Sunday, November 30, 2008

I Loved Hospitals

When I received Sherene's email with exotic hospital cafe photos, I was like feeling amused with its concept. I was thinking whether I could cough up the capital and ask Nase, Savante or Sbanboy to start one right here in KL and quit their jobs. No lah, just dreaming, I have no money now. It is okay to dream and it costs me nothing, right?? Just like Fable, we have this bermimpi-mimpi habit.

When I was a kid, I think visited the General Hospital in Penang & Thailand more than the playground coz I was always so damn sick. I was always having fever, flu and coughed for 100 days per session! All family doctor friends who treated me at their clinics also gave up! I was so frail and thin like a chocolate stick until the misi nurse was scared that wind could blow me off any minute. However, I managed to build my immune system after I started my primary schooling. Today, I am a 6 footer healthy twilight and shining like a star. Thanks to mum, she knows best. Thanks to the doctors, they never gave up trying.

I was being warned by some medium fortune tellers and even a Thai psychic in California that I would land into the hospital when I reached the right age. I was horrified and worried like shit. I begged them for a solution or anything to repay back so that I could escape. No way, they said it was my bad past life's karma! I was so brave, put the nonsense worries aside and still partied like an animal, clubbing nightly. Weekdays were clubbing and weekends were recuperating from hangover, by the beach at Batu Feringghi. Years later & just months before my birthday, I called my AIA agent in KL and told her that I wanted to buy Hospitalization Package to the maximum. She was shocked by my sudden decision after knowing that I had checked the VIP room rates at Pantai Medical Centre. 

To cut my story short for future blog, my intestine ruptured and I collapsed on the office floor, rolling in great pain and agony! Before that I had Curry Chee Cheong Fun  for lunch and I vomited all out from my nose and mouth. Yiaaakss! Some beancurd and the Chee Cheong Fun pieces were dangling out from my nose. 
My brother rushed me to SJMC in his car which was raced through all the red lights. I was screaming in agony at the back seat that he was supposed to take me to Pantai Medical Centre instead. Anyway, I was operated on right away and the poor surgeon who was in the golf padang had to be summoned back on a Saturday evening. 

When I woke up, I was told by the surgeon that I nearly died and showed me the photo of my ruptured intestine which was probably kept in their Hall Of Bizarre Fame today.

A Hospital Concept Cafe.

Look at the tongue served as finger food.

Yummy food with needle and tongs.

Nurses cum musicians.

I respect all doctors everywhere who put in all their hearts to help patients recover. Yet, many patients returned abusive words and legal suits for simply not getting their wishes. The patients seldom believed in their bad karma that directed them to seek a doctor's help. After staying in the SJMC room with a lovely lakeview for a week, I became a changed person eventually and believed that God gave me a second chance to live because I begged & prayed for it.

Let's stop complaining that medical fees are high and killing. The choice is yours and you can get insurance to help you like how AIA had to foot my hefty bill in just 2 months signing up! This is just my 2 cents story.

Stay Healthy & Happy Always!


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Most Dangerous Airport

I'm always amused by the way our bloggers posted their stories in the net. So much lovely food and exotic traveling pixs with 360 degrees camwhoring poses. Twilight is so different because I gulped down the food when the food plate reached my nose. No time to even dig out my camera as I was often so hungry like ghost. We are so lucky to have multiple choices of menu each day esp in KL where too many eateries have sprouted up. I promise I will blog about food sometimes if not some might look at me like a Spooked Bomoh or Friends of the Pontianak blogger. I kena jaga my muka sikit lah.

In fact, I have got some glutton's food pixs taken at one popular cafe belonging to a Mr. Manhunt finalist. I swear that all his food is Heavenly GOOD! Famous faces hang out at his place too including not-so-famous faces like Twilight. You see, I am a very fussy food glutton, so when I said it's Good, you better believe me that it is fucking Best la! Yum! Yum!
The owner has pestered me to post but I belum mahu buat lagi. I told him to strip to his undies and flash his 6 abs on the dining table so that it will help attract more lalat & diners. Akan datang!

