Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Ayala Center @ Makati - Manila

Today's post will be more vibrant & lively after my recent somber and morbid postings.
I have to show off and share their most interesting shopping city that
I had never seen in New York City, Seoul or London. A very brilliant and well
planned green concept by the most prominent Ayala Family who are
into banking, industries and property development. 

I will share 29 photos here in just one single post. I would never
blog more than once on one spot. My photos are adjusted to lowest
resolutions for your browsing convenience!

 1. You must remember to visit Ayala Center which consists
the flamboyant upscale Makati's shopping haven. 

 2. It is so safe and well connected with tight security inside all the malls
and restaurants. They screen all the bags like airports!
Both Glorietta 1-5 and Greenbelt 1-5 malls
are just side by side.

3. You will need at least 1-2 days to fully comb the enitre
Greenbelt 1-5. You will walk tirelessly, eat sinfully,
shop crazily and still burn calories. No worries!


 4. I love all the generous lush green landscapes which is good for my eyes!
They really hired great artists to design the entire place.

5. They have their own prestigious Ayala Museum which was a welcome 
place for a boring ancient geek like me. The entrance fee was exhorbitant
for tourists but it was just worthwhile for me to study their history.
I must say that I was quite impressed with the way they displayed their
artifacts on the thick glass panels and you just walk over them!
Simply an original idea to amuse me.

 6. Outside the Museum's windows, I could see so much
green trees and pretty Koi fish ponds below. 

 7. There is a unique building that looked like a Roman warrior's helmet.
That is their own chapel for the convenience of their Catholic community.

 8. The feeling was so good to see everyone pausing to hear the
prayers and hymns that filled the air.

 9. They have plenty of shops of all sizes and names to list out.
They also have similar fancy restaurants like we do -
Bubba Gumps, Tim Ho Wan, Tony Romas,
Old Town White Coffee etc.

10. All the Greenbelt Malls are connected in circles
with directional signs otherwise you might get lost in a maze.

11. There are plenty of Alfresco Dining areas on the lower and upper deck
areas which were often packed to the brim.

12. There was an interesting spot for exhibition that displayed
their posters in a stylish manner. Can you spot me?

13. Yours truly taking a rest at the orbicular fountain 
at Greenbelt 5.

14. They have so many designer brands lining the streets!
I could just afford to window shop and dream only.

 15. Now let's proceed on to the bigger and happening
Glorietta 1 to 5 areas.

 16. There is just as much greenery and lush landscapes here.

 17. The air quality was not perfect even without Indon's haze.
The huge Shangrila Hotel stood prominently.

 18. They have several interesting shopping malls in this area.
I found their clothes and merchandise are of superb quality & designs.

19. Neat rows of retail shops.

 20. When your legs are ached, you can rest on grandma's
rocking chairs!

 21. I was stunned to see this guy reading his note book
with scribbled pages like a troubled and stressed zombie.

 22. Their layout inside the malls are just different for a nice 
welcome change.

23. Everyday we dined at different fancy restaurants and I
found this ambiance very refreshing with long stems of grass.

 24. They served very tasty pizza in a huge rectangular shape
with lots of herbs sprinkled. So aromatic and crispy! I like.

 25. We also settled for nice desserts and coffee each night after
our dinner. We still behaved like a newly courting couple,
talking and teasing each other like kids.

26 .  There was even a younger and sweeter couple here.
They shared a big glass of ice cream and giggled goo goo!

 27. Adoi! Now let me take your photo darling!!
Say 'cheese' darling! Muacks!
Amboi. Amboi. So sweet.
Ants coming!

28. Okay now I get ready to visit Hard Rock Cafe - Makati.



  1. I like the greenery.

    Even your green pizza!

    1. The pizza was sooooo good and green. I felt like a kambing! LOL

  2. #9. ... They also have similar fancy restaurants like we do -
    Bubba Gumps, Tim Ho Wan, Tony Romas,
    Old Town White Coffee etc. - OLD TOWN WHITE COFFEE? FANCY RESTAURANT? You can't be serious??

    #12 You were the one with white shirt and long black pants, posing like a sleeping Buddha down there, right? XD

    #24 I will come back later to see what SK Thambee comment about your face..

