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FF @ 1 Mont Kiara

Today is my 2nd day working out at the newest gym which is located at 1 Mont Kiara. I heard that this new shopping centre was built by Hong Kong's Li Ka Shing. Naturally, the shoppers and gym members consist of foreigners who reside around this swanky neighbourhood.

I have been suffering for a year plying the Duta Toll - Kerinchi Link route daily from work. after office hours. Whenever it rained, I would take almost 2 hours or more to reach home. After getting pissed with the previous gym at MV, I decided to re-join Fitness First which was planning to open this one at Mont Kiara. It would be perfect for me to easily turn in each evening to work out or relax instead of jamming along the Kerinchi Link and stress myself further. Remember that STRESS KILLS !

Look at their colourful frontage to welcome anyone! Now come and take a quick tour around this new "Platinum" standard gym.

Located on the Level 2, it has a nice cosy and warm interior with soothing coloured lights on the w…