Hey, I have swayed away from my supposedly airport topic lah...

Last night hor, I took out my old passports which included my very own when 11 years old. I could only see Thailand Immigration's rubber stamps on every page and they numbered over several hundreds! My school mates used to call my mum a Thai whore and me a Pimp for traveling so often to Thailand. I just smiled at those morons. One of them have died too, after drowning.

Then hor, I realised that I visited or airport-transited the most was in Hong Kong. The blurry blue rubber stamped word "Kai Tak Airport" hit my head like hammer as I've almost forgotten this unforgettable place lah! Yeah, I asked around and only a tiny number of friends ever landed in Kai Tak Airport which has been closed in 1998. That was 10 years ago!
To my memories, I felt that it was the most exciting yet dangerous airport in the world then. The airport was so small that it was always overcrowded till planes had to run in merry-go-rounds to find a parking lot, just like the basement of Mid Valley wor! Planes bound from Hong Kong were forever late as they could not take off on time - always waiting for their turns! The Hong Kong's unpredictable typhoon and frequent strong wind further scared the pilots' balls until kena jammed inside their pants!

I loved the thrill when the planes were landing in the middle of Kowloon! They will sweep past all the hundreds of tall office buildings and flats in Tsimshatsui where some Fei Phor were just hanging their super elephant sized underwears on the balconies! As a kid, I thought they were white starched pillow cases!

In one minute, you could see averagely 3 planes landing & 4 taking off during the peak hours! Very Exciting isn't it? Hello, it was so damn noisy to me alright.

My 4th uncle who was a Singapore Airlines pilot hated landing at Kai Tak airport as it was so tension & he had to precisely get the plane's tyres out at the runway's tip by the sea otherwise the plane would have the wrong timing to run along the small airport. Surprisingly, very few planes crashed into the sea! The gila pilots blindly landed before the runway like Gila Babi or the typhoon blew the plane off!

Every night, you could see hundreds of primary school kids doing their homework or studies inside the Kai Tak Airport's corridors or cafeterias. Their homes lined beside the airport's runway, so the noisy planes were killing their studies! I have stopped complaining when I heard the rare noise of bastards speeding their kap-chai motors near my condo at midnight. Amazing that Hong Kong folks were so tolerant, not by choice! Their new big airport at Chek Lap Kok in Lantau Island is a great blessing!

So many fortunate bloggers like you have landed & camwhored in the current world's biggest airport in Beijing. I had only seen their old airport which looked like an old warehouse. For your info, the next world's biggest airport in the making is in Dubai!

To me, the most disappointingly old & confusing airports are the London's Heathrow and the Kennedy Airport in New York City. They were built before we were born, so what do you expect? Anyways, once I saw a very thin & long ugly plane that scared my ass out at Heathrow's runway. OMG! I screamed wildly when I realised it was a Concorde aircraft! Stupid Twilight, hee hee!

The world's craziest one was the O'Hare Airport in Chicago where they filmed "Home Alone Part 1" as I also got lost inside the long terminals like actor Macaulay Culkin. It was so packed with human sardines that I was being bodily-molested and dragged all over by the Mat Sallehs. I could have easily climaxed whilst holding my luggage. Today, Chicago & London are still fighting for 1st placing as World's Busiest airport.

Statue of cowboy John Wayne standing outside the airport.

Lastly, the most interesting & unique was John Wayne Airport in Santa Ana, California. I was heading to Anaheim's Disneyland which is just close by. Well, that whole airport is an Art Gallery & Museum inside, so it was ngam with my interests! So unusual concept lah!

I am sure you guys who are well travelled bloggers could offer me some valuable advice which is the dirtiest or best shopping airports that you had landed. I am sure TZ has much African stories to share about Kampala airport!