    1. Why their fancy restaurants too low class for you kah?
      I was standing there.

  3. you had never seen this in New York City, Seoul or London, have you seen this in Tokyo, Singapore, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok or even Tirachiruppallidei?? BTW, i think you did not reduce the resolution because they are still very HD to me, you just reduce the size of the images to maybe just 15%-20% of the original?? okay, now time for the 28 photos.. #1.. i think i'll just drop by for a visit to see around, don't think i'll do any shopping there probably.. #2.. oooh, screening when you need to enter the mall all the time?? like Bangkok?? we used to have that in KLCC.. #3.. usually when most people need a day, i may just need half a day, haha.. it actually depends on how much i want to see.. #4.. oh yeah, i like the idea to have greenery everywhere.. #5.. awww, a Museum amongst the shopping mall and charged exorbitantly, i wonder if many people actually went in since the place is more of shoppers.. #6.. wow, that is indeed a huge garden that is very nicely landscaped!! like.. #7.. roman helmet?? errr, it looks like a tortoise shell to me, hehe.. #8.. wow, i thought those shoppers were having picnic on the grass, ooopsss.. #9.. i guess with huge malls like this, you will have basically every brand from all the ranges, because the mall just need the shops to be occupied!! cannot filter that much huh?? just like our Timesquare which i think is so poorly managed and marketed, and surely cannot compare with Ayala and Greenbelt.. #10.. signs are must, else they would have to hire more guards and place many PA systems to guide the missing shoppers.. #11.. this corner looks like some shopping malls in KL actually.. #12.. Anay should have lazed on the stairs like the man in white lah.. standing there not as stylo as him, hahaha.. BTW did you go there on the second day?? because you were wearing long pants and not that green bermudas dei.. #13.. haiyoh, why rest at the fountain, go to one of the alfresco cafe lah.. #14.. hahaha, Gucci Ferragamo Prada etc?? i definitely will just walk passed and not walk in.. #15.. wow, big erections on the earth, hahaha.. #16.. nice!! the lush greens are really something good to see in a bustling city like this.. #17.. maybe you have been breathing in the residue of haze that was actually from Indo, filtered by Malaysia and the sea, hahaha.. #18.. wow Anay must have bought so many that he need Letchumy to pay for him during the last few days of the trip.. #19.. it seems like these shopping malls are actually a township themselves!!! impressive.. #20.. are those free of charge or you need to pay to sit?? hehehe.. #21.. OMG, what was that guy reading?? it's all scribbles!! or perhaps he was just admiring that piece of abstract artwork?? haha.. #22.. errr, how different are the layout?? just shopping malls to me dei, hehehe.. #23.. wah, so enjoy lah Anay and Letchumy.. of course if i were there, i will also go to different places to try out different things.. #24.. OMG, Thambee love those pizzas!! they look just so delicious and even Anay who loves cheesy mutton curry with extra paneer and aloo ghobi was so excited seeing them served in front of him!!! wait, you mean rectangular?? the one in the foreground is round dei!! you CB face (is that what RealGunners want me to comment about your face??), muahahahaha.. #25.. wow, Anay really ate a lot, no wonder he looks like Minions already.. desserts after heavy meal?? hebat lah.. #26.. wow, so lovely sweet couples, now Thambee is imagining them being Anay and Letchumy enjoying their plate of cheesy mutton curry with extra paneer and aloo ghoobi!!! sedap or not?? hehehe.. #27.. BTW, did Anay ask for the sweet little couple's permission to snap their photos?? that's so intruding other people's privacy if you did not dei, tsk tsk tsk.. #28.. wah, Hard Rock Makati.. another place for Anay to buy expensive souvenirs??

    1. [Ayam politician mode on] No! Who said I wanted you to say that about his face? I challenge you to prove that I wanted you to say that! If not I will sue your a** off!

    2. pengsan...what is SK doing ah...my eyes juling liao. can only read first line only...the rest blur fxck liao

  4. #12 - RG wrong! He is not the sleeping Buddha, he is the one standing

    I love window shopping! I feel satisfied when I can end up buying nothing after walking in the shopping mall for hours, weird right?

    Rocking chairs, how nice!

    1. You have sharper eyes to spot me from 1 kilometer away!! RG needs a new specs!

      I always enjoy window shopping in overseas to know what they sell. Here in KL, I won't bother to shop so much as we will go straight to buy my needs and go home. How boring yeah!

  5. 26. The couple don't mind you taking picture of them so close?

  6. All in one post.. not like me.. will break up into several or more posts otherwise got nothing to put up daily.. hahahaa... anyway, thanks for taking and showing us around virtually... even the "sweetie" part is not left out... very meticulous you are... !

  7. Oh! I like photo no. 24! That pizza looks awesome. It must be very tasty!

  8. In photo 12, I thought you are the one in white sitting leisurely there but then I saw you standing. Why you include so many strangers photos in this post? You said 29 photos but the number reaches only 28?

