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Confessions Of A Hospital Patient

It is my gossip time again. Who doesn't like to gossip or hear juicy gossips? Scientists from the University of California claimed that gossips could benefit our brains sometimes. We have to gossip the topics that bring the right benefits and not to speak malicious and slanderous lies to create negative results.

This is a true story that happened to my uncle very recently and do read till the end okay. I would claim that he is one of my most favourite uncle I have met after marrying my wife. He is in his mid 60s and was always very helpful & loved to crack the dirtiest jokes with vulgarities on anyone that crossed paths. I was always his favourite target and victim for being such a "naive" fool and too sporting guy to play along. Besides that, I am grateful for all his kindness and help to welcome me into the family.

One midnight, the tragedy struck on this uncle at home. He suffered from stroke and fell off from the bed in the guest room. Unfortunately, his wife who…

A Sabai-Sabai Thai Dinner

My dearest wifey invited her closest & best friends to have dinner last night. She wanted to pamper them all with her culinary skills in cooking simple yet special Thai food. Let me gloat again that my late mum was the well known Grand Diva of Thai cooking amongst the local Thai Embassy circles, who had famously cooked for our late PM Tunku Abdul Rahman whenever he requested for one particular dish that was not available in any restaurants in Penang during his retirement years. Thankfully, my mum had taught my wife a bit of her cooking styles when she was still alive. 
The dinner menu was meticulously prepared for a total of 9 pax with 7 courses. Goodness, I was completely drained out of energy after all the guests had left at 12:30am! I had to crawl and limp myself to bed like a sick dog while my wife still had robust energy like a walking Red Bull bottle to tidy up & wash everything. What did I do??

 We went to wet market and supermarkets to buy all the ingredients which sp…

When Good Friends Went To Sekinchan

I have long wanted to visit several places around Malaysia but I have been flying overseas instead. I had wished to visit Kelantan, Terengganu, Sekinchan and the Islands of Redang & Perhentian. Finally last weekend, I managed to visit Sekinchan with my wife and her friends after their school's reunion at Kampar - Perak.

This is the participants by the ex school mates of Pei Yuan School at Kampar. It was just a small number of students with their teachers as these days, it is not easy to gather all the school mates together. These students were from the classes of just 4-5 years only. Can you Spot My Wife??

 The journey by road to Sekinchan was less than one hour from Kampar through the villages. This photo is the small jetty at Sekinchan.

 This is near the river mouth and the water is always muddy. So many locals and tourists have been going to visit their beach and paddy fields.

My wife and friends.

My wife and her darling.

 These containers have been recycled and looked att…

Went for Meeting & Chicken.

This morning, I headed to KPMG Towers to have my regular long meeting with my Japanese client Hideyuki Yamamoto who had just returned back from Tokyo last night. We always had to spend 1-2 hours discussing and updating all relevant jobs that are still running in progress. Actually the meeting could easily wrap up in mere 15 minutes if not for the English communication breakdown and nonsensical men talks. My client thinks I am a clown sometimes to crack him up so much.
Yamamoto-San is a young bachelor in his early 30s who hails from Kanagawa, somewhere just outside Tokyo. He is very thin with milky white skin plus Naruto looks and carries extremely polite manners of a typical Japanese with many courtesy bows at me on the left & right, front & back! So I just followed whatever he does lah. So cute to see me bow 5 times and hait hait hait hait.... Kekekekekeke
He told me that he loves Kuala Lumpur so much for its abundance of streetscape greenery environment & relaxed lifest…

The Popular FAMILY MART From Japan

This morning I took my own leisure time to go on my inspection rounds to check the advertisement sites for my boss Dato Simon Lee. He gave me a task to check out all the subway train lines that run across Klang Valley and prepare a detailed proposal in power point to convince his client.

 I chose to visit the MRT station not too faraway from home. I simply parked my car illegally and dashed inside.

Whooaa! I was greeted by this friendly Family Mart! Suddenly my adrenaline made me fully awake. I miss the days in Japan. I need a break & visit Japan soon. HaHaHa! Fat dreams only.
Every tourist would enter all the Family Marts
in Japan as they have so many things available
inside their convenience stores.  They even sell
Calvin Klein & Hugo Boss perfumes!!

I walked around the whole shop several rounds to see what's on  the shelves.

This Fresh & delicious Strawberry Sando struck my eyes! I must try it next week. Wait for me!

All types of junk food is my favourite snacks. T…

How To Build Natural Cartilage?

I would like to share a family secret which I was earlier hesitant to reveal in my blog. Instead I have been sharing this method with only my closest friends. Yesterday, I received a text message from my delighted friend who confirmed that her 78 year old father had recovered from his years of knee and joint aches. I decided that I should not keep quiet anymore after all I learnt this secret from a close relative. It has been further confirmed by other friends that their old aunties and uncles have improvement or recovered on their knee & joint aches.
Let me share a bit of introduction to give you some confidence of my miracle source. Many years ago, I brought my late parents to visit my aunty whose father was the most famous Dr. Teh Lean Swee in Ipoh. This granduncle of mine was very well known for building the first Chinese Maternity Hospital in Ipoh and he himself was the brother-in-law of Tan Sri Runme Shaw who founded the Shaw Brothers. The road outside AEON Shopping Mall in…

Mount Rinjani - A Safe & Happy Hiking Trip

This is not a paid post. All comments are solely subject to my own opinion & discretion.

I am truly proud of my wife for her recent participation with a group of tough hikers from Penang to hike up to Mount Rinjani. This second highest volcano in Indonesia sits majestically on the island of Lombok on the east of Bali and west of Sumbawa, part of the Lesser Sunda Island chain.
The whole experience was an eye opener for my wife to trek with the team for 3 nights & 4 days, sleeping under the stars inside the tents and hear monkeys gibbering away.  I need to share and educate all the future readers who are planning to hike this beautiful volcano that it is most important to engage only the professional & well experienced guides who would ensure that all your safety and all basic needs are met. There are easily over 200 trekking guide agencies in Lombok but sadly, many have seriously shortchanged or intentionally overlooked the needs of the many hikers who traveled far from US, C…