Wednesday, June 16, 2021

The Nasi Kandar Terbaik in My Neighbourhood

So many new businesses have happened and developed unexpectedly during this pandemic. Just like unexpected white mushrooms appeared after a heavy downpour.

Recently, I met up with a neighbourhood friend who has a Thai wife. His tastes for food is very trustworthy and he had never failed me with good recommendations. He told me that there was a daily makeshift stall right behind my office. They sell authentic Malay styled nasi kandar in front of the famous TTDI Starbucks. He observed that they were quite a newly set up and enjoyed long queues of faithful customers under the hot scorching sun at noon. So he was curious and went to buy 2 packets to bring home. He SWORE to me that it was superb since his fussy Thai also approved that the curries were very rich and tasty.

The greedy me, on hearing this, went to queue up the next day! The line was long and I stood there for some 30 minutes!

Remember that the name is Nasi Anak Tanjung - Original Nasi Kandar Langgaq. I bought one packet of yellow rice with beef, 2 pieces Okra, ikan bilis and egg.

Next door was selling the Pure Mango Juice. It was such a hot day and this icy cold juice was very tempting. So I bought a cup just in case the curry was too spicy.

Look at my lunch! The curry beef was so fragrant with rich spices and very tender meat. Yums! The okra, ikan bilis and yellow rice was fragrantly cooked. It costs me only RM7.00! I SWORE that it is the best Nasi Kandar in my whole neighbourhood and PJ!!.... Next day, I went to buy again but 2 packets. One was for my wife and I got her fried chicken with her rice. She ate too fast for me to snap photos. Her verdict: She SWORE that the nasi kandar was better than all the 3 curry shops overlooking this Nasi Anak Tanjung. Wooohooo!! Calling Phong Hong to order via GrabTM.

This is the refreshing Pure Mango juice that costs me only RM5 which included cut pieces of sweet mango flesh. An ideal drink after the nasi kandar. Burp! I will be back again and again.


Saturday, June 12, 2021

My Multi Tasking Jobs

I realised that I have been doing sales and marketing jobs all my life. Probably my advertising studies in United States had helped to shape me into becoming a thick skinned sales person. I don't feel shy and could anytime go knocking on doors to do sales or cold calling. Not many people can do that and not even my wife. That is because my face's skin is thicker than your Webster's dictionary.

With my 10 years' working stint with the HKG ad agency, I had to write copy and proposals for presentation to big property developers. I had to crack my head to show their demographics and help to position their product. It was not easy but I had to do it anyway. I used to drive around the development projects for several days to study the environment before writing the proposals. The most crazy trip I made was to take a boat to Damai Laut to study the whole jungle place before it was launched into a Ronald Fream's golf course and resort. It was a successful launch but it became a sorry state later due to QC maintenance.

So, selling properties came in accidentally to me since I could read them like the back of my palm. I could offer good advice to friends why they should or should not buy that property. So far, I have been freelancing as an agent and sold almost 20 houses, condos and factories. Not bad, yeah. Small commission earned and off I went for holidays. I am one who would not wait for retirement age to travel after having seen so many deaths during my palliative care with Hospice. Time and Tide Waits For No Man.

During this MOC and lockdowns, I was surprised that I still have to open the doors of my good friend's condos for customers to view! The economy is going down, yet there are still interested buyers. 

Guess where is this place? It looks like high end properties in Hong Kong's Central or Mid Levels. No this place is located in KL's Sentral and next to Price Waterhouse's building. Just nearby KL Hilton and Le Meriden Hotels.

That's me. I look thinner now after having lost 16 kgs weight since the MCO 1.0. I was going upstairs to open my friend's 2 units for viewing.

His 2 luxurious units are located on the 11th and 19th floors. Selling at RM1.35mil and RM1.5mil. You will be surprised that this 33 storey building has a basement that goes out into the streets of the buzzling Little India in Brickfields. So this haven is full of highest caste Indians from New Delhi and Mumbai living inside. Their dressings, mannerism and fairer skins really reflect their upscale status. They speak English and Hindi instead. This is an eye opener to me as I have yet to visit New Delhi.

This is the view from the 19th floor which overlooks Brickfields and Taman Seputeh.

