Friday, September 15, 2017

How To Make A Happy Fruit Hamper

I need to share my first ever fruit hamper before venturing into my spooky & paranormal posts from next week. Let me blow my trumpet again to see my brilliant home made fruit hamper. Please be my judge whether I am qualified to become a Fruit Hamper retailer?? It all started when I heard that an old friend is suffering from Stage 4 of Pancreatic Cancer which gave me chills and a tinge of sadness. Usually the pancreatic cancer is the most dreadful of all the cancers that could inflict a human. The Apple's guru Steve Jobs also suffered from this cancer for 2 years without much treatment while the Hollywood actor Patrick Swayze died within 18 months. Some patients died in less than 6 months and it all depended on one's body immunity and strengths with the right positive minds. Remember that many patients could heal themselves of any sickness by using their own positive mind which has been scientifically proven. I always admire and salute those who practice yoga daily as this routine would be the best for our mind, body & soul. Fast forward, the yoga would really assist one's soul to emerge out well when their body dies! Ask all the yoga experts like Hayley, Elaine and my wife. They would swear that yoga is the best!

I went to Daiso and bought the biggest basket for RM5.90.
My friend could recycle this basket and use it to wash
his smelly underwear or panties. Muahahaha
I also bought transparent wrappers for just RM1.00 each.

 I bought many assorted fruits and hoped that my friend
could blend them into juices. Most patients would experience
constipation when they undergo various chemotherapy 
treatments. The fruits would be the best relief food and
I wanted lots of lemons too. When one has cancer, their
blood would be very acidic which is very harmful 
and lemon is the richest fruit that could turn our body's acidic blood into alkaline.
We should drink lemon water as often as possible
as it would be helpful to prevent diseases besides
washing away all our fats to slim down.

 Just arrange all the fruits into the basket
and place the Ong-Lai in the middle.

Next step, I wrapped it with the transparent wrapper
and clinged the hamper together with cellophane tape.

Tie the top with gold ribbons as decoration.

Finally, I curled the ribbons with the edge
of scissors and pasted a Captain America's
Get Well Card for my friend.The personalized
card is also home made.

 Taa Daa! The final product of my fruit hamper.
The total cost would be RM68.00 for the
fruits, basket and wrapper. I think the average
florist would charge at least RM200.00 for this size.

I drove to my friend's house which is just 2 minutes away in
the same neighbourhood. I gave him the fruit hamper and
wished him well & speedy recovery. He was so surprised
and touched with happy tears in his eyes.
I have known him for over 20 years while he was
still attached to RTM and he once helped me to introduce
a speaker to appear in the "Money Matters" programme. 

I passed him the form which was downloaded from the website of Hospis Malaysia and introduced to him all the palliative care which will be provided by the Hospice Team without any fees which includes the regular visits by their professional nurses and doctor to the patient's home in Klang Valley. They would provide very useful care and advice to the patients and their families especially if the patient is bed ridden and unable to go to hospitals for check ups. The nurses and doctors would often provide various medicines including the morphine when needed, all for free. The patients could also borrow the special remote controlled bed, air mattress (anti bed sores), wheel chair, walkers, bed pans, oxygen tanks for breathing and others from Hospis Malaysia after submitting the referral form with their doctor's signature.  All these valuable services are free and made possible by the generous financial support and donations from conglomerate companies and the kind public. Please do your loved ones a favour by sharing with them this when you see that they are suffering from terminally ill sickness. Prince William and wife were so impressed to hear about Hospis Malaysia which was initiated & set up with the help of the Hospice care in United Kingdom and flew into Kuala Lumpur to visit their centre in Cheras. I have blogged about this long ago - HERE

If you have any above questions or just wanna say Hello to me, this is my email -



Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Remembering 9/11

Last night, all the TV news from CNN to CTGN, BBC, Jazeera and Sky News were busily highlighting the 16th Anniversary for the horrific bombing of the Twin Towers (1973 - 2001) in New York City. I was flipping my TV channels and those images & videos came haunting back all the sad memories of the 9/11 tragedy. I remembered sitting at my condo inside Taman Desa watching the usual CNN news when their Breaking News jolted me rudely to see "Live Reporting" of the Twin Towers being bombed. Then suddenly, the next plane crashed into the 2nd tower and my heart sank into the floor in total shock & disbelief. Yesterday, the news channels played back the disturbing images all over again. It was so sad to see the loss of 2,606 lives inside the Twin Towers and 157 lives inside the 2 planes that crashed onto the buildings. Horrors!