Good tips - buy lost luggage insurance and misplace your bags! The claims are unbelievable! I had never done that but I often heard about the shopping spree they were entitled. Have you done that Perky?

Happy Flying!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Happy Monday Morning!

Today is beautiful Monday 
and the weather is wet and so gloomy. 
Let's be happy and think positive! Think of your happy weekend and good buddies who made you laugh. Happiness or sadness are just frequencies all in our mind, so let's keep & think of only the good frequencies always. When our body and mind are happily positive, we can vibrate good frequencies to attract luck and healing powers.

I normally try to wake up very early and sit in front of my altar to pray for a good day. I also pray for my colleagues & all blogger friends to have a happy & healthy day so that they can blog happily too. Some blogged nonsense and made me puked. I am not talking about you coz your blogs are lovely. My whole altar has more than 15 statues, so I am very confident the heavenly deities will grant my wishes and bless you too!

This is my typical day, doing trouble shoot jobs in an advertising agency, anything from print media ads, newspaper ads, outdoor signs, billboard and even TV commercials.

Last weekend, I had to follow my comrades to climb a steep flight of 6 floors! The huge building is still under construction, so we made our way up without safety helmets. So much dirty water dripped from higher floors into my mouth! I was gasping for air, so I had to open my mouth! So much dust also settled on my golden hair. Oh yeah, my hair is gold, brown and black like a toy dog found in the Toys R' Us store. Creative mah!

I was given safety helmets to wear but they were all soaked with smelly Indon sweat in the linings inside! Oh boy, you would reject them too. After smelly ketiaks, this one is smelly topi kepala. Shit, no way lah! Bluek!

When I reached the roof top hor, my head started to spin & pening when I looked down. Out of breath and stamina, I wanted to vomit and pengsan right away. Twilight is just like an old grandma in crisp office outfit & cheapo Bata shoes. Hey, so muddy site, better put my Ferragamo shoes at home lah.

The building far behind is Summit Hotel! Can see aarr?

The workmen had arrived earlier and spread the big giant banner for Twilight to inspect & give thumbs up.

It was okay, so they started cutting triangle holes. The holes would help break wind & it could withstand strong crosswinds when hung outside. If the angin blew it off and fell on the passing cars, Twilight will surely mampus & hung up on the police station's tiang. Don't play-play! Big tanggungjawab!

Now we walked down and stood right in front of the building to monitor the workers lowering down the giant banner. It was no easy task and took so bloody hours long. Twilight had no umbrella and sun tan UV oil, so I baked and roasted like Chinese funeral pigs. My head had migraine as usual. Aiiyoh!

Bingo! It was nicely done and tied safely at last! The size is 30 feet X 50 feet, no joke!
It is offering 0% Downpayment for this Condo Suites in Subang Jaya. I definitely might buy one!

Maybe Dr.Paul & his charming Calvin could consider this place too because it was snapped up by many2 Singaporeans who knew about this reputable developer who delivers! I like it because it is just less than 2 mins walk to the new LRT station which will be built outside the Summit's area. I can use skateboard and reach there in less than 1 min!

Have A Good Day Everyone & Smile!!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

I Went To Hell

If you have read my earlier post, you can understand how I built fate with the Hell's Officer.

When I lived in Taman Tun Dr. Ismail, I often popped over to a hometown friend's house on the next street for casual chat nightly. Patricia was my classmate's sister who had gone through much problems in her life. She was one of the surviving passengers when their car somersaulted in a car crash where another good friend died after his skull tore open. (The article was posted in my earlier blogs) Patricia had just divorced her hubby and escaped to KL to start life anew. I was kinda impressed that she was on strict vegetarian diet and does daily meditation after some prayers. She was a big hypocrite as she still smoked heavily then. 