The 2 units have been vacant for sometime now after the tenants had left. So my friend is selling off the condos. I still have to sweep all dead cockroaches on the 19th floors! Sometimes the number is over 50 dead cockroaches. Yikes!

By the way, our Blogger SK left a surprise comments in my recent Blog Anniversary's post HERE.


Thursday, June 10, 2021

Early Morning Exercise

It has been many donkey years that I never woke up at sunrise to venture outside for exercise. This morning my wifey dragged me out to follow her. She always go running up and down the whole Bukit Kiara Hills nearby home at the crack of the dawn. I would still be in my slumber land of no return. Now all the big recreation parks and hill treks are closed for the lockdown MCO 3.0. 

We went to a mini park which is in the middle of a square lined with bungalow homes. I used to bring my nephews to play basketball.

 Awww... I spotted 2 brothers chatting with each other after some exercise. They woke up earlier than me!! 5.00am?

All gyms are closed now. These iron bars should be better than nothing.

I saw a man twisting himself like a mangled crab. He is my friend and over 70 years old! Wow! He was the one who roped me into DAP to help YB Lim Lip Eng during the GE13. Gone with the winds.

I started brisk walks around the park and passed this interesting tall tree. Look at the roots! There are big bungalow houses behind it.

This tree definitely has lots of spirits resting inside. Come back at night and ask for Magnum 4D numbers. 

Another tree hangs a message.

Ouch! These are painful pebbles which I never saw anyone using it. Suitable for torture camps.

I ran 4 big rounds until my legs cramped. My stomach was growling for toilet. I caught up with my wife. She was doing her Wushu's Fan Movement after her Tai Chi and Sabre Sword Fighting. This scary woman drew much attention to all sleepy joggers to run faraway! Muahahahaha

Will I wake up at sunrise again tomorrow??


Monday, June 7, 2021

Looks Good... Smells Good...

I am a health freak and I own no less than 20 bottles of supplements. I am also a clean freak and could often shower 4 times a day. (I have no OCD) So, I like to smell good too. You might get some idea which one to buy for your loved ones.

What is this?? This my own basket like a Nenek Kebayan's sewing basket.

I use them to store all my own perfumes. I bought lots of them cheaply from duty free shops and warehouse sales. Now the numbers have dwindled and I will try to finish them all. To me, it is a good feng shui when we smell good. We will attract good people and good luck. How could one with bad and stinky B.O. attract you any closer? You will run away for miles from that skunk.

Here's my Issey Miyake, Bvlgari and Yves Saint Laurent. My favourite is Issey Miyake because this one has light fruity smell and I feel younger. Bvlgari Man is heavy woody and good for grand ballroom dinners at night. Your smell would stand out from the perfumes of 500 other guests in the ballroom. Knock them off like boxing! It is very lasting on my shirt till 2-3 days.

Here's my Christian Dior, Paco Rabanne, CK One Summer and CK One. I prefer CK One because it is fun and sweet with class. 

Here's my 3 bottles of Ralph Lauren Polo - RLP Sports, RLP Black and RLP Green. I love that green bottle as it feels very manly and sexy. I heard older aunties are attracted to men using RLP Green. It turns on!

You can see this is my one and only TOP FAVOURITE until I bought them in all sizes and shapes. They are not empty and smallest ones are suitable for travelling. The smell is so light and happy. I just felt like it's my own juice!! Bring on Ralph Lauren Polo Blue!!! Yay!

Here's my Pierre Balmain Hand Cream, Prada Deodorant, Renu 28 Face Cream and CK One Shower Wash. I must share the unknown facts that Renu 28 is from US and very effective to remove all the dark spots and pigmentations on my face. I think my face is very pale and milky white, so getting spots from the blazing sun is very easy. I just left them on my face for years like dirty marks until early this year. My wife's friend gave me samples to try for eczema but it didn't solve that problem. Instead all my light pigmentation spots have almost completely disappeared until my friends asked what I have applied.

My next post will share about my collection of Young Living's Essential Oils.


Friday, June 4, 2021

My Blog Anniversary & Cyberbullies

Come this month's end, marks exactly the 13th year since I created this blog in the year 2008. Now that I have shared many chronicles of my journey in palliative care, life & deaths, travels & spiritual matters, I hope you enjoyed it. Just tell me what you liked and disliked! HONESTLY I started this blog with the encouragement from the divines above to create some needed awareness that the spiritual world & dimensions are all real. Remember that they are 100% real and we will return someday. Be good from today onwards.

