Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Happy Deepavali To All My Hindu Friends

I had a very hectic day today which drained all my energy. My car's air-con had a leakage and it had to stay overnight at the workshop. I decided to hop onto the MRT train from my area which took me straight to the Bukit Bintang Station, on time for my meeting at the property developer's office! It was a breeze and so easy as the journey took me less than 30 minutes @ RM3.10 single journey's fare! If I drove my car to Berjaya Times Square, it would take me at least 45 minutes with 2 tolls, parking ticket and petrol costs added. 

My meeting lasted 3 hours and the client treated me for lunch too! In return, I entertained him with the juiciest & most shocking gossips in town that sent his eyebrows dancing up & down. He has already booked me for more lunches & more juicy gossips. Ahem! I took the MRT train back to the station nearby my home and the empty MRT bus waited for me at the station. The driver was bored and played candy crush until I knocked his windows to open the door.  I paid RM1.00 to get home and my car was ready to use. I calculated that it is always worthwhile for 1-2 persons per household to take advantage of the MRT trains. If there are 4 or 5 and above, it would not be any $$ savings except time in case the traffic is jammed.

I felt so happy when my client reminded me that tomorrow is a public holiday. The huge and colourful Kolam decorations certainly added colours and happiness to the shopping mall. It has been years since the last time I walked around. There are so many tourists today, both locals and foreign ones who thronged the mall on every level to shop, shop and shop! So fun to have money and shop till you drop!

Happy Deepavali 
& Happy Holidays 
to all my readers!


Monday, October 16, 2017

Bad Wedding Etiquette

I just attended a wedding dinner of another colleague on Saturday night. It was held at a restaurant inside Goldhill Club. I didn't enjoy myself much even though I was seated with all the chatty staff from Accounts Department. I brought my wife along and that saved my day from boredom disaster. I really concluded that most local Chinese weddings would not change their typical scenarios.

I was so hungry and ate all the mixed nuts snack on the 2 plates on the table. I told the waiter to refill my plate to the maximum and he did pile up a mountain for me! I was still hungry and ate the 2 pieces of chocolates which were packed inside the table gifts for individual guests. That hunger pang ended when the bride & groom had entered the banquet hall and walked a big circle to reach their main table. The actual distance from the main entrance to their door was like 25 feet only , so they had to parade around an extra 500 feet journey like a circus arena to look like the King & Queen. Finally the first dish arrived our table at 8.45pm! I think that lateness was quite expected and I didn't eat any lunch except a brunch earlier in the morning. I had to watch my diet each time there were invitations to wedding or birthday feasts. So far I had only attended one wedding that dinner was punctually served at 7.00pm sharp and that was my own wedding! My late parents were scarily no nonsense socialites in town and had already planned our dinner with night long of events with singers, famous band playing with ballroom dance demonstrations and floor shows by the winners from the international ballroom dance circles. Anyways, I also do not remember eating the dinners that started at 7.30pm. Probably the earliest was 7.45pm and the worst ever was 9.15pm!!! All the guests cursed that 9.15pm dinner that turned them into hungry wolves at 9.30pm. I have actually blogged this weird incident HERE and the cause was because the bride's ji-muis (gang of brides maids) were busy counting the red packets many times to check whether they had raised enough funds to pay the restaurant!! The bridal couple had promised they would pay the full partial deposits before the start of dinner and the restaurant's strict manager held up all the trays of food until the promised deposit sum was being paid. In the end the groom's father had to sneak inside the backroom to negotiate and the food was promptly served.... eventually. I was speechless.

That night at Goldhill Club, I saw every guest at my table and all other tables were being glued to their smartphones and iPads! They were all from young toddlers whose smart parents used the iPads to babysit their kids so that they won't be up to mischievous antics or pull their hair down. All adults were playing games, Facebooking and even watching some hamsap videos together. This is the changing trend nowadays that food would be served late and smartphones would be in full swings. 