One night, Patricia revealed to me that while she meditated, her senses went into another realm. She saw her older brother who had just passed away, being severely punished in the hell. He was screaming and crying in pain but she was so helpless to do anything. She struggled out and opened her both eyes. The scenery of hell continued and overlapped with the bedroom where she was meditating. She was horrified and could not stop the whole scene of hell. Her brother whom she loved was a very sinful man when alive, according to Patricia. He cheated and hurt many people, causing much hatred and anger onto others. It took her some minutes before the scenery faded off. She was shocked for days, wondering the reason she could see it so clearly. 
In the end, she had seen her brother being tortured in hell twice and that was enough to push her to decide on helping the late brother. She had to do long prayers and chanting daily, hoping that it could help lessen his sufferings.

I tried to believe her and understand the logic behind Patricia hell's vision. I had seen so many spirits since I was a kid and I do believe that the spiritual world existed but I did not understand the whole theory and universe. It took me some years to fully understand it and how we could actually control our own fate too.

My own encounter with hell happened unexpectedly too. At that time I had just shifted to Bukit Jelutong where I did not actually like that house which had 6 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms! The whole area had passing spirits in the house and all the several playgrounds every night. It was there I saw the first headless ghost! It was also there, I discovered that at 4am daily, the Yin hour would be changed to Yang and most low spirits have to migrate into dark & cool areas. They cannot stand the heat and strong sunlight. They would float or drag on the ground into the manhole covers, into the covered drains, cracks on the road, walls and anywhere that is dark including our houses especially the store rooms because we hardly walk in! 

What was I doing then? I was recovering from the near death experience after being possessed by a fierce & powerful spirit for years. I would automatically wake up at 4am and put on my running shoes to exercise. I was feeling so light after the spirit had left me. I will blog about this later on when time permits.

At work, I had a close buddy named Anthony who cheated his way to getting employed in our agency. My boss was damn furious that Anthony could not write properly yet he applied to be our copywriter. He was promptly demoted to become my personal assistant and I became close with him eventually. Every weekend I would loan him my car so that he could use it to fetch his parents to run their errands or enjoy weekend outings. We had several cars at home, so it's only fair to be nice to others in need.

After some months, many thefts had taken place in our office. It occurred almost every week and everyone were puzzled as there was no break ins. It was not big thefts but small stuffs and cash were lost. Handphones, petty cash and even document files went missing. I casually asked Anthony who on earth could it be as it looked like an insider's job. He replied that he had no idea at all. I was pointing fingers at all possibilities. Then I started hearing spiritual voice that I knew the thief well. Another colleague victim was damn pissed at the rate of the theft and went to consult a medium who told him that the thief wore a cap! I was so damn shocked to hear that, as my right hand man Anthony actually wore a cap too!

I was nuts and went to consult another medium who told me the same story that the thief wore a cap. I had no guts to confront Anthony as I chose not to believe it was him! I always believed that Anthony was a very helpful and kind hearted guy. He would often bring his mother's brewed herbal tea from home for me to drink. I kinda thought highly of him in every aspect.

One Sunday night, I went to sleep as usual. I could recall that I had good dreams the whole night. Then almost at sunrise, my nightmare began! I was tossing left & right in my sleep and finally really went inside the pitch black hell's realm. It was so dark at one moment and the scene in front of me started to brighten up. I heard very eerie human cries from a distant and it was smoky with loud sound of boiling bubbles. It was a very strange place indeed and I had no idea where I was. Then I heard very thunderous loud footsteps coming towards me. My heart was pounding very fast as the echo of the thunderous footsteps got louder and louder.

The heavy footsteps got louder and 3 faint shadows started to appear. The shadows got bigger and bigger as it came towards me. I was glued behind some rocks on higher grounds like an audience. My heart was racing fast & in terror. I did not know what was happening.

