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Why Penang Food's Yummy?

Many people often asked me what makes the hawker food in Penang so delicious? I told them it must be the water if not for the good Feng Shui for culinary chefs. I am not kidding okay.
Let me show you my own theory coz I believe there many great chefs in KL and Singapore too and the ones in Penang are not better. Some hawkers in Penang have unhygienic cooking styles yet no one cares since they tasted great. So much rumor mongers accused Assam Laksa sellers for adding mashed old newspapers pulps or chicken feed to thicken their fish gravy. 

I often went up the Air Itam hills to jog around the huge reservoir which is really a sanctuary with thick tropical jungle greens like the ones found in Borneo. It is 202 hectacres big with lots of snakes, monkeys and wild birds.
Whooaaaa! A Cobra!..... no no it was a stick with a leaf. Macam ular kan? My balls shrunk like a coward coz I have phobia for snakes!

So much water in the catchment and they flow down from the upper mountain streams and puddles.…

My Chinese New Year Tales

I had the most wonderful surprise tonight! Guess what it was? I am so happy and honoured to see my latest Blog Follower - Master Lynn Yap who is Singapore's No 1 Queen of Feng Shui and a well known TV Celebrity!!!!!! It is 2:00am and her presence brightened up my face like the fireworks. If you wanna hear the accurate Feng Shui advice, please read her blog or better still sign up to be her member. Please don't email and ask me coz I am not a sifu but just a 100% believer in Feng Shui. I better tidy up my blog and refrain from using my vulgar words which was actually spices to add curry to my blog.
I had a great time over the eve till the 1st day of CNY. I slept with new Red T-shirt to sleep from the Rat Year's night and woke up on the Cow's Year morning. I hope my luck will be good  lah.
My family had our reunion dinner at my dad's new condo. Everyone was present except my sister & family who are living in London, so we placed the mobile phone on the table and cha…

Chinese New Year Rush

This is my 2nd blog post in 1 night and that is so unusual of me to do so! When I heard SK Thamby complained about boring CNY, I can't help getting a confused reaction. My local KL born friends complained the same thing yearly. I asked myself whether I love rushing home to my kampung? Will LeuMas enjoy being in Penang like me? The answer is YES! I love going home if there is no jam and I escaped the jam yesterday coz many were smart to leave before 5pm rush hour.
Penang is full of Chinese community and the festive mood is definitely there! You can hear drums and cymbals clashing almost the whole day with so many lion dances prancing in every street. The fire crackers are lighted up like nobody's business with loud bangs & booms throughout the 2 days. The smell of burnt cracker's gun powder is lovely with shreds of red crackers paper strewn on the street is a lovely sight. The mood is always here in Penang.

I am not pure Chinese but speaks like Banana and believes strongly…

Looking Back

It was such a rush-rush week to get ready to head home for Chinese New Year. I had to pack my barang-barangs for 1 week's stay. This is a luxury vacation trip with free accomodation at my dad's new 'hotel like' condo. I left KL after lunch and ahead of me in the highway were blogger LeuMas, Gary and KP in their own Ferraris. But then my Kanchil arrived Penang 1 hour earlier! The traffic was heavy in many areas but no jams, then how Twilight the tortoise beat the hares?
My secret : I drove along the EMERGENCY LANE most of the time lah!
Before I left home, like a grandma I did last minute spring cleaning and basuh kain, wash toilet etc. Then tried to move boxes here & there till I stumbled into a JD Cole's type of unpacked treasures since carting them back from abroad.  I just stopped all my cleaning and browsed tru my piles of photos taken over a decade plus some artworks done in American classes. I had to paint and design as well for the Advertising Business studi…

Happy Birthday My Friend

In olden days, when you told anyone that you came from Samutprakan in Bangkok, the Thais would label you as kedekut fellas. Just like how Penangites are stamped as Kiam-Siap on the forehead. So my late grandpa was from this salt mining village which is actually near the present BKK airport. So when my grandpa retired from his last posting as the CPO of South Thailand, he lived in his retreat in Songkhla. Twilight spent his childhood living in this retreat home nearby the famous touristy Mermaid on the rocks by the seaside! Yeah, the house is still there along Thanon Laemsai (Seaside Road). Can you imagine how bloody boring and dead town Songkhla was? So quiet and crime-free then, until you could hear cockroaches making love on the asbestos roof! They would drag forward and backward like crumbling paper. Chieh! Chiieeh! Chiieeeh!... OMG!
My grandpa drilled a lot of Buddhism into my head by making me sit beside while he chanted 5 times a day in front of his altar. I often leaned against …

Twilight Doors For 2009

Chinese New Year is just a week away and so many of you are so fully prepared & ready. I went to buy stuffs to upgrade my house Feng Shui so that 2009 would bring more windfall than 2008.

Many Feng Shui masters believe that this "Hulu Gourd" is a very effective tool to trap ghosts if the cap is left opened. Many ghosts are afraid of this and avoid getting sucked into this one-way entry gourd.

If your "Hulu Gourd" has a closed cap, it will attract Wealth into it. I have a number of them & am convinced that they work well for me. You have your rights not to believe me, so diam lah.

All my doors at home were painted Yellow to suit my favourable colour elements then. I am tired of them already and someone commented that they looked like temple's doors. Kaneeneh! I have cursed that fella's mouth with lightning for saying that. That means I am the Twilight Deity inside the bedroom, kan? Ha ha!

So tak boleh tahan, I quickly painted the doors to Everest Pure Wh…

The Fate Of Industries

Now whoever says I am Lillian Too's big fan again, kaneeneh! I have said so many times that I only listen to many Feng Shui Masters with open mind okei. So I have scanned the page instead coz I am %$#@ lazy to type. I omitted out 80% of other areas. I normally believe this chart below as she accurately predicted them for 2008. 
The WOOD and WATER elements will be jia lat, so the banks will continue to fall again. The property sector will pick up very fast! Yay!

My Sunday @ KLCC

It was so rare that I got up so early on a Sunday again and had a quick Chee Cheong Fun breakfast before dashing like Speedy Gonzale to KLCC. I had bought tickets many moons ago and almost forgot about it. 
The convention hall was packed to the brim and I sat down behind this young family. I couldn't believe that they had no choice but to tag their kid along. Her silly parents brought homework for her to do while they could enjoy themselves. Poor daughter, she had to scribble Chinese writings while being sandwiched in between her mom & skinny dad. I think her dad was skinnier than a joss stick.

Yes, it is Twilight having a date to hear this world famous Feng Shui Grandma talk again after 1 year. Lillian Too's books have been published in over 20 languages to date and holds talk worldwide from Hawaii to Amsterdam and Manila. I am not her fan okay but I enjoy her ramblings and loud words. So similar to me! Hey, she is a Harvard graduate and is also from Penang hometown like me…