Saturday, December 8, 2018

Good Greetings From Jakarta

I arrived Jakarta yesterday afternoon together with my wife and 2 close friends. 

While I was waiting to board my plane from KLIA2, I received a surprise email from a silent blogger. I managed to reply to show my appreciation and hope my readers will continue to visit my humble blog.

This is my 6th trip to visit Indonesia and my 3rd to Jakarta. The purpose of my trip is to attend a huge Tibetan Buddhism Praying Session. I look forward to good blessings for a better year 2019.

May the world be a happy & peaceful place for all the people!

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Kashmir - A Beautiful Paradise

My wife went for a 10-day vacation recently with a private tour. It was a special custom made trip for just 10 ladies who consisted of many happy Tai-Tais who are always socializing together. My wife is a new recruit in their gang and probably the youngest too. 

The trip was organized for them to see the best autumn foliage on the hilly slopes of the Kashmir mountains. This year, the winter came too early and snowed heavily instead when they arrived! All the pretty flowers and coloured trees with fallen leaves were blanketed by thick white snow instead! It was an unexpected change of weather that kept them all freezing indoors instead as many mountain roads were closed. I think the gang of crazy aunties still enjoyed as many had never seen real snow falling heavily from the skies!

My wife sent me many photos everyday and I was blown away by her photography skills as some looked like National Geographic's quality. So I must share just some 36 photos for you to enjoy.

My smart wife was the only one who brought her face mask along. She is already a seasoned traveler for Winter trips and cannot go outdoors without a mask as she has chronic sinus and asthmatic issues that could be easily triggered by cold fog and dusts. Their plane landed in New Delhi and the whole city was covered by very thick polluted air! She sent me a misty photo without any buildings or people but that was New Delhi!!

The next day, they flew from New Delhi to Kashmir after some quick local sight seeing around the capital. The view of Himalayan Mountains were breathtaking and heavenly from the aeroplane.

The wintry snow just started falling around Kashmir's forests. 

This lovely photo of the Kashmir University reminds me of the location shoot for "Winter Sonata" at South Korea's Nami Island.

They stayed at the Boat House on the lake in Kashmir besides other 5 star hotels around New Delhi and Agra. These unique Boat Houses are common in India's Kerala, Srinagar and Kashmir regions.

Their boat houses looked so luxurious inside complete with hanging crystal chandeliers, Kashmir carpets and well equipped bedrooms with a Butler in attendance to service them round the clock! The butler service really raised my eyebrows. It sounds like a Maharajah's Harem with many beautiful wives from Malaysia on holiday! Too bad, I cannot share their photos for privacy.

Life is very peaceful and slow moving in Kashmir. Even the boats glide so slowly that you don't see waves! 

Many colourful boats are docked together like a close family. 

Most ladies do not need to work at all in Kashmir, so this was a rare sight. She was selling some fresh fishes in the cold winter temperature.

My honey went to stroll along the village roads with the Tai-Tais.

Guess what is this place??

This place is a bakery!!! The customer stood there without a smile. 
Life must be hard.

The ladies stormed inside the bakery to see a young man sitting on the earthen kiln that baked the Naan-styled breads. He was so stunned to see so many sharp eyed Chinese aunties looking at him. Luckily he didn't fall inside the oven and get roasted! Muahahaha

The tranquil and quiet roads in the village.

Suddenly, the owner returned and pushed her pony inside the room. Just like she "parked her car" in the porch beneath her house.

A random shot of the beautiful faces of the Kashmir folks. Most of them have the nicest facial features with beautiful eyes in the Northern India's Himalayan regions.

Random shots of the snowy slopes and river on the Western Mountains of Himalaya.

Enjoying a hot drink while watching at the flock of sheep passing by.

The shepherd taking all his sheep out for a walk, most probably for a wool trim!

The lake beside the mountain. 

This was not planned in their itinerary, so they took the rides since it had snowed. The rental fees were very expensive.

 An old man selling his wares.

Street peddlers selling their kebabs.

They had no end of peddlers visiting their Boat Houses to sell their souvenirs. Everything was too expensive yet my wife bought them to support their income. 

Most of the time they took cozy naps inside the Boat House's Harem since the thick snow had closed many roads leading to the tourist spots. A lesson learnt, never visit Kashmir in late Autumn as the risks of snow falling is greater.

