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Welcome To Ha'adyai

My recent trip to Ha'adyai in South Thailand was an eye opener since my last trip was some 10 years ago. However, it was a pleasant reunion for the entire family again after almost 20 years! So much has changed with new hotels, shopping hubs and highways.

Let me share with you the correct spelling and pronunciation of this town as many friends often checked with me on its accuracy. It should be spelled as "Ha'adyai" instead of Hatyai. It is pronounced as Hard-Yai. It means Big (Hard) Town (Yai)... Yes, it is Big Town! It was the biggest town in the Souths during the early days when there were no other towns nearby besides their capital city of Bangkok.

It was their no-ending GRAND SALE in Amazing Thailand as usual. Their commercial ads do look catchy and bright like this shopping bag above.

They have many arches and street corners displaying their love and respect for their monarch. However, their streets are still congested with motorcycles and tuk-tuk (mini taxis) ro…