Thursday, September 23, 2010

Met A Korean Celebrity

I almost forgot that my ski trip to Korea had some more photos yet to be uploaded, to continue from my earlier blog post ~ Winter Sonata

At the mountains in Hwacheon, we went to see the amazing ice carvings which were meticulously sculpted by the famous Harbin ice carvers from China. It was even colder inside than the winter temp -25C outside.

It was a spectacular and colourful sight at night to see many fish lanterns being strung up along every street in Hwacheon. Their fresh water fishes are very expensive and cleanest, according to the Korean folks.

Next morning, we were given special invitation by the Korean Tourism Ministry to visit their North/South border point which is out of bound to public. We passed so many sentry checkpoints manned by tough looking young soldiers.

No one is allowed to snap this photo BUT I did cheekily...
This is the view of North Korea with its double border fencing, dividing the 2 countries. Their mountains everywhere in the whole of Korea are very sharp looking and rocky.

At night fall, we arrived at the 5-Star Holiday Inn which has lovely mountain view and well heated large suite complete with separate living and kitchen are! I miss that place so much.

Everyone quickly donned into their heavy ski outfits which were rented from a store many kilometres away! Next time, buy some of your winter stuffs like hats, scarf and ear mufflers from Daiso outlets in KL for RM5 each! I paid mine like over RM100 coz none of my chibai friends taught me to get them from Daiso!

That's me ~ Grandma Twilight in yellow gear, ready to GO! Wooohooo!

They have so many world class ski resorts in their mountains and this one is popular with all night skiing fun for die hards. Many first timers fell, rolled and screamed. I also crashed into their barricade fencing when my braking failed! Kaneeneh it was too bloody icy.

Next morning, we went to their cultural centre after visiting the all-you-can-eat huge strawberries farm. We were taught the traditional way to make the best Kim-Chi with the freshest ingredients where after all our Kim-Chi were donated to the local orphanage.

Here's my "Grandma Twilight's Kim-Chi" and I hope the orphans didn't pass out after eating.

Later, we adjourned to the only well preserved old palace in Seoul which was spared from the cruel bombings of Japan's war.

It is very spacious and unique but not as huge and magnificent as the Forbidden City's Palace in Beijing. We strolled hurriedly around and proceeded to their real 'secret garden' far behind the hills.

This is the enclave of their 'secret garden' where the pavilion sits next to the frozen lake. Their monarchs had their sexual romps openly in this lake and pavilion. I could imagine wine being filled up in the pool with nude concubines swimming and teasing the princes! Just let our dirty imaginations run wild.

Next place, we visited the museum of a typical ancient home of the wealthy Koreans located in downtown Seoul. It was huge with courtyards and traditional winter heating where they laid burning coals under their floor boards! So pandai kan!

Look at their funny way of opening and latching their doors upwards like that!

After a week's fun in the FREEZING winter, we boarded a ferry enroute to Incheon International Airport. I love the sight of these flying hungry seagulls. Thousands of them flew to our boat and picked any food and crackers we offered. How nice to be a free bird, I thought?

On board the Korean Airlines flight home, we all hurdled to the back of the plane.
On my right, was a young tall Korean guy seated with his hands glued to his PSP watching a movie. The plane took off into the sunset and that's when the activities came to live.

Barely 20 minutes into the high clouds, 2 young teenaged girls giggled and came up to my right to approach this guy. They asked for his autograph!!! Wow! Wow!

Minutes passed, I lost count on the number of young teens parading to him to ask for his autographs using their T-shirts, Jackets, Papers, Books and anything they wore. Oh my, I took a good look at him and I really had no idea who he was! My entourage Malaysian gang kept saying that he was tall, so handsome and soooo gorgeous leng chai!

Alamak! We still had no idea who he was and they just snapped his photos non stop as well as making me the broker to get his autographs for them all without a fee. He kept smiling and repeatedly said "Thank You" very softly.

At midnight, I got home and googled my computer to find out his name!

Now guess who?

He is Korea's Badminton Star & Heartthrob.

Lee Yong Dae


  1. wah, still go back to korek your korea ski trip photos after such a long time ah??

  2. but the first two photos are very nice lor, so colorful!! so nice for the mid-autumn festival hor??

  3. talking about the mid-autumn.. arumugam you didn't eat curry mutton and aloogobi mooncake with cheesy chapati flavoured snow skin meh?? :D

  4. wow, that hearthrob very handsome woh.. but then all korean celebrities are all plastic-surgery handsome and pretty one loh, hahaha!!!

  5. SK Thamby, you so fast to comment! I have not even finished scratching my balls. LOL

  6. you didn't also ask him to give you an autograph meh?? aiyah, though u dunno who he was yet, but kiasu a bit go and take autograph first mah..

  7. SK Thamby - Mutton and aloogobi mooncakes??? LMAO Muahahaha!

    My friend just told me that he ate Roasted chicken mooncake and it tasted like shit....

