Thursday, September 11, 2014

Fun Activities On Cruise

It was funny to hear some comments from bloggers who thought that going on cruise was boring besides getting seasick. This Star Cruise Libra may not be the world's largest but it has 10 levels and very wide body. I would be the first to get giddy and vomit but I felt good throughout without any seasick at all. I hardly felt the floor move at all and slept well like a baby with sweet dreams for 3 nights. They have lots & lots of activities for adults and kids to keep them busy but I avoided them all as my life has been hectic enough living in the city. I preferred the entertainments, dining, gymnasium and casino!

1. I had so much fun by just relaxing and dreaming nonsense. Even the aliens came to watch me jump & jump like a monkey! The whole track was suitable for jogging one big round and they have a bigger track & basket ball court on the level below specially for health & gym freaks like Yannie. 

2. I accompanied my wife and her aunt to join the open air dance exercise but there was this Thai Tom Yum cooking demo going on. I had to stop and smell the nice aroma before drinking a bowl of their delicious spicy Tom Yum soup! So shiok!

3. It was a fun exercise for young & old with loud music to keep the tempo going. My 60+ aunty had a blast and enjoyed stomping on the ship! She felt so rejuvenated and mentally good. Later that night she won over a thousand at the casino!

4. There is a small compact gymnasium complete with separate showers and sauna for male and females! We went there everyday as it was fun to be on the highest deck to view the miles of calm oceans while you burn the calories. Both pairs of pink and orange shoes are from Skechers.

5. Everyday I was still snoring in the oceans while my wife jogged many rounds around the ship before sunrise and did her Tai-Chi exercise before joining me for breakfasts at the 3 restaurants of our choice.  Later I dragged my lazy self to the gym for some workout. My wife ate little but vegetarian, so her weight did not increase at all...!!!! I know I was greedy but I was on a holiday, right!

6. Day 02 - The ship docked at Phuket and we had a full day ground tour visiting 3 factories and the beautiful Wat Chalong temple. I just went along to take the opportunity to look-see & learn something from the Bee Farm, Cashew Nuts Factory and Sea Shells Museum. It was quite a boring outing actually as Phuket is actually the world's most happening and crazy place along Patong Beach at night but I ended up buying nonsense from the Bee Farm & Cashew Nuts factory. That's not me! I felt being stung by the bees and tour company which I booked from. No wonder a number of people stayed behind on the ship as they knew what to expect.

7. That was the 2nd time I visited the cashew nut factory! I was smarter and went to eat all their sample bottles of every flavour of cashew nuts and Thai keropoks!!! I filled both my palms full and munched until I was so damn FOOL!!! Heh heh! I also bought the most cashew nuts and carried a big box up the bus!

8. This is a big and nice Thai temple in Phuket - Wat Chalong. The tour guide told us that many bodies of the Tsunami victims are still being kept there awaiting funerals. I went to pray for everyone & world's peace and made small donations.

9. It was my first trip to visit a Sea Shells Museum which is a very huge and educational place for a boring fella like me who could even spend hours gazing at sea shells or even antiques. The bus drove along the countryside and made a stop on the peak for the passengers to view the panoramic view.

10. We had our own dinner at a shopping centre in the town and the bus made its way back to the waiting ship. There were many small stalls lined outside the ship. We shopped for cheap souvenirs and ate some spicy food before jumping into the ship which slowly sailed off at 1:00am!!!

11. I bought some nice T-shirts and Singlets from this stall. The owner's cute sons played outside and waved at me. I dug my pocket and gave them all my loose changes! I was in a generous mood after a small win at the casino too. 

12. The cute boys were dumbfounded but very happy beyond belief. They clasped their "Wai' gesture to thank me. I told them to be good boys and study hard at school.

The next post will be my last for this cruise trip and covers the visit to Krabi.


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