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Grandma Went To Europe

I have been busy lately, so my blogs says it. After grueling and nerve wrecking project for my client in Chengdu, I went into another hellish dimension. My client in another country is gonna be a long term stress for me. They are a big kiasu and  kiasi corporation that demands nothing but flawless perfections.
I arrived at this hazy place after much confusion at the airport hunting for my chauffeur who waited at McDonalds as agreed. I found no McDonalds at the whole international airport! It has closed down due to poor business! Can you believe that? No free Coke  glasses for TZ here!
Security is always tight around here where expatriates live. Kinda s wanky and better class suburban area. This is the entrance to the latest shopping mall. A bit like Mid Valley to me.
Even their Chinese restaurant looked so merah and  meriah!
This is where my client's office is located in this European designed building. Aha! You can now guess where I went to! Bukan Europe, but the photos looked so Matt  Sal…

3 Missing Guests & 1 Pork Leg

I was summoned by the Dowager Empress to have dinner at her Parkland Summer Palace last weekend. It was a long drive across the highland terrains and I arrived to see a half naked Canton Chef wokking in the kitchen, dishing up the concoctions for the annual Emperor's dishes!

Well it was still Mid Autumn and I arrived with trays of different Moon Cakes to appease the Dowager Empress.

The sumptuous dinner spread was laid on the banquet table, just like how Jay Chow munched in the show Curse of The Golden Flower!

The moment I sank into my chair, my teeth sank into the sea of Pork Leg Vinegar! Voila! It was 5 bowls of vinegar black soup which was heavenly delicious! The Pudding Tofu, Longevity Phoenix Cockerel dish, Dowager's Eternal Winter Melon Soup and fresh vegetables from the Garden of Eden filled my gold plated Ming dinner plate! 
In less than 30 minutes, the dishes were almost out of sight!

The Pork Legs reduced to 40%.

The Longevity Phoenix dish had only few feathers left.

The To…