    I am not sure whether that guy had plastic surgery coz he is around 22 years old wor. You play badminton, sure you know him mah.

  8. SK Thambeeee - deh, I did take his autograph and photos. That one copyright punya la.

  9. that fish lanterns are really beautiful.. very colorful and the way they position it.. like flowy in directions.. cantik sekali :)

  10. Korea is a lovely place..I was there in 2003..I should make another visit.

  11. Hmmm. Maybe will go one day, not so keen now.

  12. u din take photo together with him?

  13. woah...beautiful sceneries and lots of fun it seems there! And, Lee Yong Dae... woah, did u ask him for a Victor racket ? lol ... have a good day !!

  14. Anyong-haseyo! Love you fishy pix, sure can ski like a pro? You & your dare to be difficult.. snapping pixz that are forbidden haha..Lee Yong who? Sorry..Your wine and concubines imagination surely run wild.."hamsap"..hamnida. hehe..tQ

  15. goshh....lee yong dae is my favourite player too!!!!! wow... no wonder the girls excited..
    hey, how is korea.. wanna go visit there one day.. see this dec free or not...hahahhahahaa.. just kidding..

  16. thanks for ur wishes on dylan...he is recovering now.

    wah....i love skiing and skating...nice korea trip pics!

  17. So this Korea trip was a long long ago trip or just recently?

  18. Haha! So famous Korean celebrity and you don't know him?! Me also dunno : D

  19. Oh! So you can get those stuffs cheaply at Daiso. I see. Thanks for this info! : )

  20. OK, I must stop myself before I go into full spamming mode. Bye! Haha!!

  21. like a tourism promo~ i no need visit lor, see your pics & post can liao~ even can see forbidden photos i'll never get to see even if i do go there LOL

    *thumbs up*

  22. greetings from Penang.

    i'm itching to go to Korea after looking at these pics. that must have been a wonderful trip. the fish lanterns are very colourful and truly one of a kind. that handsome hottie so famous meh? i'm really outdated. :)

  23. we're confused. this is the recent trip to korea or the one u've made 1 year b4?

  24. I think i need a nice and relaxing holiday soon ... where to go?

  25. i wanna go snowboarding!!!! 3yrs never go since i am back from japan ><

  26. Coals under floorboards! Tak terbakar ke?!

  27. Danny - I know you will love Korea since you got keen eyes for nice displays and beautiful people! LOL

    Wenn - I think there's not much changes since 2003 but perhaps you might visit other tourist spots. I plan to visit yearly on my own.

    Legolas - Go by Air Asia and I will be your tour guide ok!

    Medie007 - You bet. My face appeared in so many cameras with him but none in my camera.

  28. ChrisAu - We were idiots until we landed and checked his name in computer. I would have asked for everything.

    Banana@ - Hamsap Hanida! LMAO!!!! Ha ha ha ha..

    Reanaclaire - I guess you are also a player! I advise you to avoid winter as it is toooooo cold. I just wanted to show my honey how I suffered as a student in Winter countries.

    Vialentinao - I am happy to hear that Dylan is recovering fast. He has a great papa!
    Bring him to Korea to ski when he is 8 years old...

  29. FoongPc - I watch so much Korean KBS dramas and hardly remember their names, not to mention a badminton star! Not every Winter stuiffs is available at Daiso but those I mentioned. Thanks for spamming cos I going over to spam your blog now.

    Fable - I know I am Minister of Tourism and Grandma Blogger too! Enjoy yeah! Ribit Ribit!

    Life Ramblings - So you are also Penang kia!! How nice! You have traveled so much except Korea? I am surprised wor.

    Queen B - (Curtsy to you!)... Grandma is also confused now. I went this year mah!

  30. TZ - In one year, you have so many breaks man.... need some more kah? I suggest Thailand la... Sawasdee and cheap place to relax. I am going again.

    FuFu - Wow! You can snowboard? Teach me ok! I went ice-boarding only and it was TOO DAMN COLD!

    Wiliam - The wooden flooring were thick during old days. The coal is scattered in pots beneath the floor below lo...

    Modern days, they use electric wired heating below their laminated wooden floors as well. That's why they sleep on the floor. Cheaper than heat whole room! Pandai Koreans!

  31. wah...bring him to korea...costly....will ask him to sponsor himself next time...and bring me go instead...kekeke

  32. Vialentino - Woi you are not a kiam siap papa to Dylan...I am sure!

    Shingo T - Go Korea Go! Air Asia is the answer now.

    BengBeng - Thanks for reading. It's my duty to entertain you!

  33. I've been fortunate enough to have visited many different places already but yet, there are still many places i haven't set foot on. would love to visit Korea and Japan someday. :D

  34. Life Ramblings - I often wondered whether one can find enough money, time and health fitness to travel everywhere.

  35. Have you tried dumplings and roast ducks? They are the famous and traditional Beijing dieshes. And also bird's nest soup? Its a delicacy in China.

    Enjoy your days~~~


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