I had seen this actual World Trade Center many times in Manhattan and made only one visit inside where I took the elevator all the way to the roof top. The panoramic view of the skyline of New York City was very awesome and thrilling beyond words to see thousands of skyscrapers for miles. There is no other city in this world that has so many tall buildings like in New York City where one's eyes could see as far as New Jersey, Staten Island,  Queens, Flushing, Bronx, Harlem, Brooklyn and many others! I remembered how I admired their US development for building so many tall buildings since the late 19th century! I stood there for over one hour to take photos of the blurry city view below as the haze & smog polluted the city during the Winter. I dug out from my old photo album to share this blurry photos and realised something. I wore the same shirt and pants on the different dates of the photos taken. The one showing me on the bench was taken in New Jersey which is next to Manhattan across the Hudson River and easily connects via the Holland Tunnel. That was how thrifty I was as I arrived in US in just one suitcase of clothes and wore the same clothes for years! 

In my recent bucket list, I had wished to visit New York City again and show my wife around the famous spots. She had only transited at the NYC airport enroute to visit Carnegie Mellon University in Pennsylvania and yet to set foot there. I hope that fate would allow me to show her around someday.


Friday, September 8, 2017

Want to hear Paranormal tales?

I wish to see how many readers would love to hear spooky stories about the unseen and paranormal? The reasons I have stopped writing and even deleted some earlier spooky posts as I became unsure and a little worried about evil tests. I got worried because the spirits do read my blogs when I wrote about them. They are in other dimensions overlapping with us but they are formless and could float around like energy in the space. They are so light and could travel through your emails, whatsapp and even jump out from your TV screen into your house. As I am typing this now, they are swarming around my feet to see what jokes I could possibly be telling you now. Hey, I am a sane person always.

When we see such eyes in the dark but there is no actual cat around. 
That's when you need to get worried and stay calm.

This message about the spiritual existence is my usual topic
to convince my friends to respect them. Even the most 
stubborn folks who dismissed Feng Shui beliefs have been
convinced by me using the scientific and energy theories.

We are always surrounded by all beings who come
in different forms and energy. We need to be vary of
our surroundings and the people we mingle with.
Many people could be dry like sponge and just suck
off your energy and luck away any minute!

Happy Weekend!


Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Good Luck in UPSR exams

I have been giving English tuition to some kids at the orphanage nearby my home after someone sent out distress SOS in Facebook for volunteers. Out of over 10,000 fellas in the community FB, less than 5 actually responded!!! I reserve my further comments on this matter as many keyboard warriors would nowadays spring into actions to ridicule when slightest matter provoked their eyes. They could easily spare their time at night and use their keyboard skills to help others in need. Haiks!

 I have been focusing on the weaker ones who would be sitting
for their UPSR this month. It has been tough for me to teach
them and even tougher for them to learn everything at this age
of 12 years old! Time and Tide really waits for no man here...

We understand that English is one of the toughest language to learn in this
whole world esp when it has too many crazy tenses and vocabularies!
Thanks to my smartphone and I could search for the pictures of scones,
guava, flamingo, jumble sale and the list goes on...
I realised that it would be tough for anyone to master English language
if they do not have daily practice in communication or
reading habits. I really feel sad for them as all could not
speak the correct and simple English sentence at the age of 12.

This guy dozed off many times and he is only
10 years old. He has to wake up at 5.00am and goes
to the morning sessions and would finish school at almost
evening after some activities. Back to the orphanage,
I guess he had other routines to do besides the
homework and housework. I noticed that they
probably had no chance to take naps as all their
sleeping mattresses are neatly rolled up.
These are facts of life and I am humbly grateful
that both my parents gave me a good life with sound
education and quality upbringing. I should
always try to help these kids no matter how
tough it could be. Good luck to those
who will sit for their UPSR soon.


Tuesday, August 29, 2017

My Long Bucket list

My own favourite quote is - We only live once and life is just a journey for us to shape it the meaningful way we wish. I have been inspired by both my late parents for doing charity all their lives for the handicapped spastics children and old folks home in Penang. That's besides their passion to travel to many countries and exotic places, lesser known to travelers. They had taken the overnight train that floated on the ferry across the seas to reach Norway to watch the midnight sun, trekking through deep icy caves in the Swiss Alps, stayed at real Hamburg castles in Germany and also being invited as diplomatic guests of the Royal Thai Embassy in Moscow to watch the famous Leningrad Ballet performance in Russia. My late mother's favourite countries were Monte Carlo, Salzburg, Vienna, Zurich and Athens. I am wondering how on earth I ever could follow their trails? So I just leave that to my own fate to decide.

The first time I boarded a plane was at the age of 9 years old. It was the most exciting & sleepless nights I had before taking the MAS flight for the first time. It was just from Penang to Ipoh and that was a mere 15 minutes flight! I remembered clearly how silly this kiddo I was.

