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The Beauty And A REAL Beast

My wife had just finished her Professional Bridal Make Up Course early this month and sat for her exams. She passed with flying "make-up" colours and will have her graduation night later at a 5-Star Hotel soon. She took up the course just for a mere hobby and pleasure, perhaps to learn some tricks to do her self-make ups for the night functions we attend. 
She roped in a matured student of hers to become her model for the practical exam and the next day, they got a professional photographer to shoot some nice poses of the model at our scenic Lake Gardens. Luck was on her side and the photographer liked my wife's style of colouring & shading besides making the "student bride" to feel so relaxed during the make-up & hair-do session which could take up 2 long hours! The photographer has since introduced several bridal make up jobs for my wife for their outdoor shoot. The MONEY IS GOOD for a mere hobby.
I just tagged along to give moral support to my wife fo…