Friday, August 28, 2009

Sawadee From Phuket

Hello my friends! I am back after 5 days in Phuket and my pocket is severely damaged but I am as pleased as a lark.

First, I enjoyed the craziest company of my Penang and Bangkok friends who behaved like insane drunkards when they were happy & merry.
I stayed at 2 different hotels which were so contrast where food & luxury standard was concerned. 

The first - Patong Beach Hotel which was closest to the sea and was affected by tsunami cost about RM400 per night with fantastic open bathroom concept suitably for lovers!

The 2nd hotel which I got 2 night's FREE stay was Royal Paradise which has the best breakfast spread I ever had in Thailand esp their Yoghurt which was simply very marvelous.

When my grandpa was the Chief Police Officer of Phuket during the 50's, this stretch of Patong Beach was still unknown until the King of Thailand paid a visit and HM was impressed by the panoramic view. So he ordered that roads should be made down hill and clear up the space around Patong area which became a reality in 1959.

 The whole island is so hilly, hence its name "Phuket" was derived from the word "Bukit".

Of all the beaches, I preferred Kata Beach which has no-nonsense noisy Go-Go bars and huge crowds but the good hotels are chibai-priced anything above RM500 per night! Phew!

I also went island hopping as well besides renting a motorbike to roam the town to see how my late grandpa lived during his era.

I also found my relative's sprawling mansion where my parents had their fairy tale wedding in 1957. It has become a museum of antiques today. I will blog about it and share the photo of the poster bed my dad slept on!

I lost my camera the night of my arrival, so most photos were taken from my miserable phone. I won't wait for the Bangkok friends to email the others to me, yeah.

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