OMG! I saw 2 very fierce looking big creatures appearing and they were grabbing a man's both arms. That shackled & chained man was bloody, wearing torn clothes and a baseball cap with his head stooped low. Suddenly that man looked up at me. I screamed loudly "Anthony!!!!!!!!!!".... He wore his same cap with an embroidered "A" logo which was his daily cap at work. I wanted to faint in shock but I could not faint. I tried very hard to run away and struggled myself but in vain. I was really glued on the spot to watch the whole thing. I screamed in terror and tossed myself on my bed.

I managed to wake up finally! I opened my eyes and I was soaked in my sweat. I had a bigger shock! The whole room was still showing the scene of the hell earlier. The 2 big creatures dragged Anthony to the giant boiling oil pit with hot bubbles and steam. They threw Anthony into the pit and he screamed loudly in pain. I covered my face and eyes with my 2 hands but the whole hell scenery was still ongoing 'live' even with my face closed!!
They used the sharp fork to poke & push him down and down below. My heart finally sank to the bottom as I saw him sinking out of sight...

My whole body limped and I was so tired as the whole hell's scene started to fade off from my bedroom. I collapsed on my bed in total shock, disbelief and confusion. I was wondering whether Anthony had actually died and I dared not call or sms him. My body was still shaking in fear and my hands & feet were numbed cold like frozen meat.

I went to office later that morning, still in a daze and shock with no appetite for breakfast. I saw Anthony and I was surprised that he was alive at his desk! He was pressing his head with both palms, groaning in acute pain. He screamed out that his head was too painful and he could not see properly with his eyes. I advised him to return back home to rest but he was too sick and in pain to walk.

A few days later, Anthony was caught red handed for prying open another colleague's personal drawers. I had suspected that he was planning something as he finished his lunch in 5 minutes and excused to return to office. The spiritual voice told me to trail him! Anthony resigned on the spot that evening. 

He went on to work for our supplier and many items were again stolen. He has hopped so many jobs and still alive today but his luck has become zero for all his sins. His jobs never lasted long and he ran into countless problems as he could no longer think properly like a normal human.

From this incident I discovered many things:

1. In my previous blog I mentioned that I collected money from many friends to print the "Journey To Underworld" books. I kept the donations in my bag and Anthony stole small sums of donation money from my bag many times.

2. The HELL officer was very angry with Anthony and decided to drag part of his soul to hell for punishment. His body has incomplete soul today and this is how 'crazy' humans are like.

3. The Hell officer probably had to show me the HELL so that I had to believe that Anthony had committed horrendous sins for stealing several times the money meant for sutra books!

4. The universe has 8 dimensions and our earth is the only one with physical human beings. They all overlap each other in the universe. The highest realm is the pure waves where the enlightened ones are.

5. When we are asleep, our senses float out naturally from our body to anywhere depending on your frequency's level.

6. The hell exists by our own doing and their frequency realm is not easy to escape when we failed to cultivate our hearts with compassion, kindness and merits.

When there is no longer evil hearts, there will be no hell.


Friday, November 21, 2008

Laughter Is The Best Medicine

This whole week has been quite stressful for me at work. The market is slowing and bloggers like Lifebook further scared me with his retrenchment updates. So much negative frequency is in the air with worries.

Today is Friday once again and let's be happy okay. Let's think positive subjects in our head and mix up with our positive friends. That will generate happiness and confidence in us. 

If you are feeling emo, try to cheer up or ask TZ to get you to booze & drown your sorrows before he leaves for Kampala again. I believe TZ is a good social specialist in this emo treatment. 
Here, I can only share some SMS jokes from India below, which tickled me & lifted my spirits. 

Tell me, did you just laugh? 
Then you are cured!

Have A Happy Weekend!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

URGH! Your Smelly Ketiak! Cis!

Have you smelled your own armpits today? Good smell or not?? If not don't come near me coz I sure pengsan anywhere. I have a terrible allergy & phobia when my condo's foreign workers sweated & my hyper sensitive d0g-nose could smell their body's puking B.O. from 1 kilometer away. Sometimes they were in the same elevator and I would dash out on the next floor like a lightning! You know what? The bad odor contains bacteria hence the pungent smell.

