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Beware of Highway Robbers

The holiday seasons is here again and most guys would be traveling back homes in their cars. Be sure to check your engine oil and water in radiator which are 2 simplest chores! A couple of days ago, I saw a car which exploded and caught fire! The whole MRR2 was jammed for hours due to busy body motorists like me, slowing down to 'kay-poh', bow, pay respects and take photos! Ha ha ha, that's me!

We've read so much news about accident-robberies lately. I had my own close brush yesterday morning at 9.30am (7/12/11). I just passed Jalan Duta Toll and entered NKVE highway, driving uphill at 120kph speed along the fast lane with many cars. Suddenly, I saw a head staring at me from my car's front passenger window. It was an Indian man riding a motorcycle so closely and he signaled me to stop my car. I was stunned while eating my bento happily. His hand gestures told me that my front left tire was smelly and emitting smoke! At once, I was suspicious and ignored him…