I have also heard of real angry stories from a cursing bride who married a university's professor. She was furious to find several red packets without names and one was sealed but empty inside. Another packet irked her to discover a RM50 note from a family of 5 persons (A couple & 3 children) I was taken aback to hear such angry & malicious words from the bride after the wedding and she swore that she shouldn't have invited that despicable guest and family for being cheapskates. So she checked her guest list so hard to see which guest gave the empty Red Packet! To her horrors, she realised the number of red packets could not tally with her long guest lists on the bride's side. That means several guests on her side attended & feasted happily without any pressies or monetary gifts. I actually took pity on this professor for marrying such a low calibre wife. Now that was over 25 years ago and their marriage are still on the rocks but the lifeless marriage is still intact for their 4 children's sake. The sister of the professor was my once "God Mother" whom I have disowned for some loan sharking disputes of hers. I have once blogged about my Loan Shark God Mother. She told me that her professor brother was the saddest man on earth as the 4th child was extremely handsome with brownish eyes and very fair skin for an Asian. Both the professor and wife have darker skins. He was sure that the child was not his when his wife was pregnant with the 4th baby. They had not slept together for a long time. They had met through some Cupid Services agency and got married!!


Thursday, October 12, 2017

Simple Home Parties

We host a home party for this same group of friends from time to time. I call this group of friends from my wife's ex school mates as H.S.B.C. which I mooted the idea to provide companionship and care because they are all singles working professionals in Kuala Lumpur. H.S.B.C. means "Happy Single Bachelor Club" as they consist of Spinsters, Bachelors, Divorcees and Single Parents. This idea would add colours to their lives and they no longer feel alone and miserable having to eat dinners or watch movies alone. We would always extend our invitations to them and they welcomed it! Even our humble home's door is open to them anytime when they wanted to find a place to laze, loiter or finish their office work at my place over the weekends. 

Earlier on, we held thematic home parties with exotic food ranging from Thais, Chinese and even making their own Pan Mee from scratch at the dining table. It was all for the fun of it! Last Saturday, I hosted the Western Meals Dinner using my Mario's Spaghetti recipe taught by my Italian house mate in US. Our H.S.B.C. guests loved it and all ate 2-3 plates full of spaghetti like a mountain. I was so happy to see these contented gluttons!

 Preview of the Menu. #1 Mario's Spaghetti 
#2 Passion Fruit Salad  | #3 Fresh Pumpkin Soup
#4 Princess Hong's Loaded Potato Skins.

My wife made her appetizing salad and yummy pumpkin soup while I cooked the spaghetti & baked the potato skins. I will share the easy steps of making the Loaded Potato Skins which I copied from this Princess Hong Blogger who once famously wore her Cinderella Slippers to attend a wedding reception at the Ritz Carlton Hotel. I followed the steps and ideas from her recipes but the ingredients & weight was churned straight from my coconut head. My wife was stunned and asked how on earth I could cook without any measurements? I replied, this is my mum's Thai styles using agak-agak method and dip to taste from minute to minute till perfection. Bingo!!!

I bought 7 large Rossett Potatoes and washed them very
thoroughly using steel wool! All dirts, grime and whatever
manure feces were removed. I am pretty sure that most of
our cheap potatoes come from India & China where the farmers
used all types of animals' manure as fertilizers! Clean them!

Rubbed them with Extra Virgin Olive oil and baked
them at 200 degrees C for about 30 minutes. Use
a stick to poke to make sure it is cooked. Mine took
extra long and I guess I need a new oven!!

Let the potatoes to cool a bit before cutting them into halves.
 Let them cool longer while I went to cook the fillings.
Later, I used a curved fruit knife and spoon to dig out
all the flesh of the cooled potatoes. I saved the flesh into a container
to make Shepard's Pie later next week. After digging,
brush the potatoes again both sides with olive oil and
pop back to the oven again for 7 minutes till crispy.

The empty shells of potato skins were baked facing up
and down which took about 7 minutes each time till crisp.

Oh dear, I forgot to take photos of the fillings!
It was just tiny bits of marinated minced pork meat fried with 
Lea & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce, salt, pepper, chopped garlic,
green pepper, diced tomato bits and topped with
Mozzarella Cheese. When the guests arrived, I popped this
into the oven till the mozzarella cheese melted.
Trust me it smelled so heavenly!

I put sour cream on top of the baked potato skins
and sprinkled more tomato bits & chopped spring 
onions! Bingo!