I was rather amused that it was written in the Buddhist sutra books that those with heavy past life's karma will have awful smelling body B.O. I guess it excretes via the hairy ketiak! Yiakss!
Anyway, it could be treated by minor surgery to rid the armpit's skunks. Sometimes the deodorant won't help and again, it might cause cancer to the lymph.

I had come across some hometown friends who get horny and turn on like a sex siren when they smell their partner's foul smell armpits. The more puking is the better! 2 thumbs up plus 2 legs up. They just love the smell and would lick it. URGH!..... I am typing this and my poor stomach is turning as well anti clockwise!

The Sutra added that those with merits would be born with nice smelling body & personality as well! No wonder I realised the some Mat Sallehs who shared same bathrooms in US with me, had a unique and dettol-like body smell. I used to ask Michael which brand's cologne spray he used and he snapped back that he could ill afford to buy one as a student! Oops! It was natural!

Later I understood how smell could turn fellas ON or OFF like a tap! I laughed when Silencer-the-medical-student blogged about the nice smell of the doctor he so admired. Well, it made sense.

Our office's cleaning lady had the worst sweat glands on this planet which gave me terrible head migraines each time she finished vacuuming my room! To me, she was like a human-skunk that could talk Hokkien! Now 13 years later, she no longer smells like shit and I don't run away from her like seeing a skunk anymore. I guess her frequent visits to temples and prayers must have cleansed both her armpits and karma. I swear that I am not kidding okay. Nobody likes busuk smell lah, bad Feng Shui when they raised their armpits to flash. All my good chances to win Magnum 4-D would be gone too!

Next problem is guys with wet-wet palms. When they shook my hands, my eye-balls would roll up and Hail Mary! Why is your hand so wet aarrr? Just finished pee and didn't wipe, izzit? I would quickly rub my right hand behind my pants. Again, the sutra also stated that bad karma gives you wet palms. Normally advertising agencies dare not hire designers with sweaty palms as they would wet all the artwork pieces! Only dry hands need to apply.

Doctor bloggers, can their hands be treated by surgery? I doubt it can be done.

Unless you slit their palms to drain out the sweat and water! Hey, I am not laughing or being cruel but I am a just honestly a blunt Twilight alien from the Mars who speak fearless dialects. I just wanna share that the sutra books mentioned, by clearing your karma would also clear all this sweat palms and foul armpits! Don't believe, just try it and tell me.

Lastly, the worst is those with sweat feet soles! Yeah, when they walked around barefooted and you can see their wet footprints all over the carpet and floor! Yiaks! One bloody moron friend of mine has all the above 3 problems and sadly, he has to wear my hotel-slippers when he enters my condo. When he drives the car, his steering wheel gets slippery and wet like gone for car-wash with windows opened!

I'm sorry to speak up so frankly but I won't reveal his name. He always leave comments here! How sweet of him!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My Private Letter

Last night, I received an email from a close buddy Jason who returned to KK a few years ago. So relaxed being under his mummy's apron strings, he mixed with wrong KK friends of gamblers and hard core pub drinkers for shiok everyday, one thing led to another and he was hooked to drug pills just to get HIGH. This is another Sor-Haaiiii case, yeah? So mummy had to pay 4 figure sums to admit him into a private Drug Rehabilitation Centre. It was not a glamorous place as thought like those in Los Angeles where Britney Spears or Lindsay Lohan admitted. Read below if you have time.

Dear Brother Twilight,

Now I am working with my dad, most of time I will either stay at the office or inside forest (camp). The life inside camp is almost same as inside rehad center.

During the time at the rehad, the programme was routine, wake up early, breakfast. Praise the lord then do some daily cleaning or work then lunch. Rest till 2 pm then start doing work ( such as KFC take away sources)till tea break at 3.15pm . Free time at 5pm and dinner at 6.30 pm. Praise the lord and bible study till 9.00 pm then having supper, sleep at 10.30 pm.

