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Sawadee From Phuket

Hello my friends! I am back after 5 days in Phuket and my pocket is severely damaged but I am as pleased as a lark.
First, I enjoyed the craziest company of my Penang and Bangkok friends who behaved like insane drunkards when they were happy & merry. I stayed at 2 different hotels which were so contrast where food & luxury standard was concerned. 
The first - Patong Beach Hotel which was closest to the sea and was affected by tsunami cost about RM400 per night with fantastic open bathroom concept suitably for lovers!
The 2nd hotel which I got 2 night's FREE stay was Royal Paradise which has the best breakfast spread I ever had in Thailand esp their Yoghurt which was simply very marvelous.

When my grandpa was the Chief Police Officer of Phuket during the 50's, this stretch of Patong Beach was still unknown until the King of Thailand paid a visit and HM was impressed by the panoramic view. So he ordered that roads should be made down hill and clear up the space around Patong …

Full Of Shit

Hello Everybody? You hear me? Thanks for coming to read even when I have not been able to update my blog. Honestly, I dozed off every night with my lappie on the deck chair like a Grandma whenever I tried to blog.
After shifting to the house, I was tied down with the project for Chengdu, China and followed by a property launch in Puchong. Hell no, I was roped in to handle another bigger project in Jakarta!
Help, I need A BREAK!
I am also tired of hearing all the shit smeared in the political arena around us with that Khir Toyol saga. Yeah, Toyol is Indon devil. Then suddenly I saw something when I parked my car in the office basement.
Oh God, the sewage pipe leaked! Have you ever seen shit falling from the sky?
I swear I saw someone just flushed the toilet water upstairs.... eerr I guess from Kam Lun Tai Restaurant. BOOOM! All the chunks of shit fell onto the floor. So many cars kena sai or call it Kanasai. LOL
Yiaksss! Blueekk! This is fresh human shit just being excreted out live telecast…

5 Lorries Later

Well, I am here again after a long silence. As you had guessed that I was busy moving to a house from my condo. So many things happened and I am not sure where to start now. I was so busy still packing my stuffs even the minute the movers were carrying things out of my condo. I had so many-many boxes that I still have not finished packing up at my condo unit after moving out 2 weeks ago! What a crazy grandma!
Lorry Driver - I have been moving houses for many years. Twilight - Okay tell me how much you're charging me... Lorry Driver - I must tell you this if you don't mind la. Twilight - Arrrr.... I can guess what you gonna say now. Lorry Driver - I'd never seen a condo with so MANY THINGS! Twilight - CB X 10,000 !!!
Well, you know Michi's books alone 1 lorry and Michi's clothes alone 1 lorry.
Then hell broke loose, I was tied up by a Tan Sri to do his proposals for the China's Chengdu govt and I was like working full Saturday and Sunday. Worst of all, the street protes…