The apple trees got all the aunties crazy and excited! The apples were so tiny like duku langsat yet they took over 1000 selfie photos! Muahahahaha

 The tour guide would not hesitate to keep showing them souvenir shops and local products.

They were shown many famous and finest Kashmir Carpets that were hand woven using ancient weaving machines. The prices are higher than the Himalayan Mountains!!

 The jewelry and trinket boxes made from colourful laquered paper mache.

The jewelry boxes for cat lovers.

 The morning's floating market on the boats.

 A family man on his way home after doing his marketing.

 My wife enjoyed this slow vacation which gave her ample time for self reflection.

From Kashmir, they flew back to Delhi and proceeded to see the famous Taj Mahal in Agra.

Where is the Taj Mahal? 
It has sadly turned yellowish in the thick polluted air.


Friday, November 30, 2018

Rejoice My Wedding Anniversary

This dreadful year is coming to the end soon. It has been a very stressful and difficult year for me. As you all knew that I was struggling at work and to keep myself alive with little or no money in the bank! I would say that it has been the worst year of my life for my career. I have enjoyed working for the 3 Datuk bosses for 8 long years and thought that life has been kind & blissful. I have learnt that nothing is permanent and life is like a carousel sometimes. There is no such thing as life is happy and fun everyday. Maybe just 20% of our time each day could be peaceful and happy for ourselves.

To cut my story short, my office workforce has reduced from the peak of over 40 staff to less than 5 today. That's unbelievable. Nobody was retrenched but rather fled voluntarily as troubled storms loomed. I have been receiving partial salary right after Chinese New Year till now with 8 months overdue. This is ridiculous! Who on earth could survive the stress and uncertainty like this? I stayed on because I knew the situation clearly and placed some hope that our bosses who are struggling themselves would see light at the end of the tunnel again soon. If all the remaining 5 staff have decided to pack up and leave, I think that would be the end of the bosses! What has happened actually? The mistake my bosses had for over 15 years was to be vendors for all the big property developers in town. The previous government had milked some clients dry before elections and the new government has taken over to clean up. That means many projects are being delayed, cancelled and pending which created big domino impact to the whole property industry. Good or bad, I had to endure on while the sky's the limit.

I am thankful that my wife has been very patient and supportive towards my plight throughout this difficult Year of The Dog. It also happens to be a year of big conflicts with the birth date of my big boss and I have to believe this superstition as it was no mere coincidence. It was clearly written in Chinese bazi books which pointed out that the bad tidings of my boss will fade off when the Winter comes in the Year of the Pig. I am still very hopeful and keeping my fingers crossed. 

When you see me hardly update my blog, there must be something wrong with me or my well being but I managed to find time to read all the other blogs that helped to entertain my moody days with a smile. 

Last night, I realised that today marks the anniversary date of our registration of marriage. Yes we registered on the 30th November and threw a big Wedding Reception the following year on 2nd of June. We have certainly come a long way and I am very thankful. My wife had taken me along for her working trip to Hong Kong in June which was a nice vacation for me to roam the streets alone. I am fortunate that she will sponsor my short vacation again to Jakarta next weekend and again to Bangkok for the countdown of 2019! Yay!

Happy Wedding Anniversary to My Wife
& Thank You Very Much For Everything!


Thursday, October 4, 2018

Learn Japanese Language With Kosuke Zaizen

All opinions are solely mine & subject to my own discretion.

I have visited Japan almost every year and I enjoyed every minute of my trips to explore the temples, restaurants and Onsen hot springs. I even studied the language twice from 2 teachers which was rather short and a failure disaster for me. It was my bad as there is no one to practice with me. Practice makes perfection for any language or skills that we wish to learn. Perhaps I am getting older and my brains are rusting away.

Japan is definitely the best country I have ever visited in my life because they have such a very beautiful culture and environment that makes all visitors excited and happy. Their folks are naturally very polite and helpful to everyone. I felt very safe everywhere in that country at any hour of the day too. So far I have covered several prefectures like the Honshu, Hokkaido and Kyushu Islands where Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Fukuoka and Sapporo are located. My next destinations would be Shikoku and Okinawa which is still in my bucket lists. I have not been able to save for my trip as my lousy boss still owes me back dated salaries! I want to pass the hat around to my blog readers to help. Ha ha!