That's me and my siblings at the old Ipoh airport. 
It had to rain because the skies must be laughing 
at the 15 minutes flight!! Wakakaka

The longest flight I ever took was a total 36 hours from Penang all the way to Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania, USA. It was a terrible nightmare as I was just a nerd student and simply booked the cheapest available flights to save money. That means I had to change many connecting flights which transited at Singapore - Hong Kong - San Francisco - Chicago - Pittsburgh. Oh God, I was so damn exhausted and sleepy that I slept like a drunkard pig and snored so loudly on the planes. The air stewardess on board United Airlines over the San Francisco air space had to wake me up as the passengers behind, thought a wild boar was hiding between the aisle. Wakakakaka

That was me as a student by the Lake Erie
which borders in between USA & Canada.

Today I could boast that I have learnt from many trial and painful errors after traveling around a bit. I learnt to become a smart traveler which means I could save money in booking cheap flights, hotels and not waste unnecessary precious time. My last overseas vacation was in February when I visited the Sapporo Snow Festival in Hokkaido. I have not made any holiday plans yet, due to many reasons on my work timing and wife's commitment at University Malaya. I looked into my bucket lists and it seems to get longer every year. I really wonder where on earth I could find so much money and time to fulfil my visits to all these exotic places. I think it is no harm & healthy to make dreams which costs nothing by day dreaming. We should draw up some plans so that we have directions in life.

1) Charity - Lifetime
2) World Cruise (108 days) - Peace Boat Destinations
2) Kelantan & Terengganu - To complete 13 states visit (Malaysia)
3) Wutai Mountains - Pilgrimage Hike (China)
4) Shikoku Island - Pilgrimage Hike (Japan)
5) Jiuhua Mountains - Pilgrimage Hike (China)
6) London / Prague / Copenhagen - Sightseeing & Cycling (Europe)
7) Melbourne - Holiday (Australia)
8) Seoul - Reunion of friends (South Korea)
9) Nepal - Hike Pilgrimage (Nepal)
10) Taipei to Kaoshiung - Cycling (Taiwan)
11) Luang Prabang - Relax (Laos)
12) New York City - Visiting (USA)
13) Everest Base Camp - Hike (Himalaya)
14) Aurora Borealis - Experience (Norway)
15) Jaipur - Maharajah's Palaces (India)
16) Potala Palace - Pilgrimage Visit (Tibet)
17) Paris, Rome, Barcelona & Athens - Holiday (Europe)

This is the World's Cruise on board Japan's Peace Boat which my good friend has booked for September 2018. The fee is around RM40,000 per pax for 108 days and covers the most exotic places like Europe to see the Aurora Borealis which is like a magical & heavenly sighting to me.  The giant ship would sail from Yokohama and head to Xiamen (China), Singapore, Maldives, Italy, Greece, Albania, Montenegro, Croatia, Jamaica, United Kingdom, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Iceland, Panama, Morocco, Cuba, Hawaii, New York City, Mexico, Peru, Guatemala and back to Yokohama in Japan. That's like 22 countries and over 25 different ports for 108 days is the greatest travel for my bucket list. I know this is rather impossible now as I don't have 108 days annual leave and the sum of RM40K X 2 persons = RM80,000!! I think plus shopping money would hit RM100,000. I guess I will just dream, dream & dream on.

I better be practical and live within my own means. Let me start locally first as I really want to visit Kelantan and Terengganu so badly. That would allow me to blow my trumpet that I have visited all the 13 states in Malaysia. The best thing I discovered the article of Wishful Thinking... For A Staycation from blogger Lina's post recently where she shared about this TRAVELOKA website. I clicked into it and was surprised to see that they offer much more and different services than my other 3 favourite websites that I have been using for the last 10 years! I have decided to check into this famous & impressive Tok Aman Bali Beach Resort which won waves of good reviews for their large rooms, facilities and beautiful scenic lake view. This unique resort is like a hidden private island which is beautifully perched in between a huge lake and the big ocean which commands the panoramic view of the unique lake! I plan to stay there for 3 nights and visit all the attractions in Kelantan and Terengganu. Could someone please give me advice on this Tok Aman's hotel and all the good places I should visit?

 This is the well hidden magnificent jewel of Kelantan -
Tok Aman Bali Beach Resort.


Friday, August 25, 2017

The 12th Hong Kong International Wushu Competition

I have finally found time to sit down and update this isolated blog which is spewing out putrid juices. The Typhoon Hato which lashed fiercely into Hong Kong and Macau gave me a terrible fright but it's a great relief that we had safely left this island. If this typhoon occurred just 10 days earlier, the wushu competition might be called off and all the thousands of participants from worldwide would cry rivers of tears! I do believe everything happens for a good reason.

