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Berbuka Puasa With Colleagues

My bosses are very considerate and would generously host big dinners for the staff during the festive seasons like Chinese New Year, Hari Raya & Christmas on a grand scale. Last year, we all enjoyed the breaking fast dinner with our Muslim colleagues at Shangri-la Hotel's Lemon Garden which seems to have the best spread of food varieties in KL.

1. This year, they decided to change the venue to somewhere closer to office so that we won't be stuck in crazy traffic jams again. We went to the Bukit Kiara's Equestrian Club!

2. This clubhouse has a very nice playground for the polo players on horses!
It reminded me that history has recorded horse playing was a popular
ancient sport in many arenas of Pompeii, Genghis Khan and the Maharajas of Jaipur etc.

3. This clubhouse is now a popular venue for breaking fast and they set up many
outdoor canopies to cater for over 2000 diners that night.

4. The buffet spread tables were long like a bullet train from Shanghai to Tibet!  Th…

Annual Charity Dinner Show

Every year, my bosses would support the veteran Chinese Diva Mary Sia Ling Ling to organize her charity dinner shows. Last Saturday was the 4th year I attended her dinner shows with my wife, best buddy Desmond Wong and my entire office colleagues.

1. They always picked this HGH Convention Centre in Sentul which has got all the good criteria to hold big events like ample parking lots and very cold air conditioning system. The above photo was borrowed from here by me without permit and all photos below were taken by my Samsung S3. Just pretend that my photos looked good and nice wokay.

2. They raised a lot of money this year in aid of Sau Seng Lum Haemodialysis Centre and Liang Liang Temple, Rawang. I could not find the other photo that flanked all the total mock cheques. Anyways, they are my bosses Datuk Simon (1st left), Datuk Hong (3rd left), Mary Sia (4th left) and Datuk Brian (5th left).

3. I must say that her concert has improved every year and this year was the best with better …

Hakata Folk Museum - Doll Making

It was Spring in Fukuoka and the weather was chilly around 10 degrees. You will see pretty flowers at every corner of the street. I always feel happy to see beautiful flowers and would offer them in my altar at home. Sometimes I bought 3 pots of blooming chrysanthemum plants in red, yellow and purple to offer them to the heavens!

The Japanese are very good in planting flowers and landscapes!

It was a rainy day and we decided to visit the famous street in Hakata. There is a row of neat & traditional cottage museums housing the souvenir shop, doll making and drama plays!

They still carry tourists for short rides on the ancient Japanese  trishaws in many quaint towns in Japan. 

We entered this doll making factory where the famous craftsman was working on his latest collection. He was silent, very patient and focused into all the pieces in fullest details.

The dolls are very delicate and beautifully painted on the finest porcelain clays.  Look at the cute cat playing with the lady.…

The World's Best Durians

I was invited by the rich Tai-Tai aunty of my wife to eat durians last night. I arrived in heavens instantly as it was the best durians I have tasted for the 3rd year now. This year's harvest is better due to the long spell of hot and dry weather that helped to produce durians with stronger fragrance and texture! I felt that it tasted a bit of alcohol due to its strong carbo reactions.

Yes, they drove all the way to Raub, Pahang to collect their carload full of Grade A - Musang King durians from a private durian orchard. The seller or land owner only deals with pre-orders from familiar friends and clients from faraway overseas! They claimed that you could no longer get them anywhere else now from these same-seedling trees for its top notch quality as regular buyers book them all before harvests.

What surprised me was this well known orchard sends yearly supplies to Macau's Stanley Ho who would also share the durians with his HKG's buddy Li Ka Shing. You can read the rest …

Happy & Wise Shopping My Way

The world is getting sick with so much disasters, wars and political circus performers growing each day. All this would definitely trigger our global economy's inflation which will result in affecting our lifestyle and food on the dining table. I have started to pay more attention to every dollar I spend now. At least, I could still enjoy my lifestyle but with careful & wiser spending. I am a real bargain hunter for anything from hotels, air tickets, food and even my underwears!
You can call me "Aunty" for shopping online often, buying dresses and stuffs for my wife too! She is too humble and thrifty to pamper herself, so I took over her wardrobe and replenish them. I watch a lot of Korean dramas and observed their fashions there. I ended up buying for her & myself too. I do enjoy shopping online as they could save me valuable time to search for updated designs besides getting best price offers. I have seen their 'behind the door' operations and would hi…

Beggar's Chicken - A Luxury Dish

Does anyone here knows where this luxurious Beggar's Chicken Dish originated from? I went to China many times and read up the claims made by different provinces. One claimed that a thief in Hangzhou stole a chicken but he was too poor to cook it without pots & pans. So he thought of this brilliant idea to wrap the chicken in leaves and buried it into the earth filled with flames of burning wood. The taste was so delicious as the gravy & fragrant smell was intact when eaten the next day. Soon, the whole village picked up the recipe after smelling it.
Another claim was from the Changshu Village in Jiangsu Province which claimed a beggar caught a wild chicken and figured a way to cook it by burying it inside the mud clay before setting fire on it overnight. So the story goes on and on until it has reached many restaurants of the remote towns in Malaysia.
A close relative on my wife's side visited us from Singapore for his monthly visit to the Highland's Casino to co…