Believe In God.
Say Your Prayers.
Do Charity.
Go to Heavens.

I was once, the copywriter for a local famous HKG advertising agency for over 10 years, so writing was easy as I had to write for all the Top 10 property developers' brochures and newspaper ads. Why was that HKG agency very famous in Hong Kong that attracted local developers? The agency was founded by the famous Cantopop singer & actor Got Man Fai (Best friend of HKG comedy actor Stephen Chow Sing Chi) I am sure you know Mah Sing, Berjaya Properties, Tropicana, SP Setia, OSK Properties, PJ Development, Sunway Properties, Sime Darby, PKNS, LBS Properties, Exsim Group, Binastra, See Hoy Chan and many others lah. Those were tougher and bombastic write-ups while I could simply relax my blog writing style today with so many grammar & spelling typo errors everywhere. I headed that HKG ad agency to sell advertisement services but the HKG boss felt that I could write better with flair compared with Mass Comm. graduates whose writings were stiff. So I had 2 roles and earned double allowances those glory years. Anyway I suffered working there as the stress was killing me. That agency is well connected to all the famous movie stars from TVB and we had engaged their services to endorse many high end properties in Hong Kong and across China too. Those were the days.

I must say that I enjoyed reading many blogs over the years as they provided me some laughter, entertainment and many useful information. Knowledge is part of our education which is better than Gold. So we must learn from our cradle to our graves. During this pandemic era with so many MCO and lockdowns, the ability to read many blogs kept me sane and away from sinking into depression many times. Thank you to all you blog writers who were so hardworking to keep me sane and happy. When you read this post, then you are the blogger! Besides that I have many valuable silent readers over the years who wrote to ask questions and we kept in touch till today. A big thank you and appreciation to my silent readers who have faiths and trust in me. Love you all.

The bloggers of the early years who spammed SK's blogs left behind many precious memories which were often hilarious. We had several gatherings of bloggers too and exchanged gifts & expensive meal treats. Bloggers SK and Lina were very nice and often shared generous gifts & treats with many. I love them forever. I met up with SK often for tea as his office was conveniently located between my office and home. He was so hardworking and always invented beautiful personalized gifts and CDs of your favourite singers. To qualify, you needed to spam insane numbers of comments to be top winners. It wasn't easy to fight with that Mamarazzi of Small Kuching who had so much Nenek Kebayan comments to write. Muahahaha! We also had this Sibu Blogger who was amongst them and he was such a great pain in our asses for always leaving rude and sarcastic comments to hurt many bloggers including myself. We just tolerated due to his senior age gap until one hot kettle exploded one day. He asked for it for being a big Cyberbully with his size and stupidity. Many bloggers started to have war of words with him until he chickened out by 'blocking' our innocent gang fellas. Enough said of him. So this is one group of bloggers during SK's era who have mostly retired or evaporated into thin air.

Now there was another loose group of Muscle Marys headed by an idiot blogger from Klang. He dabbled in witchcrafts and charms yet no one knows it. He was nice to most of them who have same sexual preference. We met up few times and it was no fun as the chemistry doesn't click amongst them. I met one nice blogger named Fable Frog. He was an extreme introvert and shy person who hardly talked. Yet, he often chatted online with me because he often had spiritual encounters and we got along well with this subject. He was the most daring blogger to post many nude and semi nude photos of himself with blurry angles. One thing led to another, he cleared and tidied up his Fable Frog's blog one day. Next, he committed suicide by hanging! I was shocked in disbelief for many sad days. I was stunned to see his blog with empty posts but he left behind the side bar which is still actively running to show which blogger has updated. One of them is Twilight Zone. (.....faints.....)

