Friday, May 3, 2013

Mount Jiuhua (Jiuhuashan - China) Part 2

This is the Part 2 of my hike up to Mount Jiuhua in China. The biggest surprise I had was to discover that the body of Dayuan DiZang Wang Pusa (Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva) was being kept inside a big temple atop this auspicious mountain! Best of all, he was born a Prince from the palace in Korea and traveled to this mountain in China a few thousand years ago! I will post about this temple in the final part of Mount Jiuhua. The last 2 other coming posts will show the beauty of Suzhou's Ancient Canal Village and Shanghai's Yu Yuan Gardens & Museums. I promise I will not bore you with no ending posts of China - That's not me!

Mount Jiuhua has got 99 peaks and over 90 different temples scattered all over the mountain range. I think we managed to cover about over 50%.

 Everywhere I climbed, the nature's scenery was beautiful in Spring.
Happiness is all around us!

Who has not sinned in this world?
Many pilgrims went up the mountain by kneeling down upon making few steps to
repent for all their bad sins and karma. It was so painful.
I was happy to see the special rainbow lights radiated blessings at these pilgrims.

 The panoramic view was awesome and spectacular.

 The rocks were beautiful and unique to me.
Looking at the heavenly light beams made me a changed person.

 Some treks had steps while many parts were rugged paths on the boulders.

Here a chief monk was showing a VIP around. I thought he could be a Governor of Anhui's rank as his protective bodyguard's entourage was attracting much attention.

 This is LIFE! We can choose our own paths.
The Chinese hikers are very determined to scale the mountains to worship. 
They carried canes and babies along the risky paths. I am just like them, 
always taking risks in my life.

The Spring Flowers and cool breeze made my trip enjoyable otherwise the rocks would be plain boring.
So we should eat ice cream often to make ourselves happy!

 I spent a lot of time people-watching and appreciating the shapes & colours in the temples.

 This temple keeps all the ancient Sutra books inside.

 We have made a wish to return again someday to visit all the 90 temples.

 I love this Zen photo very much. 
It speaks a thousand words. The monk knew that I stared at him from far and took many photos of him 360 degrees. 


  1. 50%?! That's an amazing feat. The paths do look very risky.

  2. nice view, i like those travel experience~ mind to share how much total used for the trip? @.@~

  3. Is this the place where you can hire people to carry you up? Did you engage anybody to give you a piggy back ride up? Wink! Wink! LOL!!!!

  4. Wow Wow Wow likey the mountain view and the nice buildings with those intricate and colorful beams & roof tops

  5. Not again am listening to DiZangWang Pusa when hopping over..oh the last monk prayed to you and said ..amituofo?

  6. wow, 90 temples!That's amazing! Surely need more days to cover them all!

  7. I like how the lights shone and produce the rainbow effects captured by you. Heaven is shining down to the pilgrims. :)

  8. Aiyoh, I see Anay posing happily on the boulder on the mountain and I got vertigo lah! @.@

  9. Love the colourful temples.

    You should do a special post showing all the angles of the temples you visited lah Anay.

    We won't be bored. Promise! :)

  10. Wow!!! Those views are so amazing!!! Wish to go there one day!!! But it do look scary to climb up the mount duh!!! =[

  11. As far as I'm concerned, you could never do enough posts about China's mountain temples. As a matter of fact, you should devote a whole new blog to just that topic! :D

  12. wow that mountain view is simply astonishing Twilight... those monks reminded me of the 2012 movie hehehe

  13. hahaha good thing the monk didn't use his kung fu skills... oh wait what was I thinking... i remember seeing a fighting monk in an old movie.. just don't remember the title though

  14. 50% ah....wah that is a lot of temple visited leh in such short time. 1000 photos enough ka?

    1. you have better plan another trip there soon coz the older we get the harder to climb leh

  15. monk must be thinking oh no...another crazy tourist

  16. first, i have to tell Anay that all the photos in this post are so beautifully taken!! i can conclude that the real scenery is so amazing that you don't even need a good camera but is able to take very nice photos of the place.. agree??

  17. nah, of course we know Anay is not someone who will bombard and bore the readers with endless travel posts all about the very mundane details.. in fact Thambee finds it interesting to read Anay's travel posts, right at that dot, no more and no less.. you may not write good food reviews but definitely great travel posts!!

  18. and i agree that those trees and branches and flowers actually make the scene looks nicer overall!! when i take picture, i also like to put the trees and shadows into corners of the photo.. haha, perhaps i myself think it's more artistic this way!! :D

  19. so Anay has only covered 50 plus mountains and still have like another 40 to go?? wow, not bad actually, i thought you covered less than 10% of them in one trip.. meaning 2 trips can actually "kao dim" the jiuhuashan already??

  20. that photo of Anay, were you almost tripping or you were just posing for the photo?? haha.. naughty Anay!! this pose reminds me that i have not been doing funny pose when i take photos lately.. hmmm, i want to do that again, it makes me look younger probably~~ :D

  21. i like the second photo the most, very beautiful!! and the last zen photo, hmmm, it will make me feel more zen if the monk is sitting there on the peak of the mountain with his legs crossed on his thighs as if he's meditating.. hahaha, very demanding of Thambee, piak!!

  22. Wow..i love the panaromic view. Such a beautiful and good place to absorb the holy 'chi'!

  23. 99 peaks and over 90 different temples and u managed to cover 50%??? that's insane weih!!!

  24. Very nice photos buddy! :)

    I like the way you took them so the elevation of the place can be seen.

    The pilgrims kneel on each step before they go up?

    Wow, that's dedication indeed! I imagine there must be a lot of steps...

  25. I have visit china many times...
    But don't have the chance to visit those temple ...
    It is so beautiful and peaceful......

  26. Whoa... must read more about china now. gosh so many places to visit in china.

  27. Dei Anay...
    sudah habis posting about your China trip ke?

    One week dy. So quiet. hehehe

  28. great post. the views are amazingly beautiful and i enjoy your commentary. your photos make me wanna go there right away.

  29. wah, the path & staircase up to there are so steep, scary lah!


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