For beginner, when a person just admit to the rehad, he must stay inside a room surround steel bar ( lock up) for 2 to 4 weeks. If the person is serious to drug then he might stay inside much longer. For my case, I quite well behave, so I was release for 4 days. Start work hard in cleaning the toilet ( the toilet was so dirty and smelly before I admitted. Month later I start get myself involve inside kitchen. They have heirachy too, junior need to obey to senior or superior.

The founder or himself called pastor, he never went to study to become a pastor, he don’t really spend most of the time consulting, however he just like to act as pastor and praise the lord. To him, god is everything. There are about 30 people at the rehad. Half of them suffer mental illness, old folk, then 40% are drug user and the rest are those naughty kids. Even there are people wanted to start a gangster inside, so that they can enjoy people benefit such as good meal, bully others, order people do the dirty job and whatever. They even force those old folk to take off their pants and perform masturbation to others. They are crazy. I am just lucky to gain their respect, but most of the time I feel sorry to those old folk, I often tell those naughty kids not to have such intention to treat older people, that is bad, and sinful ( I can’t imagine I spoken karma to them). Most of them seem happy since I admit. Cos the toilet is getting cleaner, some time I purposlly cook more so all people can have enough. 

Those drug user are the most scary one, their mental and action are wild, unormal compare to others, specially those syabu (ice) user. I notice from the paster and my mum’s partner who do the backpack lodge business. Two of them used to be syabu user, both of them successfully quit, now both of them even have almost same action or thought even they are some different background. Example, both of them are forgetful of what they promising, some of the time change their decision. At last I am happy that I decide to change for better. And the some important was I learn so much from seeing and sharing with them. 

To be honest, most drug user who admitted are not intended to quit. Only those long time user will have the courage to quit, I even sate from HIV blood test from the health ministry for free. I had spoken to those officer, the biggest problem that Malaysia having now was increase of HIV and drugs. The fees of HIV was about 2k every month just buying the medicine. Hopefully this HIV awareness will open teenagers mind. 
After leaving rehad, pastor told me that I can come back anytime as volunteer, and I am the only person which he allow at the moment. cos most people choose to go back to their past since they left. It was sad. So I decide to leave kk now, just to ensure I am strong enough. The evil spirit is so strong, the society or friend that use to high together will soon contact me. So better leave kk first. I used to complain that keningau (town which I stay now) very boring, kk is boring too. Nothing much to do and lots of reason and excuses. Office lady was asking me why I prefer work at boring town. I told them that boring was just a part of life experience, once to decide and enjoy doing your work, you won’t feel boring anymore. Life was how you make it, don’t let your surrounding effect your mood or your mind. Sometime you will realize you save more money than work at the city.

Ok lah bro!, thats it for now.. how is ele? feel better?...take care lah... talk again... i had write some comment at your blog..


......................... Twilight punya reply .........................

Dear Jason:

I feel very sad to hear that you had gone through all this. However, I am happy that you have come out clean. I really hope that you will not fall back into your old ways. Life is so short and time flies so fast. You need to make use of your this human life to be a good human because it is very2 difficult to reincarnate as human beings.
We must make good use of our time to help other humans, otherwise if we have to reincarnate again, the fate won't allow you to be a human. Simple, when given the chance to be humans, they preferred to behave like animals. When they pass away, they will reincarnate as the same animal they had behaved. 

I plan to post your letter in my blog to serve as warning to others. It will be merits for you when people get moved by your experience. Nothing to worry, they don't know who is Jason Wong. Only God and your brother here know and still care for Jason Wong. Please remember this that I always care for you.

Warmest regards:

Thanks for reading my private letter. Must share good stuffs, right?
You have a Good Day!

Monday, November 17, 2008

How To Get CANCER?