  9. aiyo...so many photos, I don't know where to start. muahaahahaha.... Maybe first thing first, you shouldn't copy Anay's signature post at that hard rock cafe la... Have your own pose mah... hahahaa

    The place seems very quiet, clean with lots of attractions like malls and museums. Very green too. I asked my pinoy friends and they said this is the CBD of Manila, but it's still not very safe there. So, you better take note.... don't anyhow take others pixs in case they found out and get some beef up bounchers to whack you ...hahahaa... BTw, they don't look locals right? Seems like chinese to me.

    I saw you in pic 2 la... and err... well, next time I go with you and we can kopi all day long........!!

  10. Wahhh so green ah the place. I kinda like those place with this kind of concept. Anyway, the couple so sweet! Hahaha

  11. Fuiyoh, nice one.. Thank you for your consideration, saying that you will not post more than once for a single spot.. I really appreciate it.. Sometimes hor, we just comment for the sake of putting words here, but in fact, really dunno what to comment, but also wana comment coz obligated to comment, hor.. I like you TM..
    I was happily scrolling down all your pictures and reading those sweet short captions below, very nice.. I like la like this, no need long winded stories..The air quality there is certainly better than here.. You see here, after the rain also still hazy, wondering til when it will last, haizz...The pizza looks so huge, or is it camera angle tricks? Hmmmmm...

  12. Oh? I have not thought of visiting Manila, Philippines gave me the impression that it was not a safe place to travel thanks to some incident happened few years back. Maybe i should consider by including it onto my next travel list! Thanks for sharing!

  13. I like those rocking chairs! no need to pay to sit down (ie those massage chairs over here!) It really look very peaceful and modern, a different view from the Manila I had ie not safe and riots and all!

  14. Would love to check out the place some day! Just spoke to a Filipino the other day asking her about safety, but she said Manila is not safe & she detests going back each time :<

  15. definitely hope that we have such green concept shopping mall over here!

  16. That scribbled notebook is most probably some long lost Kung Fu manual

  17. Hi TM.. sorry for my late visit ,,, just got busy lately... wow... I envy you LOL... I've always wanted to visit the Ayala Museum but it's too far from us and i never really had a chance.. Maybe I'll include it only travel list next year
    been to Greenbelt many times and this place is more busy at night...
    okay that's really a sweet couple.. hopefully I can meet my special girl soon and have such sweet moment too hehe

  18. Hi! It looks a very famtastic shopping center. Koi fish in a pond is very cool. Thanks for sharing.

  19. Hi! It looks a very famtastic shopping center. Koi fish in a pond is very cool. Thanks for sharing.

  20. Truly amazing shopping city, great planning and designing overall! The green space and landscape setting are awesome... i like the green belt, although the architecture of the malls look gem.

    Not to forget the couple are cute :) I find the photos of you also cool!

  21. this is a different sight of Manila that I knew.

  22. 29 photos....hmm...am tempted to type like SK no fullstop but then i would confuse myself only leh. LOL

    okay here goes nothing

    1. if i every go there la

    2. safe is good. Yea now got so many fanatic people around. Quite dangerous also

    3. 1-2 days ah.....kill me faster lor. You always go to gym...me sitting my arse in front of the PC.....tak larat leh.... i arm chair travelling enough la

    4. Green is good. i love it too

    5. aiks have to pay entrance fees ah...cheap skate like me will give it a skip and just grab a brochure ;p

    6. looks like tourist attraction too wor. Can see a bunch of people down there

    7. Oh...just like Mosque is everywhere in Malaysia ya

    8. can be soothing too

    9. why you stand so far dei. Nearly didnt spot u

    10. The maze runner

    11. such big area and makan place all packed to the brim. means good fengshui there lo

    12. can spot....the one in dark baju right with loooooooooong neck

    13. wei you went ther two different days ah? coz different pants geh...unless u peed in the pants like J and had to change pants la

    14. view better than cannot view leh

    15. so many arrow...i pening liao

    16. yes...green is good green is good

    17. uiks not good ah...if got indon haze then no need to see liao lo

    18. good quality and design but pricing also very pricey right?

    19. The road so clear leh..

    20. hahaha chair for me

    21. written in code to prevent people from peeking muhahahaha

    22. I see BANANA

    23. real grass or fake punya?

    24. can finish ka? Looks a lot leh

    25. on second, third..honeymoon

    26. LOL

    27. hahahaha......semut karamel coming

    28. wei bluff me ah...say got 29 geh.....


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