The dinner ended after midnight but last guests finally left after 2.00am!
I had made door gifts using fresh lemons with their names
and faces drawn on them. I preached to them about the important
reminders to take care of their health and to drink lemon
juice everyday. I explained that I have 5 friends right now
who are suffering from various stages of cancers
ranging from Pancreatic, Thyroid, Breast, Lymph Node,
Prostate and etc. Both fellas with Stage 4 cancers reverted 
to me that their cancer markers have showed improvement.
I am confident that the alkaline inside the lemon juice
has helped to boost their immunity while they received
medical treatments from hospitals. We should all drink
lemon juice & water often to stay healthy!! Do it.
Prevention Is better Than Cure.

A Lemon A Day, Keeps The Cancer Away!


Tuesday, October 10, 2017

How Do Spirits Travel?

Last night, I was having dinner with several old school mates who met up with a visiting classmate from Singapore. We ate and chatted so much until it was time for the restaurant to close it shutter doors. I had so much spooky grandmother stories to tell and gave them all terrible goosebumps with their hair standing upright in cold sweats! I shared the incident where the other friend, Frank who was seated beside me, had attended an earlier funeral of another classmate Ivan. He died too young and Ivan's death really shocked everyone who knew him.

Ivan was enjoying a very successful & colourful career at the prime of his life working for the Nippon Paint and lived in a lavish home at Country Heights. That Friday afternoon, he went home to have his usual lunch as his office was just a few minutes drive away. After a quick lunch alone at his dining table, he walked over to his favourite deck chair to lie down in front of the TV. He dozed off into his sweet lumber dreams. It was supposed to be just a quickie lunch nap but his young son realised that Ivan was still taking his nap, way passed 4.00pm! He tapped his father's legs to wake him up but no response. He panicked and started shaking his father's lifeless body. Ivan had passed away during his afternoon nap. He was rather healthy and had no terminally ill sickness whatsoever. He was pronounced dead and his death certificate was issued with "Heart Failure" as the cause. News of his death went viral in our different group chats and many friends were too shock & squirmed with fear. It dawned upon them that death comes knocking at the door anytime without any warnings. We all encouraged each other to be happy and enjoy while we still can. Meanwhile, I was encouraging them instead to do prayers and clear our bad karma while we still could. My thinking is always at opposite ends.

The next day, Ivan's coffin was brought to the funeral parlour instead. I had no idea why his family did not hold the funeral at his own house which was very big and spacious enough. Moreover he did not die outside the house, which would often be the reasons the Chinese would often prefer the funerals to be conducted outside instead.

My friend Frank and I planned to pay our respects at the funeral parlour near the old airport. I am very familiar with that place and suggested to Frank that we should go during the daytime instead of night. I had made many visits there in the dead of night where the road was pitched in black darkness passing the many eerie tombstones before arriving at the big square of the funeral parlours. Many times I drove there with my eye balls locked & focused straight at the road and not wanting to see anything headless floating or waving at the side roads. My hands just froze at the steering wheel.

So I met up with Frank at the scheduled car park outside the square that holds many different funeral parlours. We both arrived punctually under the bright daylight & sunshine. The neatly lined funeral parlours were quite empty and vacant as I believed that many deceased must have been sent off at the morning's funeral processions. We both stood by our cars and looked at the directions of the few scattered funeral parlours which were still being occupied with the families of their deceased ones. Frank and I were unsure which parlour unit belonged to Ivan.

Suddenly, a huge green grasshopper flew from the skies above us and landed on the car with a loud thud. We both jolted up in disbelief with shocked faces as the cold gust of wind blew at my face. We knew instantly and felt that it could be someone's spirit taking a taxi ride on the green grasshopper. We were both in complete silence while looking scarily at the huge green grasshopper which had big alien eyes gazing back at both of us. It appeared as if he knew us well and wanted to utter something. I made eye contacts with Frank and signaled to him that we should start walking to find Ivan's parlour. We slowly moved away, inch by inch and still stole few glances at the big grasshopper that was still staring at me with its Darth Vader look. My slow steps became faster and I was sweating like waterfalls from my forehead. We both walked and hurried our way towards the nearest parlour to check whether Ivan's wake was being held there. The grasshopper made another big jump suddenly and flew over us which sent bloody chills into my spine to see it landing at a parlour located in the middle. We just ignored the grasshopper and made our way to see the photo on the altar of the first parlour. It wasn't Ivan's and we proceeded to walk to the next one. Again it wasn't Ivan's photo and then..... We were surprised that the green grasshopper was patiently waiting by the 3rd parlour's entrance. It perched on the square plastic table and looked at us sternly as if it was trying to attract our attention. We slowly walked up to the 3rd unit and there it was indeed Ivan's funeral parlour with his photo by the altar of his coffin. Both our hearts sank to the cement floor and we chose to believe that Ivan's soul was taking a ride of the grasshopper to welcome us right from the car park and tried to usher us till his funeral parlour.