See my blogspot update in Fable Frog's blogpost! Below me is Will.I.Am who is a cute & hilarious person.
Do you think he still reads my blog?? Eeeeeeeeeeeeiiiii

The next Cyberbully was Blogger H@ppy Walk3r. He was very young and hungry to make extra money. He started his blog with fat hope that extra income would come through blogging ads. He left Touch&Go comments in everyone's blogs with the hope to see returns. Sounds like Sibu Blogger too. Anyway, this HW blogger got attracted to my spooky writings and started to leave snide comments in my relevant posts. I don't blame him for not believing in karmic and spiritual issues as he was too young & naive. Not enough said, he went on to attack me in his own blog post saying I shared nonsense. He challenged the unseen ghosts many times to appear and prove to him their existence. He even directed the attacks to link to my blog for the whole world to read. Not long after, he went crazy and lunatic suddenly. He desperately tried to contact me through emails to beg for help. He started getting invisible attacks from all corners, all day from the unseen. Later on, things started to get worse as he often went into trance state. The worst embarrassing incidents were during dinner gatherings with his relatives in the restaurants. He would suddenly get up from his seat, screamed nonsense in alien languages and ran amok in trance state. It was scary to see him stomping his feet and shook his head uncontrollably. All his relatives ran helter skelter through the windows and back doors of the restaurants while few stronger uncles & his father pinned him to the floor. It happened 2-3 times and every relative had phobia to see his presence ever since. On few occasions, while his father drove him out, he would open the car's door and ran out running wildly. He would scream and swing himself in trance state on the streets. His father was so helpless and had to chase him by foot. Blogger HW begged me to meet him with the hope for some solution. I knew it was very dangerous for my safety and declined. I advised him to seek help from those Sifu who are specialized in removing black magic and exorcism. His parents paid a bomb to seek help from a famous one in Ampang. His journey to recovery was a tough and long one. That's the price to pay for his vicious tongue and slanders. I am very sure it is not easy to fully recover back to his original self for all his sins. 


Stay Safe Everyone!


Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Ghost Sitting Inside The Car

You must be wondering how do common spirits or ghosts look like? They are transparent, formless and often greyish. If you see them floating with light or strong colours and white, they are likely to be divine spirits or guardian angels. There are trillions and trillions of spirits in all the 8 dimensions across our universe. How big is their size? They can be as small as a grain of sand, human sizes or as big as a tall building. That might depend on their roles and merits. 

If you would like a solid reference, you should watch the above movie called "Green Mile" which starred US actor Tom Hanks. It was really based on a true life story where that movie showed how low spirits looked like. They were so tiny like dusts and bacteria that could travel inside human bodies. 

I have a very close buddy Aaron who happens to be a distant relative on my wife's side. He has a fleet of luxury cars at home and often gave us rides in them whenever we had outings. He invested in several properties from a 3 storey landed house to few condominiums across Klang Valley. He had problem with this 3 storey house which could not find any buyer or even tenant to rent. On hearing that I have sold over 20 houses, condos and factories over 10 years as a freelance agent, he probably had some confidence & decided to seek my help because his patience was wearing thin for having served the hefty monthly bank loans for several years. Sounds like a truly bad investment. So he fetched me and my wife in his comfy black Estima to inspect the house a few times. My wife liked his car because she felt that it is a LUCKY CAR which means that vehicle was manufactured well with the right spirit in control.

So we embarked on our journey all the way to Rawang. We found that the house has unfavourable feng shui for facing a very steep hill besides other issues like bad house layout and a very unhappy land deity inside. So we advised him that he really needed to do 2 important things. 

First, to pray to the Dato Kong deity along the strategic spot along the street of that house. He has to ask permission from the Dato Kong to kindly give his green light blessings to sell the house and to 'open the gate' to allow the right buyer to appear. 

Second, we prayed to the Land Deity that resides inside that house to help Aaron to get the buyer as soon as possible. We prayed earnestly to the Land Deity several times on different days. We always offered the Land Deity rice, delicious food, gold paper, heavenly money, deity's clothes and 5 bottles of sweet soda drinks. Land Deities have 5 directions and they love to eat anything sweet. Look at the above photos closely before scrolling down.

We left the house after placing joss sticks on the urn for the land deity. He needed quality time to enjoy the feast within the duration of the burning joss sticks. We came back into the house about 20 minutes later. GOSH!!! I saw the middle bottle!. I was stunned that its bottle had uncapped by itself. The 5 bottles were placed closely and touching each other. If that middle bottle had exploded naturally, there would be spills or probably toppled over. No, that bottle stood unshaken, clean and no spills. I smiled and told Aaron that the Land Deity wanted to show signs that he was happy. My heart was overjoyed and confident that the house would be sold at last.

