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The New President

It was a joyous celebration for our Tan clans in Singapore over the victory of Uncle Tony. It was a tough fight that he narrowly won the presidential race! We hope to see better progress for the republic. Not too long ago, he slipped into Penang quietly for a vacation with his family and my parents took them to eat ice kacang and char koay teow at the famous former Great World Park. He was still his humble self and enjoyed the simple hawker food.

Congratulations to Peter and Sharon on the victory of your daddy.

Festive Hampers

The long holidays will be coming very soon, that is next week! Many people are applying for 2 days annual leave to enjoy a whole 9-day long holiday in Malaysia! The traffic here is getting mad with jams all over the bustling Kuala Lumpur city. The heavy downpour and flooding adds more chaos and tension to road users. I have seen the tow-truck drivers making a roaring business! They are waiting eagerly everyday at the accident prone areas like hungry vultures! My friends, drive safely and please do not speed like a racing devil.

On the lighter side, I went to collect some festive hampers yesterday for my tyrant BOSS who spent a total sum of RM2,890.00.
I had a big shock of my life to see one unique hamper! Take a look yourself and tell me if you understood my shock!

Happy Holidays My Dear Bloggers!

What did you see?

Blogging Is Fun

I enjoy reading blogs very much as many brilliant bloggers really taught me many new things and useful tips as well. Many well traveled bloggers shared their lovely photographs from their exotic overseas trips. I must thank them all for their sincere efforts to snap the pretty & exciting photos with intention to post into their blogs to share these eye-openers! They are really kind hearted and selfless bloggers who deserve a nice pat and hug.

I disliked reading my own Facebook lately as I often saw personal or political hatred messages instead which is not good for my mind. It was too disturbing sometimes to know too much without being able to judge its truth. The same goes with some local newspapers which carry biased news. That's why I still welcome bloggers with open arms into my life! They keep me amused, tickled and updated for free!

I have received numerous 'Blog Awards' and I thank them all but I never displayed them at the side of my blog. I felt that it might …

Mud & Water Brings Wealth

The weather has been so unkind these days. Over here in Kuala Lumpur, it has been pouring heavily almost twice a day, flooding so many highways, streets and corners. This is the best time to sleep longer at home or stay indoors at office.

Goodness No! Being the right hand man, my tyrant boss naturally assigned me a tedious duty that sent me outdoors everyday like his miserable slave. I call him tyrant as he behaves like one. Have you seen any boss who speaks real 'kao' vulgar Cantonese words during the management meetings? Yes, my boss does! Everyone's mothers' and ancestors' private parts will be quoted & verbally molested, making his speech so flowery vulgar! Adoi!
Anyways, I often giggled instead as the meetings were never boring especially when the senior managers often clashed swords verbally and hurled abuses at each other in my boss' presence. That is so typical China Pek style of factory.

Everyday my mobile would be bombarded with calls from potenti…

Happy Birthday To My Blog

On the 28th July, it marked the 3rd anniversary of my young blog. I have come a long way since the day I started and I must say a big "Thank You" to all the bloggers who have shared so many interesting photos, information, stories and juicy gossips with me. I love them all. It has made me smarter and my brain is getting bigger each day with the valuable knowledge and happiness shared. It's priceless to me. A bigger "Thank You" to all the silent readers out there who were too shy to comment but preferred to send me emails instead. So funny geh....

I must admit that I first heard of the word "BLOGS" from my bestie Lifebook when we were office colleagues on the 42nd Floor of Menara TH Perdana along Jalan Sultan Ismail in 2004. It was an alien word to me then and asked him to show me the blogs online. I replied him that it was for mere busy-bodies to wash dirty linens. LOL..

From late 2004 onwards, I started reading several interesting blogs quietly and the…