Saturday, January 24, 2009

Looking Back

It was such a rush-rush week to get ready to head home for Chinese New Year. I had to pack my barang-barangs for 1 week's stay. This is a luxury vacation trip with free accomodation at my dad's new 'hotel like' condo. I left KL after lunch and ahead of me in the highway were blogger LeuMas, Gary and KP in their own Ferraris. But then my Kanchil arrived Penang 1 hour earlier! The traffic was heavy in many areas but no jams, then how Twilight the tortoise beat the hares?

My secret : I drove along the EMERGENCY LANE most of the time lah!

Before I left home, like a grandma I did last minute spring cleaning and basuh kain, wash toilet etc. Then tried to move boxes here & there till I stumbled into a JD Cole's type of unpacked treasures since carting them back from abroad. 
I just stopped all my cleaning and browsed tru my piles of photos taken over a decade plus some artworks done in American classes. I had to paint and design as well for the Advertising Business studies and I was hopeless until I met a hunky classmate!

Twilight and his 2 best friends posing by the Lake Erie in North of Pennsylvania in Winter. Behind us you can see a black line and that is Canada! The Korean hearthrob student was a hot favourite of the Japanese female students who went Ga-Ga over him. I met him during our stay at the boarding school at Point Park College and we became room mates later. The Italian hunk who looked like BJ Bear was from Cleveland, Ohio and my classmate & Art mentor whom I am grateful to this day.

My fond memories of them:
Lee Joon Sung (Korean) - He shit so smelly and taught me to eat Kim Chi. Later my shit became smelly like his. He taught me to speak Korean but I have forgotten 99% of it now. Alamak!
Michael Legan (Italian) - He told me that all the animals in the zoo are Negro's relatives. He also boasted that Italy is famous for everything on earth!! Mafia, lovers, ferraris, fashion and spaghetti! I taught him business studies & he guided me in all the painting classes which helped me to graduate with honours.

Title: Mountain Goat 
- Used a pointed inkless pen to etch on the black board. It took me 3 days to scrape the white lines!

Title: Mongolian Hunter
Oil painting which took over 2 weeks to finish coz it was freezing winter. In the end I put it in the kitchen's oven to dry it.

Title: My Bird
Used o.1 technical pen to draw this birdie and I forgot its name. Maybe it's Tweety.

Title: American Footballer
This is the conventional air brush similar to how we spray motorcars. It was a white player but I screwed up the skin and changed it to a black American player instead. After that I was good at spraying toilet bowls when urinating.

Title: Malaysian Vegetables
Used acrylic to paint this abstract and it was easy and fast.

Title: In America, I Poured Out My True Colors
I bet Sushi King could not display their noodles hanging in midair like mine. It won a special prize and hundreds of busy bodies snapped photos of my Maggi Mee! 
Malaysia Boleh!

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