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Ultimate Benefits Of Barley

I have been drinking barley all my life, not knowing the other hidden benefits and real facts. Again, my wifey had studied the Chinese Medicine from the Beijing's professors in earlier years and pointed out to me that Barley is more than just a mere cooling drink for our body. It has medicinal properties that could even treat various lesser known ailments.
My recently widowed father is suffering from prostate cancer which seems to be showing signs of recovery. Other than this, he is healthy with good appetite. He has swollen feet which is better known as Edema or the feet that contains water retention. This Edema has slowed down his walking as he feels unstable with his soles which wobbles like plastic bags full of water!
The doctor in the hospital could not offer me the right prescriptions to treat his feet. My wife was quick to share with me that the big & small grained barley is the right supplementary drink to get rid of Edema. I went to the largest Chinese Medicine Stor…

Extreme Sins To Waste Food

I met up with a long lost blogger friend Bananaz yesterday and we chatted everything under the sun and out of this world for some 5 hours! Do you guys remember Bananaz?? Tell that pisang man to stop hibernating in his cocoon and get back to blogging! We both could have rambled till the moon came out but I had to hurry home for some errand matters. I was sharing with him on my family's high praises for the very professional services provided by the team at Nirvana Memorial Centre during my mother's funeral recently.

Look around everywhere and there are many homeless & hungry beggars!  I stumbled into this young beggar just 2 streets away from SK's office. I wonder whether Thambee has ever fed him?

We came to the topic about the culture in China where eating and feasting lavishly is a normal practice now. They have this trend to order a minimum of 10 to 12 big plates of gourmet dishes during the luncheon or dinners to commemorate any happy occasions! However, I noticed tha…

My Wife & 3 Birthday Surprises

I have an interesting wifey who is very tough minded, strong willed and unpredictable at times like our weather. I cannot ask for more spices and excitement into my life with her around me. She always pointed out that we should swap our souls so that she would be my husband instead! LOL Just a brief summary of this gal who once joined the Century Rides cycling from Round Penang Island to Perak and Kedah back to Penang, clocking 180km! She has dragged the very lazy me to scale the mountains of Mount Kinabalu, Mount Jiuhua in Anhui, Mount Hua in Xian and Mount Emei in Sichuan. I have delayed the remaining with mental fatigue excuses to scale the Mount Putuo and Mount Wutai in China. It is very tough to climb when your age and physical have passed the sweet 30s.

Mount Hua is the most dangerous mountain in all China.  Nothing above will stop my wifey who wore a red hat during winter in Xian. To read my old post of Xian, click HERE.

She has bravely cut up real dead bodies on the operating t…

An Eulogy

In Memory Of My Dearest Mother

My dearest mother has breathed her last at dawn on Monday.  She has finally been called to the land of eternity,  away from the sufferings of our human realms. 

It has been four months since she returned home to rest after getting discharged from Sime Darby Medical Centre (SDMC). We have been nursing and caring for her with the best available care with the special home visit & check-ups by the nurses and doctors of Hospice, which gave her much hope that she could recover someday. My mother was not aware that she had lung cancer which collapsed one side of her lung. I am thankful to the heavens for blessing her with no pain until the end.

I am always very proud of my mother for her kindness and intelligence. She was enrolled into the prestigious Chulalongkorn University at the mere age of 15 which was a rare honour as she passed all the entrance exams. She met my father in Penang while pursuing her studies in LCCI and they had a whirlwind romance wit…