Before we left the house, my wife saw a female ghost had seated herself inside the car. It was such an eerie incident in broad daylight. The female ghost had been living inside Aaron's empty house for several years and he had also unknowingly chauffeured the female ghost many times everywhere. She liked him, his face, his energy and clung to him behind the driver's seat. Poor Aaron had no idea of this ghost and freaked out. My wife sprinkled some holy powder around the car to shoo the female ghost out. Aaron wanted to sell off that car after hearing the spooky tales of that female ghost. My wife smiled and told me that she would buy over that Toyota Estima from him. My eyes rolled up in terrible shock and I was speechless for weeks whenever she mentioned buying that Estima.

Not long after, Aaron happily informed us that his house had been sold by an agent. Everything was quickly settled with smooth payment from the bank. Believe it or not, we need to seek divine's blessing for everything in life. Aaron had waited for years to get rid of that 3 storey house and we successfully helped him to find the buyer within months during the MCO period.


Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Wandering Ghosts and Holy Spirits Everywhere

It is not easy to write topics about the spiritual dimensions, yet I am still determined to share them over the years. I would like to create awareness because we live in this huge universe which overlaps with 7 other different dimensions. We cannot see the other 7 dimensions unless one has the sufficient merits, pure energy and 3rd eye abilities that sync with that particular spiritual world. The highest & purest dimension is the Supreme Power Creator or God's dimensions which could see through all the 8 dimensions. The hells or lowest realms also fall inside these 8 dimensions. Our human world is the only dimension that has physical bodies, objects and so forth. So much time and trillions of dollars have been spent to search for lives on Mars and the Moon! The money should be better used to feed the homeless and sick people. Most humans have sadly no wisdom but greed, highest ego and desires that would affect them when they pass away. The frequency of one's karma during his lifetime would determine and precisely float his soul to where he belongs. It is very important that we must purify our mind with good thoughts and kind hearts for our souls to be light enough to float naturally to Heavens or the Western Paradise in after life. Filthy & cruel thoughts with greedy & selfish egoistic hearts are heaviest toxins that would bring our poor souls to the lowest dimensions to meet fellow sentient beings of the same kind. To say is easy and to uphold these goodness and purity for our souls is very tough with so much evil tests and obstacles along the life's journey. However, we all can do it if we have faiths and hope, to never give up!

We human beings live in this small world which is very tiny when we compare to other dimensions that span across the whole universe. Yes, we live and overlap with most of them unknowingly. We ought to respect and not offend them especially when we do not understand their existence and formation which sounds complicated and tough for us to understand. We can pray and seek help from the energy of the universe if we know how and have faiths in this. Just download it...!

I have this clairvoyant senses since I was a child. That gave  many departed souls of close relatives and friends to come to my vivid dreams. They would talk to me and often offered a closure which they wanted me to bring to their loved ones. Sometimes it was easy and sometimes it was tough when I hardly knew the deceased's family members. As fate was kind and the souls were so sure that their words would be well received as a peaceful closure by the grieving family members. The families believed me in the end because it often brought evidence to them which were unknown to me. That gave me a great sense of reliefs to see them contented to move on in life. From there I would often share with them that it is very important to have a religion otherwise we would become wandering and lost spirits when we have passed away.

Whenever I am doing deep meditation or just before I fall asleep, I would see the whole images like Aurora Borealis comes floating and hovering inside my head. That's when my body is fully relaxed with both eyes closed and my mind completely emptied and void of any other worldly thoughts. I am not the only one who could sync with colourful lights of the energy of universe space. Sometimes we could receive divine's messages or closures to our past lives. 

We all know that we humans have the basic 5 senses that's through - Touch, Sight, Hearing, Smell and Taste. Commonly we have heard of friends smelling very filthy and bad smell when they sensed bad spirits lurking in the same room. Sometimes they smelled holy smoke with good feelings that some Guardian Angels or Gods came to bless them. Many young children below 3 years old, cats and dogs have the abilities to see lower spirits with their naked eyes. I have no proofs for all this but I believe them wholeheartedly. That's because I often hear various spiritual dimensions and could feel their presence all the time and occasionally still see floating spirits in certain places including my home and bedroom! That's when I would decide to burn holy herbs or kemeyan incense to smoke the whole place with the right mantras.

