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Mindpower & Auspicious CNY Decorations

Comes this 19th February, we will be ushering the Chinese Lunar New Year when the goats will bleat happily! Last weekend, I went to the biggest store I could locate which sold the cheapest and widest variety of new auspicious red Chinese decorations in Petaling Jaya. I forgot the name but it is a warehouse-like store right behind the Ming Tien Food Court at Taman Megah.
Let me show you the photos and share my own personal thoughts why we should buy something new, very red and auspicious to welcome every new year with a LOUD BANG!! I have read far and near, in various feng shui & religious theories to understand something here.


- We, human beings live in this huge universe where everything revolves around good and bad frequencies. Learn to tap the good ones!

- We have so many remote controls to activate our home gadgets, appliances, auto-gates & car alarms etc. All used tiny batteries with invisible frequencies set to move, open and …

My CD & Many Birthday Surprises

It was my birthday last Friday. 

I had so much wonderful surprises lined up!

1. My bed ridden mother who has been unwell for 3 months & confined herself at home, whispered to my brother that she wanted to celebrate my birthday. My brother suggested a simple dinner nearby our homes. I was very touched as my brother had to carry her with both hands from her bed to his car and finally wheeled her into the restaurant. All mothers would always sacrifice themselves for their child's sake. Sobs!

2. Later that night, my sweet & thoughtful wife treated me to spend a night at the Kuala Lumpur's 5-Star Ossoto Spa! It was a very unique idea to do nothing but to relax and rejuvenate ourselves there. I loved that blissful moment and hope to go there again soon. 
**I will specially blog about this spa next week! Stay tuned.

3. My creative wife again,  threw an unexpected surprise dinner by dropping me off at the hotel lobby. She told me to get down from the car & collect my birt…

Enjoy My Own Salsa Sauce & Tortilla Chips

I am an addict for junk food when I watch movies or TV soap dramas! I learnt to eat these American habits while I was a student at the boarding school there. It was an eye opener for me to see how the Americans & foreign Asians from Japan and Korea enjoyed the food while I watched on like an alien from other planets. Soon I became hooked to eating celery dipped into tartar/mayonnaise or tortilla chips dipped into flaming hot salsa sauce!
Over here in our country, I could not afford to buy those imported salsa sauce often as they are too costly unless I could grab any clearance sales! Finally, I decided to try to make my own after hibernating for so long. My classmate once made his own salsa sauce dips during our pot luck dinner and I was so impressed.
I have made my own recently and I am extremely pleased until I must share this simple recipe. Men are Men and we hardly make records for the quantity, so just make your own estimates! I have googled hundreds of recipes and decided t…

Delicious Vietnamese Dinner

This is my outdated post that was put aside when my mum was taken ill suddenly. 
We try to watch movies every weekend as it is very therapeutic for us to relax and watch a good movie. It could help distract out mind away from worldly nonsense for 2 hours. Before a movie, we would normally head to any fancy restaurants for light dinner.

I went to 1-Utama to check it out this Vietnamese restaurant which is always packed.

Nice decors. Look like bras being lighted up.

What are you thinking now? Hamsap!

Yes. The hamsap man behind the screens.

I ordered their fragrant Vietnamese Coffee which was so thick & strong. The alien green drink is the Blended Avocado which is my wifey's favourite.

I am a sworn coffee addict and could drink 6 cups a day! Anyone?

I ordered their thin paper rice rolls and requested only vegetarian for wifey.

This sinful set dinner was mine. It was yummy.

The dinner bill for 2 persons.

I will be back again soon.


Wonders Of Polarized Sunglasses

I have been wearing glasses since I was 11 years old. My power has increased from a mere 250 to around 500 now. Oh My Hamsap Eyes!
I cannot live without sunglasses otherwise I would get migraine and throbbing headaches. I knew that sunglasses is a must when you drive in the snowy roads during winter as I experienced brutal winters in North America. It was all white and my eyes got almost blinded to see anything else. I always thought that I knew all about sunglasses until recently.

Nearby the factory hubs where I work, there are several peddlers hawking their wares by the five foot ways outside the shops. There was this friendly Malay guy who often called me out to buy his sunglasses. I politely replied him that I am short sighted and his powerless lenses would not help me to move around. Suddenly he brought out those huge sunglasses that could be worn over our powered spectacle frames and started his sales talk. I stood and listened.

Speaking like a qualified Dr. Optician, he …