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I would like to take this opportunity to wish all the wonderful Bloggers and Silent Readers  A Very Happy & Prosperous Chinese New Year!
It's time to leave behind all the Snake Bites and Shortcomings of our foes & enemies. To err is humane and to forgive is divine. Time to gallop on like a Happy & Steady Horse!!
Yeeee Haaww!!
 Huat Arrrrr!!!!!

Three Kingdoms (220-280 AD) Mausoleum & Zhuge Liang Memorial Temple

I was excited to find out that the famous Three Kingdom's Warlord Liu Bei was buried at the Huiling Mausoleum in Chengdu. My wife told me many tales of their battles in ancient China that made me ponder about human's greed for power until today. Our human hearts could be so terrible until they waged senseless wars without caring about the lost lives of million innocent families! I pray that it would never happen to this country.

1. The prominent stone sculpture at the entrance of the Zhuge Liang's Memorial Temple and the Mausoleum of Warlord Liu Bei who founded the Shu Kingdom in ancient China. It took me a long time to wait for the crowd to disperse so that I could have the whole rock to myself!

2. This place is very huge with lots of pavilions, shrines, courtyards and beautiful landscapes at every corner.

3. They have 2 rows of showcased shrines of all the famous Three Kingdom's warriors and scholars where their detailed statues were placed as respects by different…

Chunxi Road - Chengdu

In all big cities of the world, I have visited many swanky shopping havens like Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, New York's 5th Avenue, London's Mayfair and Nanjing Road in Shanghai. Here they have Chunxi Road in Chengdu which lines all the big designer names like Prada, GUCCI, Valentino, Dior and etc. I never bought anything there because I cannot afford, so I just did window shopping and look-see & touch.

1. I always prefer to book my hotels right beside or above their subway trains, to save time and money. I took a train to Chunxi road, just 2 stops away.

2. I was the BIGGEST IDIOT in Chengdu to discover out that Chunxi Road was just located 2 blocks behind my hotel. Call me stupid to take a big round in the underground train to reach there. I could have walked there in 10 minutes.

3. We learn along our lives and make mistakes, so it is alright to hit the wall sometimes. I was amazed to see all the big shopping streets when I thought Chengdu was all about Panda Farms and …

World Largest Building In Chengdu

I was extremely impressed and amazed at the speed of China's development everywhere at their modern airports, high speed trains, tallest buildings and now, the "Biggest Building In The World". They had a void period of "Cultural Revolution" yet they have overtaken so many countries today.

1. Most of the buildings in Chengdu are lighted up at night with full scaled LED technology screens where they will have colourful patterns dancing its way on the whole building. Suddenly they could flash out live advertisements or even brief TV news on the whole building. My jaws just dropped in disbelief. I have not seen such buildings in Shanghai at all.

2. On our first night in Chengdu, we took their subway train to look for the World's Biggest Building which was opened very recently. It was drizzling lightly and we walked like crazy due to the GPS inaccuracy.

 3. There are several entrances but we entered through the Global Mall.

 4. This is the artist's impress…

Luodai Ancient Village - Chengdu

I am always very interested to visit very quaint and ancient towns in China to observe their historical landmarks and architectural buildings.
I always planned my trips ahead by 6-12 months and had to study the places of their attractions. I thought Chengdu was only about Pandas and Hot Flaming Spicy Sichuan Food. I was taken by surprise that they have Mount Emei, Ancient Hakka Villages and a modern city bigger than Bangkok or Singapore.

1. We took a public bus transport from downtown Chengdu and visited this Luodai Ancient Village which has a Hakka community of over 23,000 people. It was a very cold morning at 3 degrees C and the bus took us less than 2 hours to reach this village, 20 km away.

2. This Hakka Village is the nearest to Chengdu and many voted it as the "Best Hakka Town" in China. It was built during the reign of Emperor Linchan during the Three Kingdoms Period - 1,800 years ago.

 3. My wife is always very supportive and followed me everywhere no matter how bor…