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Remembering Dr. Sun Yat Sen

On our last day in Singapore, my wife suggested that we should visit the Nanyang Memorial Hall which is located along the "Balestier's Heritage Trail" where tourists could enjoy seeing several famous spots in one area. Our hotel was just located along the next street.

We walked under the blazing sun and found the sign that led us to the colonial mansion where Dr.Sun Yat Sen had once lived during his struggles for democracy. My heart skipped with excitement at the mention of his name as he has been like a historical idol of mine. I have watched much movies and read thick biographies about him, Chiang Kai Shek and Soong May Ling @ Madame Chiang.

The mansion's colonial architecture is nice and elegant with a huge neat sprawling gardens. I always believed that in my past lives, I must have lived in China during the era when the Ching Dynasty was falling with Dr.Sun Yat Sen staging revolutions. I feel some strong connections with him somewhere! Tell me where?

At the cozy…

A Lavish Wedding In Singapore

I have been living off my suitcases this month without unpacking much except for dirty laundry. After Bangkok's grand funeral, I attended a grand wedding at Conrad Hotel in Singapore the following weekend. Next week, I will be off to Shanghai for a week's break and I still hope to find quality time there to read all your blogs.

Here my honey posed with the groom's sister who "dressed herself to kill" for the lunch reception. The hotel is so big with superb class services where you don't find any Bangla workers serving you.

I was attracted to this 2 lovely boxes for the guests to leave their "ang-pow" gifts! Yes, we have to pay our fees before you eat the food. The lunch table was tagged like (Sin)$1,800 per table. It really burnt a big hole in my pocket but the dishes were all fantastic and good enough to please the Empress Dowager. I cleaned all my plates dry!

The handsome groom is my wife's cousin and we are very close with his very kind and …

Thai Funeral @ Wat Sraket, Bangkok

It was the first time in my life to visit Bangkok for just a 1 night's stay. It was also the first time my whole family were together in Bangkok to attend the funeral of my mother's only brother. He was a doctor who graduated from the prestigious medical school of Siriraj Hospital in Bangkok before moving his practices to Philadelphia and San Francisco before retiring his last years in Thailand. He passed away in 2011 and had pledged to donate his body to the same medical school at Siriraj Hospital for them to do research and studies.

His body was released to his family recently and he was accorded the sponsored Royal Funeral at the Wat Sraket (Temple) in Bangkok. Usually only the Royalties and High Ranking families would be able to conduct funeral rites at Wat Sraket. I am not bragging here but just wish to share some few photos of this high profile funeral for your own knowledge only.

Wat Sraket is a well known temple in the heart of Bangkok and attracts many tourists &…