So much awareness & research have been conducted on cancer with countless of preventions and treatments. Yet, how many did survive? Please count the number of people you knew who died of this deadly cancer.

I have lost count myself on my good kawans, relatives, associates and the many patients I fetched to the hospitals for treatment..... all mampus of very painful cancer. Sob! Sob! I was assigned for a few years to fetch Hospice patients from the whole Jalan Klang Lama and Puchong! All of them have bade farewell to me, making my heart like a piece of stone today. No more tears, no more fears. They taught me valuable lessons that lasts a lifetime. Terima kasih to them all who are now resting in heavens.

Hello? Most humans today are damn fucking Sor-haaiiii especially those who still smoke heavily right now. My colleagues & friends complained about the rising cigarette prices, killing their pockets but they planned to cut down on food instead. Aiyo, this is called Orang Pandai or Sor-haaiii? Niaamah leh.

Ahem!... Once upon a time, I used to appear on TV and many Video clips as kalefe but the most remarkable one was the "NO SMOKING" ad by Kementerian Kesihatan. I was the very underaged virgin doctor inside showing X-ray films to a patient on his positive results. The TV ad ran every night for 3 years on TV2 and everyone laughed at me. Why hor?????????? I was smoking and drinking in public! See, I was so famous bloody fool.

I admit I was also a damn Sor-Haaaiii lah. Now that is history okei?

Since no amount of warnings could help you to quit smoking, I will assist you to achieve your ultimate GOAL. I made my own scientific research and I jamin there are 5 WAYS TO GET CANCER real fast.

Do you know this very famous hunky friend? He would kill me if he sees me using his photo....sorry lah brother. Hello kawan?? Just increase your 2 sticks to 2 packets per day and you are on your way there lah! To where? To hell lah! Ha ha..

SODIUM NITRATE! Yeah!!! Get 1 kilo of this powder and sprinkle onto all your food. This cancer-agent is already made available in almost all the junk food we eat today. It is very deadly and we would be 1 step closer to meet our ancestors.
Hello Ah Kong! Heloo Ah Phor! Wah lai liao!

IKAN BAKAR! Yeah! Eats lots of burnt Ikan Bakar daily or go lay under the sun like an Ikan Bakar just like my bodoh friend here. Gary who complains that he looks like Pak Cham Kai often baked himself under hot blazing sun for days. I think this Sor-Haaiii is so moron lah. He wanna look tanned & sexy with outer lining of cancer. This is Siau Lang.

DELICIOUS KAJANG SATAY! Yeah!! We all love them with peanut sauce! No way I can stop eating this charcoal meat!! I read reports that 1 stick of satay is equivalent to 4 sticks of cigarettes! 
Eat it! Eat it! Or just Beat it! Beat it!

Move to a new place. Live under FAT high tension wires to radiate your cells! They are the BEST super fast and GUARANTEED method to give you multiple cancers ranging from Skin Cancer, Brain Tumours, Tek-Tek and even Chibai cancer. A patient who lost his wife to cancer pointed out to the high tension wires along his house off Jalan Gasing. He added that nearly every house on his street had cancer, yet they had no alternative choices to relocate! Now that was the most BODOH & Tadak OTAK for saying - No Choice! Surely you have the choice! I would pack up my barangs and live with all the happy monyets in Zoo Negara! They would welcome me like sworn brothers!

I think I have said enough unless you have more ideas to contribute. Before departing, maybe it's best to select our own container to lie ourselves. I have made it easy with the useful contacts of the 4 most popular undertakers in Klang Valley. They might give me komisyen for every call made. So hurry, call them today!

FAIRY PARK SDN. BHD. - TEL: 03 33439871

It is never too late to turn over a new leaf. Let's not be selfish and think of our loved ones if we are gone too soon. It is so easy to live and eat healthily. Prayers and clearing our bad karma also helps to keep sickness away. Have a Good Day!

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