Frank and I looked around the parlour which was still empty without visitors as we both were the first to arrive. We introduced ourselves to the family of 3 persons and offered our heartfelt condolence greetings. The minute we wanted to walk towards the altar to pay our respects, the green grasshopper jumped from the plastic table and flew across the room. It landed on the altar with a loud thud and perched there with its 2 eyes and antennae looking at us again. My whole body's hair from my head to my toes until my pubic areas and armpit hairs all stood right up and shook in terrible fear. Suddenly I felt so cold & pale like a dead fish walking towards the altar and lighted up the joss sticks. We bowed and bowed but heart was beating fast and mumbling "Ivan please go in peace. Please don't frighten me okay"..... We placed our joss sticks on the urn and decided to take a last look at Ivan's face since the coffin's lid was half opened for well wishers to see. As we slowly inched our way to the back of the altar where the coffin was placed, the green grasshopper made its final jump once again. It flew over us and landed on the yellow mantra's cloth that covered the semi closed coffin. That insect perched very closely to the opened lid and faced its scary head with 2 antennae towards us like a North Korean tank. OMG! OMG! Now we were both very absolutely sure that it was Ivan's soul without doubts. What was he trying to tell us? Was he sad that he had gone or was he thankful that we were the first old friends from Standard One who showed up?? So much thoughts ran across my mind until my brain wires wanted to exploded like a twitter being viewed by one million users. I was so weak and numbed with all the sudden thousand volts of electrifying chills and fear that enveloped me with the strong presence of the unseen spirits. We took a last look at Ivan's peaceful face and body lying inside his cushioned casket.

I mumbled in my heart - "I know it's you, Ivan riding on that grasshopper. Please rest in peace now and go to the Western Paradise. Good bye Ivan. Go!".......

When my story finished, my other comatose friends were all squirming in fear and pretended to show a brave face as we all knew Ivan very well since primary school days. They strongly felt as if Ivan's soul came to sit beside and listen. Our superstitious grandmothers often warned us not to talk about ghosts at night, didn't she? Niak Niak Niak.....!

We have often heard tales of departed souls coming back in the form of white or black butterflies to our houses. These myths are often true and not grandmother's hearsay superstitions which should be received with respect, in case the insects ferried our loved ones to our front porch. You might ask why they need to use insects with wings?? Most souls or unseen spirits come in formless shapes and sizes. Many spirits are as tiny as a grain of sand or small like 10 cent coins or maybe up to 4-5 feet height depending on their karmic situations. If they ride on the insects, they could pilot them and navigate their way up to your apartment's 10th floor or fly to your house faraway from his last burial place. I had seen butterflies that carried my beloved relatives or father-in-law to my front porch usually with messages relayed. So please don't stop to kill or even chase away the butterflies or grasshoppers that might be staying put on the high walls or ceilings for several hours or even days! Greet them, say a prayer or even chat with them in a calm and soothing manner. All's well will end well.


Friday, October 6, 2017

A Beautiful Hindu Wedding

It was my first time getting invited to attend a real & proper Indian Wedding! I was so excited and went prepared with my wife's mini DSLR camera, hoping to snap some pretty photos. It was a very memorable night for me to witness a South Indian Wedding that was conducted with full scale ceremonies steeped in the ancient traditions of Hindusim complete with all the prayers & rituals, one blessings after another. It was so colourful and merry with all the beats of drums & trumpets blowing throughout the night.

I took over hundreds of photos and selected the better ones to bind them into a thick photo album. I presented it to the bridal couple a few days later, which moved the newly wed to tears! They didn't expect to get this surprise of a complete album of photos. They were not even aware that I was practicing my photography skills. Obviously, they both were thrilled to see how they looked and how the whole wedding ceremony was conducted with the excited faces of the 500 guests. They had hired professional photographers and videographer who would only revert their photos in 2-3 months time!!! That's the typical long wait.
Enjoy the photos wokay and special credits go to my wife who helped me to take some shots with her latest mobile phone. Surprisingly, her mobile phones took better photos instead! You can invite me to your wedding and I would happily snap photos for free. 
I am actually waiting for the "Bunga Kantan Wedding" of our Princess Blogger which would probably take place at Ritz Cartlton Hotel and all bloggers would be invited. You could attend by wearing formal wears & Japanese slippers too!