Call me lunatic and a grandma bomoh ( nickname earned from fellow bloggers since 10 years ago) but I am least bothered. I would still say that spirits of various levels are everywhere around you and me. There are spirits under all your beds, kitchen, store rooms under the stairs (top favourite hideout), old trees, every flowering banana trees, toilets, cinemas, hospitals, drains, parks and even inside all our cars!

The female spirit inside my buddy Aaron's Toyota Estima.

Story to be continued tomorrow!


Monday, May 17, 2021

An Early Birthday Gift

Wow! A huge parcel box arrived my door step today!

I did not order anything, so it must be for my wife. 
Guess what it was?

An Air Fryer! That's what my wife has wanted to buy since 2 years ago and still procrastinated until now. Her indecisive brands to purchase must have sent her thoughts into the universe and some well wishers have caught wind of it.

The August born birthday girl is extremely happy now and beaming from cheek to cheek. Thanks to her 3 sworn AJA sisters Agnes, Joyce & Angel for buying this very useful gift for her. She truly appreciates it. We will be living longer by many years once we start eating healthy food being cooked from this Air Fryer. I think there's 1001 dishes that can be cooked with this new toy. Any good suggestions from all the blogger chefs??


Saturday, May 15, 2021

Farewell My 2 Friends

Today is a very sad and horrible day for me. I would never wish for it to happen to anyone else. I woke up unexpectedly at 5am and looked at my phone. It was not my norm to wake up that early and look at my phone other than going to toilet. I was horrified to get a text from a Japanese college friend whom I met in US, informing me that another Japanese lady named Junko Ueda had passed away. It was an expected news as she was suffering from breast cancer 2 years ago but the reality sank and still hit me eventually. I thought her treatment had healed after the breast surgery and she had a wish to visit me in Malaysia. I tried so hard to get back to sleep again. Junko's cancer had spread to her brains and many cancerous lumps sprouted out to her scalp. She died at home with her 2 young children and estranged hubby beside. 

This photo of myself with Yamada Maki Oravets and Junko Ueda during the summer after shopping for some grocery. The Chevrolet Camaro Sports car belonged to Maki who was a hell driver like Fast & Furious star. Both of them married to American men later which was a little mistake.

The whole morning my mind was still reeling with a tinge of little sadness for Junko as I felt that she had suffered a lot since her first failed marriage in Tokyo. She went to US to pursue her advertising studies like me but her conservative Samurai hubby objected sternly and threatened a divorce if she stepped out. Junko was a strong headed lady and still packed up her bags to study in the best advertising school in Pennsylvania. The hubby's lawyer sent a document of divorce papers to her in US to end their marriage. She had to self support herself with little savings and worked full time as a waitress for her school fees. When I became friends with her and all the Japanese guys in the college, Junko found solace and comfort to visit my apartment almost every night when she had finished her waitress job. She was happy to sit in my comfortable living room's wing chair to drink unlimited hot black coffee while smoking and laughing with my other Korean, Japanese and American friends. I felt very fortunate that I was sharing this luxurious duplex unit in the upscale area of Shadyside in Pittsburgh. Do you remember that my Korean roommate's father owned office buildings around Seoul's Gangnam swanky hub. So our apartment was always a welcoming place for all our Korean and Japanese friends that they could anytime stayover with abundance of food and cup cakes to eat. All prepared by yours truly. Ahem!

Junko and I posing outside my apartment at 443 South Graham Street, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where all the precious memories of fun and laughter continues to live on today.

It was like a heavenly fate's arrangement that my wife flew to Carnegie Mellon University for her milestone achievement to receive the only Master Trainer's GOLD certificate for Computational Thinking outside USA. That prestigious university is located in the same neighbourhood as my apartment. So I got the 2 Japanese friends to meet my wife and they happily posed the same way in front of another sports car belonging to the Fast & Furious Maki.

A few hours later, news broke out that my long time and close friend had lost the battle with Covid19 in the Penang hospital. It was like a heavy thunderbolt to hit my chest to know on the same day that both Junko and Michael Geh had passed away. 

