Sunday, August 13, 2017

My Trip To Hong Kong

In a few hours time, we will be going to the airport to catch the first flight to Hong Kong for my wife's participation at the Hong Kong International Wushu Competition. This exciting event is a world class standard with thousands of mighty & tough and talented participants from more than 20 countries like China, United States, Canada, France, Greece, United Kingdom, Russia, Switzerland, Portugal, Spain, United Arab Emirates, Australia, Thailand , Malaysia, Japan, Indonesia, Philippines, Macau, Taipei and others. It would be an eye opener for me to see all the champions from China especially the young Shaolin Monks from the Henan temples doing their fantastic and awesome stunts!

See you guys next weekend!


Tuesday, August 8, 2017

A Famous Actress (Updated)

I have previously posted about my niece being an actress in Thailand. That post has been deleted and I am sharing some updates today with some elaborate captions which I will remove them after a few days. I don't feel nice if my relatives read them with raised eyebrows.

So enjoy reading what I have to brag and blow my trumpet sometimes to shiok sendiri. Here I go again about my niece's career success. I would like to further update you after seeing her face on the cover of the current issue of Thailand's Hello! exclusive magazine.

In the current issue, she poses beautifully with her banker hubby.
She has been a very famous face in many glossy magazines and her mum
who is my first cousin, would proudly share & update all
who know their family.

I was in primary school when I saw her as a very adorable baby
learning to crawl. I visited her house in a very posh residential area of
Bangkok's Soi Rajakru where only closely related families of the
Choonhavan surname could set up homes. My niece is very well known
and hails from influential family background where both her 4 paternal
and maternal grandparents came from very influential families in
the history of Thailand.

Not long after the visit, my cousin lost her husband and baby son
in a fatal car crash while on their way to their seaside vacation home
which is adjacent to the Royal Summer Palace in Hua Hin,
about 200km from Bangkok. The deaths of the young and handsome
hubby along with her precious baby son truly shattered my cousin's
life into million pieces. I remembered my mum crying so hard
when she got the tragic news as she fondly baby-sat my
cousin & sibling when my mum lived with her own
brother in Thailand. My mum's brother was a well known
doctor then, from Bangkok's Siriraj Hospital before he
 migrated to US. It was a real miracle that my cousin could pick
up her life again and groomed her only daughter up so well with the
all her love and best education for the privileged inside the
Royal Palace grounds. She later took up modelling for fun
and ended up becoming a famous actress, TV host
and celebrity face for SK-II Thailand.

I believe that many of you could have seen my niece's 
pretty face on all the SK-II counters in the shopping malls
of Bangkok. I also wanted to look beautiful too but had to fork
out my own money to buy the SK-II men's facial cleansers and
essence lotions directly from Japan which is so much cheaper.
I also bought the facial cleanser for my wife and she loves it.

Besides her soaring acting career and appearances in the ads of SK-II, Coach,
Jimmy Choo and many others, she has recently endorsed a new
product in Thailand. The above product's photo was beautifully photographed
 in the romantic Paris last week where my cousin proudly appeared 
with her famous daughter. My cousin who was being educated in New Hampshire
is the oldest among all my cousins on my Thai clan's side while
I am the youngest of all.


Thursday, August 3, 2017

A Workation Trip

I was away again for several days for a Workation trip. The last one I had was in Manila when my wife had to work & conduct training in Makati for 2 weeks in 2015. I stayed at the hotel there for a week in Makati for free & explored all corners of Manila. 

I went to nearby Port Dickson for 3 days!

We stayed at this resort for just 3 days. This resort hotel is very dated
but popular for its location for Jungle and Outdoor Training Camps.
This trip gave me ample time to drive the whole stretch
of Port Dickson to admire the scenic ocean views.
There are so many holiday apartments and hotels lining the beach.
Most of them looked so dated and empty now.

My wife was invited to conduct a private training by a division of the conglomerate
Khazanah Nasional Berhad. Her specialized topic is Computational Thinking
which our MOE is gearing towards, to bring up our standard level
of education. It is very important that we all need to know that our
country is now heading towards this trend which has been implemented
in USA, Europe and Australia. Malaysia is the first ASEAN country
to have piloted this curriculum in our education system.
My wife is the first Master Trainer in Asia for Computational Thinking
who was certified by the Carnegie Mellon University in US.
This has brought her to conduct many training sessions 
around Malaysia, Manila, Jakarta, Taipei and others. 
You might want to read what our PM said HERE

While the wifey was busy in her workshops inside the hotel,
the hubby went ronda-ronda alone to drink kopi and lepak.
I stumbled upon the newly opened Starbucks which has
the most beautiful panoramic view of the entire ocean.
I wish I could sit there forever & even toyed about
buying a retirement home nearby that Starbucks.
Life is blissful sometimes like the waves of the ocean.
My life is no bed of roses! I do have my worries,
pain, sadness, sickness and happiness too.


My Trip To Hong Kong

In a few hours time, we will be going to the airport to catch the first flight to Hong Kong for my wife's participation at the Hong Kon...