Here comes the bride at 7.00pm sharp.

 The bride's car decorations.

The groom's car decorations.

The radiant and dashing bride Nithi.
She is my office colleague from the Account's department. 

The bride alighted from the car looking very
calm and graceful in her resplendent bridal
costume with all the shiny pure gold jewelries 
sparkling from head to toe!

All the ladies from the groom's entourage
were all dressed in their finest vibrant colours
and carried over 20 trays of gifts that each carried
the auspicious meanings, wishes & blessings.

This is the dashing groom Rajah smiling cheekily.
It was the first time I saw his face as he always
hid inside his heavily tinted car outside my office.

The wait was like forever for the anxious
groom who was so restless.

The hall was so beautifully and tastefully decorated
that I had to do a quick Bollywood Dance before the
bridal couple arrived inside.

The deity's statue with the artistic and colourful kolam. 

The deity statues stood on the podiums
with different musical instruments.

The dais for the bridal couple.

Here comes the macho looking groom Rajah. 

Blessings bestowed.

Here comes the blushing bride.

The bride's entourage was very long as they
all marched inside the banquet hall.
The exciting beats of drums & trumpets blaring
filled the air.

Beautiful decorations using fresh flowers and silky scallops.

The statue of a Goddess standing majestically.

The entire ceremony took over 2 hours and concluded
with the couple giving each other the symbolic garlands
to seal their marriage union till eternity.

 The bride looked on lovingly at her
new husband Rajah.

He placed a ring into her toes over the
granite mortar that my late mother used
to giling her sambal rempah pastes! LOLOL
This marriage will be hot & spicy??

The final ritual - Mr & Mrs Rajah.
May they be blessed with lots of good blessings,
good health and happiness till eternity.

The invited guests in the hall.

The Indian Buffet spread was so delicious with the best briyani
rice. I took 3 helpings that night with so much curries 
& mango chutneys.

They had games and singing too.
The participants had to compete the best
dressed spouse in sarees! I was very surprised
that it takes a long time to be beautifully wrapped
in the elaborate saree cloths! The wives had to
wrap their hubbies and sent us roaring in laughters.

The guests finished eating after 9.00pm but the
bridal couple could only eat after 10pm!


Wednesday, October 4, 2017

A True Mid Autumn Story

I wish every reader a very Happy Mid Autumn Festival with all your friends and loved ones. I really miss my parents very much today for giving me the happiest childhood memories filled with moon cakes & lanterns! They had presented me many cute lanterns and I would always be excited to carry my lanterns to parade in our neghbourhood. I was always so proud and happy to show off my lanterns to all the kids next door. These days I only carry heavy laundry baskets to wash. Muahahahaha

A Full Moon Story

Let me share with you a story which I heard around the Mid Autumn dinner I had many years ago. It may sound unbelievable but it's your choice to believe. I had just returned home from United States when my brother broke out the shocking news that my sister was going to divorce her hubby. I could not believe my ears as I thought they made a picture perfect couple and her high profile hubby was always in the IT pages of the newspapers. They had lived in beautiful bungalow houses in Penang and even bought a 4 storey house in Hong Kong's Discovery Bay in Lantau Island that overlooked the rolling waves of the South China Seas. Their last love nest was in Damansara Heights and had friendly Dato' ministers like Leo Moggie and Alex Lee as neighbours.

My sister finally packed up her bags to move out and settled into her new place. It was not easy task for anyone to separate after many years of happy marriage and pick up their lives all over again. Did I say a happy marriage? The ex hubby two timed while he was flying business class every week KL to Hong Kong for regional business meetings. The air stewardess was definitely the best picked to serve on board the Business Class section and she became a familiar face to my ex brother in law. He was tall, handsome and dashing in his business suits. Their eyes met and phone numbers exchanged. One thing led to another and they always slept together in the same hotels in Hong Kong, before he safely kept her in his newly bought condominium in Bangsar. It was so easy to drive and ply between 2 homes! Eventually news of his infidelity went viral until my sister confronted him. He apologized after so many separation threats and begged for time to break up. 2 years passed and that was enough! He never ditched the air stewardess and my sister decided to leave him. He was also devastated with the reality and decided to return to US where he had graduated from Yale and Stanford Universities. He got the PR & Green Card after having graduated and worked for years in the Silicon Valley at Palo Alto. His mistress was pregnant and he had to stay back to live with his new found mess. 

