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We Have To Be Mindful

On the first day of Hari Raya Holidays, my close friend visited me from Penang together with his family. They wanted to visit my father in the hospital besides relaxing in KL for a short break. My friend parked his car at the visitor's parking lot inside our gated community area. I went to receive his family and we started chatting as we walked. I was excited to show him some nice crawling plants hanging down when I became distracted with my steps. I walked over the covered drain's grills and missed it. I fell right forward into the drain with one right leg inside while I balanced squatting on the left leg. My leg and hands bruised with so much blood & scratches. My bones ached too and I was limping for 3 days.

 This was a good lessons for me To Be Mindful Always!


I wish to thank everyone for all the kind wishes for my father to recover. Your concern and all the many blog comments and emails besides the 'private messages' really moved me. You all are so cari…