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The Most Popular Ramen In Osaka

My Japan's trip posts have been fast forward to the last night in Osaka. I think I have dragged it too long making it smell like salted fish. I have not forgotten to post the gossip tales of marriage woes of other friends. Well, the next priority post will be the funeral of my old friend who had requested for the most elaborate Taoist Hokkien rites complete with the singing, invitation of deceased souls, "Kong Teik" Paper mansion, street funeral band and cremation. You know what? Many foreigners had google searched for funerals and came to see my earlier blog on funeral postings of my Thai uncle and my father-in-law. So this elaborate Taoist Hokkien rites should be able to share with the world of some traditional Chinese funerals.

1. It was our last night in Osaka and we had to look for our favourite  Ramen shop inside the busy Dotonbori hub. For first timers, you are advised
to stay in hotels around Namba & Dotonbori for convenience and shopping.

2. I love all thei…

Beggars Can't Be Choosers

Our fridge was full again, after collecting some good leftover food from recent functions. We had so much roasted meat, knuckles, scallops and fruit salads in packed containers. So my wifey suggested that we should pack them into the new bento boxes with mineral water bottles to feed the homeless friends around Kuala Lumpur's city.
I know that some smart fellas posted silly remarks in Facebook that those who wanted to help the less fortunate should never use the social media to brag and glorify their good deeds. That's a show off and not sincere, according to them. Yes I appear to show off, just once or twice a year in my blog but we fed them as often as we could lay our hands on all the extra left over food. I am just sharing here again because I want to create awareness once more, so that everyone will continue to do their part when the opportunity arises. Do not waste unnecessary food as it is very sinful when there are millions of very hungry people around the world today…

Changing Faces Of China's Economy

As you could see that I have been quite a frequent traveler to China over the last few years. There were so many reasons that drew my deep interests to see this huge country which boasts of their highest population and widest cultural attractions.
We often chose to travel on our own across the country in order to appreciate their rich historical landmarks and scenic mountains. I was often thrown into many new eye openers and insane culture shocks as well. I could not really understand what I was seeing and experiencing on their economic and business tidings. Many of the China's smaller cities were booming fast with rapid developments where unused highways and “ghost cities” of empty apartment buildings are a common feature of China's landscape.. I definitely had wild guesses and thoughts pertaining to such sights on the disappearance of the folks and their migration. What was actually happening?

Now after reading so much from these awakening articles of the End Of The Migrant Mi…

Mount Koya @ Wakayama - Japan

We have listed this place Koyasan as our top priority destination during our recent trip to Japan. It is one of the most sacred mountains in their country which is really amazing and nice. This Mount Koya or Koyasan is so interesting that we decided to visit again in future and stay overnight on this mountain as a good retreat for our mind, body and soul.

1. We took a Nankai Electric Railway train for 2 hours from Osaka to Wakayama Prefecture where Mount Koya is.

 2. The train ride was very relaxing to weave in & out of many mountains and tunnels passing endless of quaint houses and hamlets in the valleys. I repeatedly asked myself if I could ever survive in these peaceful  and quiet towns.

3. After changing another train, we finally arrived the Gokurakubashi  train station to board the cable car up to the peak of Mount Koya.

 3. It is so steep and took us 5 minutes to reach the top. The buses were ready to fetch anyone to the nearby quaint town.

 4. Koyasan has over 116 temples…