My trip there with this "Fantastic 8" participants from the Hua Ying Wushu & Tai Chi Academy was a marvelous trip well spent as they all collected a total of 27 Golds, 1 Silver and 1 Bronze medals home! Hooray!!! It sounds so unbelievable to them but it was true that they truly deserved all the 29 shiny medals for their excellent performance in this world class standard Wushu competition. I was there myself and saw it with my own sharp eyes that they had all performed brilliantly after practicing so diligently and hard for many months, clocking over hundreds of hours. Bruce Lee would have applauded them too if he was there spiritually.

Our Malaysian participants were still practicing very hard
at a quiet park somewhere in Kowloon!

I have lost count on my trips to Hong Kong since my first landing at
the old Kai Tak Airport in 1987. All my trips were mostly during
the Fall and Winter seasons which were pleasant to shop around.
This trip was my first ever Summer disaster and I almost died of heat
as my wife who has robotic legs happily walked over 10K steps daily.
I was sweating profusely and panted like a dead dog with my tongue sticking out.
My stinky sweat even glued my clothes & underwear to my own body.

The Hong Kong International Wushu Competition is an annual
affair which easily attracts participants from over 20 countries.
 This year it was held inside the Kowloon Bay International Trade
& Exhibition Centre which is located close to the old airport
on the Kowloon side.

The welcoming ceremony where the VVIPs were seated
on the stage of this competition venue which ran from
14th to 18th August 2017. 

It was a joyous and carnival mood to see all the participants
marching inside in colourful costumes.

Our dashing leader Koon San led the Malaysian team
from Hua Ying Wushu & Tai Chi Academy with
my wife, Sow Yong. Alice, PY Lee, Michael & 
others in the blurry background.

Many individual teams from different provinces 
in China participated and this one really gave me
an eye opener to see how drunken Kung Fu steps were
being demonstrated in a hilarious manner.

These European participants were always popular with
all photographers to see them perform the Chinese
Wushu in Kung Fu attires. Kudos!

They may not be the best but they received supportive
applause from the audience who appreciated their
interest in our ancient culture of Wushu sports.

I loved to see these kids as they were chatty and
asked me funny questions. I managed to
twist my tongue to reply in lousy Mandarin.
I think they pretended to understand me.

Here is Michael Liew showing his magnificent skills. This expert is my old  
friend and I had a very good time gossiping like market aunties.

Yes, this is my darling wife!
So sweet like honey.

 The group Tai Chi performance by the "Fantastic 8".
Front (L-R): Lee Poh Yien, Chong Koon San, Yong Sow Yong
Back (L-R): Theresa Tan, Foo Wei Hoong, Eleanor Cheah.

They deservedly won a Gold medal for this event.

This was another pairing event by Koon San & Foo Wei Hoong.
They won Gold medals too!

The brilliant performance by young participants
that wowed the audience.

One photo for the close up family album of the "Fantastic 8".
Front(L-R): David Bao (Founder/Instructor) Foo Wei Hoong, Michael Liew,
Chong Koon San.
Back (L-R): Li Yen, Eleanor Cheah, Yong Sow Yong, Alice Chan, Lee Poh Yien, Theresa Tan

2 lovely darlings posing with their Gold medals & laughing
away till no eyes! Congrats to Micheal & his wife Alice.

This is my darling wife with 4 Gold medals!
Well done! Pat on her head. 

Congratulations to my darling wifey.
My wife was doing a striking pose with her 4 Gold medals.
I wonder how many people could still stretch their legs
from East to West? I cannot even touch my toes. Kikikiki

A big Congratulations to all the happy participants of this 
"Fantastic 8" from Hua Ying Wushu & Tai Chi Academy. 
Everyone went home happily with 27 Gold, 1 Silver & 
1 Bronze medals.


Sunday, August 13, 2017

My Trip To Hong Kong

In a few hours time, we will be going to the airport to catch the first flight to Hong Kong for my wife's participation at the Hong Kong International Wushu Competition. This exciting event is a world class standard with thousands of mighty & tough and talented participants from more than 20 countries like China, United States, Canada, France, Greece, United Kingdom, Russia, Switzerland, Portugal, Spain, United Arab Emirates, Australia, Thailand , Malaysia, Japan, Indonesia, Philippines, Macau, Taipei and others. It would be an eye opener for me to see all the champions from China especially the young Shaolin Monks from the Henan temples doing their fantastic and awesome stunts!

See you guys next weekend!


How To Make A Happy Fruit Hamper

I need to share my first ever fruit hamper before venturing into my spooky & paranormal posts from next week. Let me blow my trumpet ag...