Monday, March 7, 2016

Itsukushima Temple @ Hiroshima - Japan

We bought the JR Line tickets and made an overnight stop at Himeji 
to see the biggest castle in Japan. Next day, we continued on by train
to Hiroshima on the West of Japan to see the famous
Itsukushima Temple which has been listed by UNESCO's World Heritage.
This old temple is so unusual as it was being built on strong stilts
in the sea waters!

1. This area is also known as Miyajima town.

 2. There is a daily ferry boat that bring tourists to
Miyajima Island.

 3. The slow and steady boat berthed at Miyajima Island.
This is the famous Island of Gods for all its many
shrines, mountains and miracle stories.

 4. We walked out of the pier and could feel the heavenly spacious
grounds and refreshing clean air. I don't know this couple
who smiled so happily.

5. So many little traditional cute shops and cafes line the narrow streets.

6. This island is very famous for their fresh & huge oysters!
Here they are baking & grilling them over slow fire.
Some ate with cheese and some ate with wasabi.
I ate none.

7. This friendly man was selling all kinds of delicious
pickled vegetables that are new to us.
We bought one tub home.

 8. The whole place is full of friendly deers roaming all over.
This place reminds me of Nara where the deers also
roam the streets.

 9. This is the famous Torii Gate in the sea waters.
We spent all day relaxing and walking around.

10. I had to wash my filthy mouth as usual.
Not just once but many times before
entering the Itsukushima Shrine that
floats in the sea.

11. The long and neat entrance with wide corridors
all the way to the other side.

 12. I always experimented my mobile phone using
the self-timer to selfie.
My wifey was busy praying at the shrine.

 13. The spacious open space at the sea frontage
of the Itsukushima Shrine.

 14. The very curved & arched bridge.

15. You will see several other ancient shrines around
the Itsukushima Temple.

 16. We wandered off far away from the shrine to see
the small and cute houses.

 17. This 5 Storey Pagoda sits majestically on the hills.
My wifey could barely stand the cold winds blowing.

 18. There is a huge pavilion and meditation hall built by the famous
Warlord Toyotomi Hideyoshi in year 1587 on the hills.
It is better known as Toyotomi Hideyoshi's Senjō-kaku.

19. It overlooks the panoramic mountains which I guessed
is the Mount Misen.

 20. They have many paintings, arts and plaques
on the ceilings above the pavilions of Senjō-kaku.

21. When the water tides lowered, we joined the visitors to
walk to the Torii Gate. Thousands of coins have been thrown
by tourists for good luck.

22. I put one 20 cents and one 100 rupiah coins here.


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