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Krispy Wormee Ala' Chiengmai

All my life, my mum has been giving me multiple heart attacks and goose bumps with her shocking Siamese tales and bizzare Thai foodies. In her native Thailand, they eat almost anything that moves, flies, clings or crawls. She taught me the ways to identify the origins of the Thai cookings or dishes. A simple example ~ Chiengmai food often looked messy and leafy. Southern food is usually sour and maybe too spicy. Insects like bugs, grasshoppers and ants eggs are from remote towns. On my trip home last weekend, she gave me a box of tidbits and I fainted on the spot. She got them from Chiengmai, of course! So I shared with few hotties who came over to my home. They loved it so much and camwhored. Let's see who makes the best advertisement for this Thai Food.

Hottie A

Hottie B

Hottie C

Hottie D EEeeeeWWWWW!!!! They loved to eat them all..

Tai Kam Koong

On the recent 10.10.10 day, I saw many wedding invitations flying across and I managed to attend just 2, at a wee hour registration and the other a night banquet. Without much choice, I was assigned to be the photographer for the 7.00am session when my photography is self-rated as hopeless. Hey, I studied a photography subject in States but had been hiring professionals to get my job done. That's how agencies work, yeah...

Last night, I watched my favourite gossip E! Channel over Astro and they ran again the fantabulous wedding of the Mittal's Steel heiress.

Her lavish wedding was believed to be the most expensive in the world costing a whopping US$60 MILLION! They hired Kylie Minogue and Shah Rukh Khan to perform too. I had seen their huge mansion perching at the posh end of London's Mayfair, so $60 million is nothing to them. Imagine, how this money might help feed and house the millions of slum dwellers in India or Africa. None of my business anyway.

I had attended many cl…

More Haste Less Speed

Over the years, my job often required me to travel out of office by road, sea & air. Lately, I have been slaving on the road so often like 2-3 times a week which was damn tiring after wrapping up meetings. I bet many of you have similar fate as mine or worse, having to witness much traffic crawls or senseless highway accidents.

I hated it when it poured heavily coz I got worried about other high speed vehicles flying along. I never failed to see cars which skidded and flipped on slippery roads. I believe if we drive at snail space, the car would not skid in the heavy downpour. Right?

Recently, I was driving up North in the morning and was caught in a massive jam that stretched from Rawang till Behrang. OMG! That was damn crazeeee! Why? Why? Why?

A car was pinned under the big trailer truck and later, I passed by with my handy camera.
After this long jam, I was caught in the continued jam! Walau eh, 2 accidents in mere 20 metres apart!

I was cursing the jams as I had to meet contractors…

Big Turban Art

I am much surprised my listed bloggers gang didn't blog anything about the 2010 Commonwealth Games in New Delhi. Wei, what happened to you guys? Unlike the Beijing Olympics, so many blogged photos and bragged all their hua-hua gifts and souvenirs. I was following closely at Legolas' Olympic series excitement earlier on and it was thrilling me to bits.

Nah, I had to google as I missed the TV broadcast the other day. I was amazed to see their way of designing & planning the whole event. I thought the photo below was funny and perhaps they were inspired from other borrowed sources. Well, art is free form and can be borrowed or copied to express them better. That's what my professor taught me in US college.

I thought they got the frills idea from Beijing's bird nest below.

On 2nd thought, I think they got the idea from below.