Michael Geh's passing was announced across all the Malaysian newspapers as he was a very well respected figure by all the big property developers in Malaysia and overseas.

Michael Geh and I posed at the recent Property Awards Gala Night at the One World Hotel.

I was indeed very honoured when this high profile and Senor friend invited me out twice, to tea and dinner in Penang and KL. We had so much to talk as our long friendship dates back as far as both our parents were actually close family friends. He shared extensively about his religious beliefs and that spiritual topic eventually led on, till he insisted to meet up with my wife. He wanted to meet her and hear more about the spiritual dimensions and also his strong interests in hypnotherapy. We met up at The Oval, nearby my home and chatted for many hours. He was happy that he had found all the answers to his doubts and beliefs from my wife. We parted happily and he promised to meet us again on his next visit to KL. Did he know that was his farewell dinner treat for my wife and I?

Time and Tide Waits for No Man. 


Thursday, May 13, 2021

Malaysia's MCO 3.0 - Stay At Home!

The MCO came & gone, and now making a serious comeback. I could see how tiring the government has tried to keep the pandemic cases down. Many oppositions blamed the backdoor mentality would not achieve positive results in anything if one is not truthful. I am starting to wonder now. I still adhere to all the strict precautions to stay SAFE just like everyone else. 

Today is the first day of Hari Raya. I went to One Utama to buy the freshest Iceberg Cabbage for my tortoise. There was no crowd or hardly any shoppers mingling about, so I should be safe and relaxed.

This is the quiet reading corner in my living room. The books belong to my wife and that's only 10% of what she has! I have been instructed to dispose all her books, only, after she dies. I joked that her books would be used to start the fire for her cremation. Wakakakaka She is so sure that I would outlive her in this lifetime, so it somehow made me to prepare myself mentally and keep in very close touch with all the male friends who are 10-20 years younger than me. Do you have any good suggestions?

I am back to blogging! I was away from the blog scene recently as I got carried away with some errands, chores and bereavement business. I always need a proper laptop to leave comments as my smartphone is difficult to type on several blogger's post like Phong Hong, EWEW, Will I Am and others. My comments would go haywire and missing. God knows why. Bless me that I would post often as I have lots of spooky grandmother stories that's worth reading yeah.


Sunday, February 28, 2021

How I Spent My Chinese New Year 2021

In a blink of my eyes, the 15 days of Chinese New Year had come and gone. I am truly glad that we were allowed to have our family reunion dinner. Days before the festive season started, I was terribly busy with something else, new but otherwise, familiar with my creative hobby. Having seen how I have designed the interior for my wife's Computational Thinking Centre, this professor from the IT Faculty of the university in Kampar invited me to produce a proposal for him to convince the Dean of his faculty to refurbish the boring and plain looking interior of their faculty. It was a difficult task for me as I had to do so much detailed & extensive research including watching several documentaries over the Netflix channels to see how the fabulous buildings looked outlandish and attractive in Beverly Hills, Hollywood and England. Finally, I managed to complete the 25 page proposal that could help the professor to convince his Dean. He was pleased like a lark that my strong worded research writings poked on the need to create a new image branding that is important to attract local and foreign students from China, Middle East and East Asia. I attached many sample photos which I unearthed from the internet to show how beautiful and motivating the architectural designs of other world's prestigious varsities like Harvard, Yale, UCLA, Monash, Imperial College, Waseda and many others. Wish me good luck.


My wife cooked a huge pot of Poon Choy Dish for 10 during the reunion dinner at Happy Gardens. She added 2 cans of abalone lined with carved auspicious letterings. Something unique.

We also had many well wishers over the Chinese New Year days. I better not elaborate over the social media but to let this photo to do the talking.

I was pleased to be invited by our TOP Group's lady bosses to join them in the special professional photography and video shoot. I felt like a celebrity with all the lightings and different cameras aimed at me. That's because I achieved the Top 20 for sales performance at my Sales Director level. Honestly, I am happy with my current working lifestyle during the MCO. I don't need to work everyday but when I do, I really hard work for just 2-3 days to close the sales. I have built my self confidence along the way and foresee that I should do better in 2021.