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The Haze Is Back

The haze is back again and it got me terribly sick like ZOMBIE. The hours under the blazing sun turned me dead sick with FLU! I have seen 2 doctors who gave me 2 MCs. The Western doctor gave me such a strong cough mixture that made my head 'high' for hours and that reminded me the years I got 'high' on weed. (Ooopps!) So the Chinese doctor gave me the black mixture that worked well, coughing out the green sticky phlegm.
I bribed the Bangla securty guards a couple of tens to bring me up to the condo's penthouse to snap the aerial view of KL city. I am sure many of us had never seen them from this particular angle, so I am sharing lah. This is the stadium that looks like a UFO!
This is the condo next to where I stood so close by and could view their fabulous sky garden above. It is nice to be wealthy and live above the rest.
This white mosque looks grand and stood out well amongst the grey and red buildings! It is just opposite Dewan Bahasa & Pustaka.

This is the Mon…

Ahmad and Ah Sei

After a spell of bad luck week, I had another very tiring weekend to cap it. For the first time I had to become a "Driver Ahmad" and my manager became the "Ah Sei". You see, our Hong Kong's BIG BOSS flew in with his famous Tai-Tai to make a survey. Our client has requested us to handle the high-end property roadshow for them in Hong Kong very soon.
So BIG BOSS had to come and I had to pick them up from KLIA in the morning. I was grumbling and murmuring nonsense for becoming the driver which would last till late into Saturday night. 

Then I saw this poor old man struggling to push his cart into my way. He stopped and picked empty cans after wiping his sweat away. I was in the air con car with old canto rap music by Got Man Fai blaring away. I stopped complaining after seeing the old man who must be in his late 60s. Why are we always complaining daily? Time for me to shut up and get real.
BTW Got Man Fai, the famous icon was the Creative Director in our Hong Kong…

Spell Of Bad Luck (Updated)

I sure have the traits of a superstitious old Grandma and would always avoid anything that brings me bad luck. The skies have been so gloomy for weeks with haze killing my eyeballs each day. I felt no good with the gloomy skies and blamed everything to it. So many people kept telling me the end of the world is coming! Gosh! When? When?

Haiks! I was so damn 'soei' in a series until I became tired and frustrated. Nevertheless, I just consoled myself and refused to allow the bad luck to dampen my spirits.

I drove the silver coloured car over a deep hole and got a flat tyre! Damn it, the rubber was torn beyond repair, so I had to change it myself under hot weather, perspiring till my underwear. So I had to spend RM200 for the new tyre and refused to purchase a pair under the foreman's insistence. I told him that I am so heavy on one side of the car, so no need to balance, cos his theory won't work.


I was trapped inside my condo's elevator while getting read…

What is Enlightenment?

I went away last weekend without my mobile phone and lap top which have become inseparable & addictive nicotines of my life. The Lord Buddha had shown us, that, to attain enlightenment in life, we need to practice non attachment to everything, including our emos, body and possessions!

So I left behind some worldly belongings to visit the ancient ruins, faraway. What is left behind there, are mere illusions of the glorious past where the old capital once stood.

To have "non attachment" is a big word, yet it is easy to achieve but many failed to practice due to our hearts.
Most beings be it alive or parted still carry much anger, greed and selfishness. Words uttered are polluted and even in prayers, the heart could still crave for greedy wishes. I just cannot believe for what I had heard in some prayers lately.

What we see in our fellow beings may not be what it seemed to be. Everything we see today are mere illusions, so we ought to just let go and our hearts will be lighter …