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My First Taste Of Korea

It was in 1991 when I had my first real encounter with Koreans & their culture. I was living at the boarding school at Point Park College in US. There were many foreign students on my floor where the Japanese & Koreans out numbered while I was the only Malaysian Chinese. The Koreans thought I was Japanese because I shared room with a Japanese, so they kinda boycotted me. We all became best friends eventually.

This college above has 2 tall buildings which is connected by a sky bridge. I lived in Thayer Hall which was formerly a mental hospital as there is no elevator stopping on the 6th floor of my dormitory. Rumor mongers reported that suicidal cases  took place and it had been very haunted ever since.  The one female ghost would walk through  many rooms nightly and crossed the bridge to the 22 storeys Lawrence Hall. Once she woke my Korean friend up and stood beside Seung Woo's bed. He was frozen and shook in fear as the ghost spoke to him before giving up as he could n…

Kai Tak Airport @ Hong Kong

While I was clearing my late mother's many storage boxes,  I found some interesting and forgotten items.  Many were sentimental items and much memories  came flooding back to my head.  I was lil' sad in a way but extremely grateful  that she had given me her best  as any mother would give her child.

Photographed by Laurence Lai

Look! I found this old photo of a plane landing in the world most famous old Kai Tak Airport in Hong Kong. It was so small, yet so busy and deemed dangerous that only specially trained pilots were allowed to bring their planes to land that old airport. The runway was extremely short and flanked by hundreds of tall buildings and flats around the bustling Kowloon City!
I was very fortunate to have this experience to witness the scary plane landings 3 times at Kai Tak Airport. I could see all the crammed flats and their tenants inside  doing their cooking, laundry or just watching TV!! It was so close as the passing planes blew gusts of winds onto their ha…

Healthy Meals @ Simple Life

I was not being brought up to eat vegetarian meals all my life. I always believed it was only for goats, rabbits, religious people and health freaks to indulge in this greenish bland diet. I ate vegan dishes many times after I met my wife but never really liked the cooking styles of those Vegetarian Coffee Shops. They seemed to use the same flour doughs, potatoes and cabbages to dish out 1000 wonders! Nah! I just swallowed them with the help of plain water.
This is not a paid post but I do wish the owners would pay me with free vouchers! (**Muka Tembok**)
I have upgraded myself recently to bring my vegan wife to dine at several vegetarian outlets over the years. To my own opinion, I found the menus at Simple Life Restaurant is the most delicious and creative! Some meals actually tasted better than the originals using meat. 
When I saw Groupons advertised them recently, I have bought so many vouchers of both Simple Life and another Vegan Brand Outlet to enjoy for the month of June. Go…

10,000 Smiles Yoga Event

Yesterday, my wifey who is a qualified Yoga Practioner  invited her buddies and I to tag along  for this event outside AmCorp Mall in Petaling Jaya.

This 10000 SMILES YOGA is an annual global event now to create a healthy awareness.

It was 6:00 am and the big crowd had lined up!

 Everyone was happily entertained by speakers & DJs before the event kicked start.

Spread out & show your 'Thumbs Up" gestures. This is also a "Smile".

Warming Up! Smiles all the way! Be happy!
Yay! Yay!

Smile You Idiot!
This Leng Cai stared at me! He is our relatives.

Tap your heads! Release your stress! Smiles again!
We can smile at all
our limbs & organs.
Try it now.

Yoga is very good! It will keep us healthy!

Did you know that STRESS KILLS? It is most deadly to cause Cancer & Heart Diseases. Do not stress yourself. Manage your stress well. SMILE a lot!
It does not cost anything to smile often
but saves your medical bills.
Yoga helps!

On my left, my wifey was smiling…

Happy Father's Day

Last week, it marked the 100th Day of my late mother's death anniversary. It was like a dream to me when I attended the praying sessions conducted by the Thai monks. I sat down on the floor inside the Wat Chetawan Temple with clasped hands and looked at the portrait of my mother's smiling face. I briefly thought over the journey of her life with my father.

They both had a very blissful time being together while going through all the good & turbulent days. They married for over 50 years and never once, they ever quarreled as my father has zero temper. My father had a hard life growing up in Teluk Anson while my mum had a princess lifestyle growing up in Thailand. They made a good & balanced match to waltz their days in the ballroom halls until my mum's last years. 
I have promised her that I will always take care of dad  while she takes a long rest in the Western Paradise.
My Dad is the greatest influence in my life.  On my darkest nights, he shone like m…

Ramadan 2015 @ Malaysia

Today marks the first day of Ramadan Month in Malaysia. I wish all the Muslim readers, friends and colleagues a Selamat Berpuasa.

Every year, I looked forward to join my office colleagues for their breaking fasts during this holy month.
Growing up in Malaysia has blessed me with the
wonderful opportunity to live in a multi racial community
where I have very good friends from all races where
we always rejoice and celebrate all their festive seasons,
I enjoy the rich cultures and abundance variety of
delicious food.

Some of the above photos have been borrowed from other sources 
for illustration purposes only. Thank you

Happy Birthday Blogger SK

So the saying goes, a year older is a year wiser!
Join me to wish a HAPPY BIRTHDAY
who designs & invents the most updated fancy HTML variations
and creativity to tease & seduce your eyes.

SK is a very thoughtful and caring person who would go
many miles to blog bilingual posts in English & Chinese
languages just to appease all readers.

So many readers have also been connected in his blog post
and became good friends today.
Of course 2-3 bloggers ate sour grapes too.

Our friendship has come a long way!


Our old family portrait.
Nobody has changed!


My Secret Hang Out

There is one place that I hang out the most over the months and years.  I visit this place like 2-3 times weekly while waiting for my wife  to finish her Tai Chi lessons from the opposite Wushu Centre.

It is a very cozy place called HouXiang Restaurant  at Taman SEA in Petaling Jaya.

 I love their tranquil ambiance that includes all the  grandmother's old photos.

HouXiang means "back lanes" and this spot  truly resembles an old back lane.

 Their polite and attentive waiters are all dressed  like Chinese hawkers from Mainland China.

I really love their menu very much!  The price is very affordable for poor peasants like me. They serve my favourite Penang styled  Chee Cheong Fun that comes with the stinky black prawn paste. All their drinks are fabulous & you drink & eat with old enamel plates & cups. Really for Twilight Man!

 Come & Join Me!


Cosplay / Anime Event @ KL HELP College 2015

A close buddy invited me to visit his exhibition booth at HELP College last weekend. I drove all the way to Kota Damansara to discover that it was the C2AGE 2015 Event for Cosplay, Comics, Anime and Games which attracted thousands of young people. An old uncle like me walked around looking like a natural Yoda from Star Wars!

 1. The band played heavy metals and music that got my heart beating fast instead.

2. It was a pretty sight to see all the sporting Cosplay participants  walking around with confidence.

3. These cars with TAKAO Anime Cartoons stole the show.

4. There were about 9 cars all dressed up with Anime Cartoons.

5. My friend Lee Wan Fang is HELP's fresh graduate  who was flirting with 2 Zombie Nurses from the Morgues!  I stole his FB photo & the cars to post here.  Will post this up and show the world before notify him.

6. A cute lady with a huge sword.

7. I got myself updated that there is an active  hobby club - SYNERGY Brick Maniacs

8. My friend Bruce Lee cre…