My sister had a tough time living her life alone which she bravely picked herself up. We siblings rallied around her to keep her busy and away from suicidal thoughts. My sister was born intelligent, smart and with very attractive personality with her Thai Pan Asian looks. I am the only one that looks like a real China man while the other siblings have Pan Asian looks. My sister had a beeline of suitors and admirers before marriage and I was not surprised that she continued to attract many admirers after her divorce. There was one particular admirer who went head over heels at her and never wanted to give up. He tried so hard and was naturally being nice to get my cookie points too.

His name is Wayne and he hailed from Hong Kong. He looked very tan and had a very muscular built as he was running a construction business in town. He was also a divorcee with a young son at primary school. Both father and son could not speak proper English even after graduating with a Civil Engineering degree from a university in Toronto during the 80s. He was always trying to woo my sister and bought her flowers, dinners and even a big diamond ring! We sat down and ate dinner together too, hoping to build our brotherly relations. Eventually, I was stunned to discover his background along the way.
When Wayne was studying in Toronto, he often had to work part time at the construction sites as his parents had difficulty to make ends meet. He chose the construction industry as they paid well and it was relevant to his civil engineering degree. One summer day, he was working as usual at the construction site which was building a high rise project. He was doing some concrete jobs in between the floors when he heard a loud bang being shot out. He was shocked and frightened as it sounded like a gun shot. He sneaked out to take a peep below and saw a Chinese man running towards the building he was based. That man was staggering hard and dragged his feet with all his might to seek shelter. Wayne ran down to reach that man and realised that he had been shot with bloody wounds on his thigh. That Chinese man begged Wayne in their native Cantonese dialect to protect him by showing a safe place quickly, to hide him away from his enemies. Wasting no time, Wayne helped the wounded man of his 60s to walk using both arms to grab his waist and shoulder. It was a nick of time that man could safely hide himself in a dark room before the triad gang of armed enemies showed up. They questioned Patrick the where about of their targeted victim to which Wayne promptly denied seeing any stranger in that area. They believed him and immediately left to pursue their target in other directions.

Back to the dark room, Wayne found that man had bled profusely and he was dying from severe loss of blood. Being a street smart guy, Wayne knew that he could not bring this victim to any hospitals but to seek help from those TCM practitioners he knew which operated in the alleys of the Chinatown. He wasted no time and drove the half conscious dying man to get medical help. He begged Wayne to save him as he wanted to return to Hong Kong to be with his family. The slugs were successfully removed and the bleeding stopped with the help of the TCM. Wayne nursed this stranger back to his robust health several weeks later and eventually made arrangements for him to fly home. This man was eternally grateful to Wayne for saving his life and away from his enemies who had some long business feuds. He could not stop thanking Wayne and decided to adopt him to be his real sworn God Son. Patrick was being humble and merely accepted out of pleasing the aged man without any expectations at all. The man finally left Canada and returned home to his family in Hong Kong after making his new God son promise to visit him at soonest. He was serious in adopting him as a God Son and wanted to have a family dinner to honour and introduce Wayne to his entire family clan as the saviour and hero.

When it was time for Wayne to make his vacation trip home, he contacted his God Father who was very delighted and looked forward to meeting up. He arranged for his family members to be present in a closed door restaurant in Kowloon to meet his new God son who had saved his life. Wayne being his humble self, casually trooped into the very posh restaurant to meet his new family members. All the happy merrily greetings were exchanged, with all the bear hugs and big hand shakes. All the eyes were met and suddenly, Wayne's jaw dropped in disbelief to see a very familiar & stunning lady who smiled and greeted him. His new God Father's daughter is a very famous actress.


Friday, September 29, 2017

World's Most Visited Place

Greetings from me
at the luxurious M A J E S T I C Hotel.

Please drink 3 liters of water everyday
and pee at the toilet to stay healthy.


Happy Weekend


Happy Deepavali To All My Hindu Friends

I had a very hectic day today which drained all my energy. My car's air-con had a leakage and it had to stay overnight at the workshop....