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Merit Making @ Wat Chetawan Thai Buddhist Temple

It has been 8 months since my beloved mother has left this world.  I am always grateful for the good life, education and teachings  she had given me. Now everything is like a dream to me. Life is just an illusion. Was it real? I have been the only sibling who has been arranging with the Thai Temple's monks to conduct special prayers for my mother from time to time. My other siblings have nicknamed me as CTO (Chief Temple Officer) because of my better understanding and knowledge in religious matters. I am the youngest but I am louder than them so they have to obey my beliefs for their own good.

1. The grand entrance to the Thai Temple @ Wat Chetawan - Jalan Gasing Petaling Jaya which is near to University Hospital and University Malaya.

 2. They have impressive steps of Naga guarding the entrance to the Main Temple Hall.

3. Many devotees come to pray at this temple daily. It would be full on every weekend with people coming to make merits for themselves and their families. Some b…

The Slums Of Manila

I have posted all the lovely, trendy and affluent scenes of Makati, besides several touristy & historical areas. Every country has got their good and bad sides like a coin. Somehow the slums in Manila is well known due to its huge area size and piles of garbage that piled up several storeys high. It has been named as "Smokey Mountain" because it is so high with garbage and there were daily gas explosions from the bio-organic stench that triggered fire. It was smoky all over in the past.

1. My jaws dropped in disbelief from the plane, to see the huge areas of squatter homes around Metropolitan Manila. The tall buildings are located inside the Makati City.
My wifey snapped all the photos below for me.

 2. Our tour guide driver drove us far away from Makati to visit  the Smokey Mountains area. It was like miles of makeshift houses  lining up the highway near the port harbor area.

 3. Everyone has to work hard to search through all the daily garbage waste from all over Man…