I also had similar thoughts on them, not sure if they have ambitious plans to be successful, make money and get married. Buy a car, a house and start a family as the long lists go on. I spoke to many of them who had come and gone under my company's employment. 
I decided to help them to build their work experience which would help shape their future employments elsewhere as I do not encourage them to work in our office till retirement.
I am proud to share that my plans had paid off several times after grooming our Despatch Boys. My office needs 5 Despatch Boys daily to handle all our many deliveries, collections, banking and errands. They have to report to me from time to time and I would always remind them to work smartly. They would get biggest hell from me whenever I received complaints from their seniors or our 3 Datuk bosses. In return, they would be given the chance to b…

A Chinese Taoism Funeral

My old friend Crystal passed away about 2 months ago after a big battle with breast cancer that eventually spread all over till her lungs collapsed. She was brave and fought hard till the end knowing that her survival chances were slim. She requested for no life support or medications to prolong her suffering anymore. She knew that her big supportive family members had been showering all their love and attention but she could no longer bear to see them suffer as well. Her 7 loving nephews and nieces were like her own children that she never had. Her final requests was to have the fullest & elaborate Chinese Taoist funeral in accordance to the Hokkien clan's rites. She wanted her funeral wakes to include the Taoism-Buddhist prayers, happy band singing, big loud drummers, paper mansion and street funeral band procession on her funeral day. Crystal wanted to be sent off happily and in style. I was very amused when her family member told me that. It was just her, who always enjoy…