Recently I have decided to put in effort to learn this language again. I would be happy enough to be able to speak a bit more and get by easily to have conversations with any Japanese. As you know, I have to service some Japanese clients here and they work for the biggest outdoor advertising company in Japan. I decided to put in effort to learn this language and practice a bit with my clients!

I was fortunate to stumble into a blog post recently that teaches the correct and polite way to speak Nihongo in an easy way. I realised that I could pick up the language better than the classes that I attended. I guess this post Lingual Ninja was created well owing to the fact that the teacher Kosuke Zaizen-San has an American wife! That makes the difference as he could clearly see the needs for individual foreigners like me and you to speak the necessary sentences and correct usage. I was over the moon!

Take a look at his blogpost if you ever wish to learn Nihongo language in a simple and easy way. It is free! I enjoy reading them as they are useful for my needs to address my Japanese clients and next trip to Shikoku in Japan.

 What is Yoisho??? Check it out at Lingual Ninja.

Today is the teacher's birthday and I should at least greet him to wish him all the happiness and good health to live till a 100 years old. He is giving free lessons which earns him Big Merits! 

Happy Birthday Kosuke-San!


Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Regrets of The Dying Patients

Last Saturday, I went to the Taman Rimba Bukit Kiara which is just a stone's throw from my home. This lovely park with lush greenery is ideal for picnics and evening walks with families.

There was a private sports carnival organized by a leading banking group where they held great activities and health awareness for their huge number of participants.

I was invited by Hospis Malaysia to give a talk there & to thank the "Maybank Hearts Foundation" for their kind & generous support towards Hospis Malaysia. I told their staff about my 15 years experience as caregiver for the terminally ill patients and how I coped with my late mother's cancer and death. I shared some sad stories & pain of the many dying patients in my care. This made many ladies and men cry so much that day as they missed their mothers too.

We all know that many dying and lonely patients often had many regrets and dying wishes. Their common regrets might include the following:

1. I wish I had taken better care of my health.
2. I wish I had lived for myself more.
3. I wish I was happier.
4. I wish I had traveled to many countries.
5. I wish I had stayed in touch with everyone.

However, I shared the common regrets of many deceased patients I met that they did not have any GOOD FRIENDS before they passed away. So it's very important to have Good & True Friends to support each other till the end.

My wife and supporters at the event to hear my talk. Remember to be nice to all your friends!


Friday, September 14, 2018

Mid Autumn Festival - 24 September 2018

Times flies so fast and so many things have happened while my blog was growing cob webs with leaking drips of putrid water. Muahahahaha I hope to be back in active & regular mode to update my blog posts. Many are still kept inside the archives after being nicely written and prepared. I have lame excuses for hibernating my finger to click the post.

It will be our Mid Autumn Festival in another 10 days. I really miss my childhood days when my parents bought me coloured lanterns almost every year. It was so fun to parade around the neighbourhood streets with my young friends to show off. Our lanterns used to be made from wired figurines being wrapped tightly with multi coloured and painted glass papers. We just had to light a small candle inside and hold it up with the fastened bamboo stick. These days the kids have plastic ones using battery operated lights for their lantern parades. That is too modern and looks no fun to me. Time has changed including the moon cakes.

Look! I am very proud to show off the 2 pretty moon cakes I have received from Blogger Small Kucing.  She is so thoughtful and creative to make them every year. While she gave some to her close friends, she also took in many orders from across the country. Please order yummy ones from her!

 Look! The 'roasted' piglet moon cake is so cute from the top view!

I had a good laugh to see the backside! What did I see?? This pig is complete with eyes, nose, tail and even an ANUS!!!! Muahahahahahahaha

So clever of the manufacturers of the moon cake moulds! They created an anus! Time has changed. Thank you so much for making me laugh -  Mamarazzi Small Kucing!

I would like to wish all my blog readers and silent readers from the whole world a
Happy Mid Autumn Festival.


Good Greetings From Jakarta

I arrived Jakarta yesterday afternoon together with my wife and 2 close friends.  While I was waiting to board my plane from KLIA2,...