Saturday, March 27, 2010

My Sweetest Friend

It was a trip down memory lane when an old buddy returned from New York City. Gary had been away for some 20 years at the Big Apple working in a Chinese restaurant somewhere in Manhattan's suburbs called Flushing.

Obviously, I rounded up Peter and his newly married wife to meet up with Gary for a cuppa at Starbie's. Gary and I knew Peter way before he met with the swimming pool mishap that paralyzed him severely at his neuro-spine.

Peter has struggled a long way on wheelchair, eventually became our country's top blogger for his vocal & rights for the handicaps. He was so noisy that Datuk Sharizat took notice of him.

Go read his blog.

Peter, his wife and I.

Gary is another Kopi-O addict besides smoking heavily and gambling almost nightly at Trump's casinos in Atlantic City for years till his losses chalked up to over RM100K. A mighty bastard with no brains I would label him.

However, since my return from New York City in the 90s, Gary had sworn that he would kick the gambling habits which he successfully and proudly adhered.
This trip back home, he's catching up a flight soon to unite with his fiancee in Shanghai where he hopes to venture into some Shanghai Bunds!

Damn it, doctors have pronounced him unfit and grounded him.

They found that his uric acid level is very high with dangerous level & amount of bacteria, swarming all over his stomach which could lead to cancer.
I was damn shocked to hear that all his bacteria came from eating nightly plateful left-overs of raw sashimi and sushis at the NYC's Chinese Restaurant where he worked. That went on for over a decade!

No wonder, the bacterias have mushroomed and built nests in his brains too, resulting him to suffer from loss of memory in recognizing most old friends!

Look at him, he courts danger with the amount of sugar for his cup of coffee! He has ripped off 10 strips of Brown Sugar into his cup! Gary is a @#$% moron!

This is the last shot of his sugar - 13 strips!!!!!!!!

Yes, Gary is my "sweetest" friend!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

I Love William Liew's

I got sms from William Liew that he would be having big SALE up to 80%!
I woke up early in the morning and headed to the store just the moment the door was opened.
I wanted to make sure I got the freshest hot cakes from the oven.

This is William's new boutique at Sungai Wang with no competitors beside, unlike the previous lot.

The assorted range of discounts from 50-80% was worth browsing through the racks!
I tried 7 pants but selected only 1. My ass is too blardy big somewhere and the zipper won't go up!

You may ask why I wear William's clothes almost everyday? His shirts make me look thinner and younger with his famous signature buttons that never failed to help people to strike conversations with me! Even the mamak teh-tarek man had to curiously ask me why the middle button is so different in shape and colour! I love the attention! Heeeee!

I ended up buy 8 pieces this time. The sales will habis at month's end, so I will be there again this weekend to see whether got new stock on display. See you there!

Hey, if you think I got paid for this post, let me slap your face hard! LOL

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


When the shocking news broke out, I was numbed to the core and in great disbelief. 
All of us prayed that it was not true.

It has been some years I had not received such a great shock on such a gruesome death.

My cousin informed me that KH was murdered!
The corpse was beyond recognition and DNA had to be tested.

It was the longest wait to hear the results while the poor body was still in the cold morgue at Temerloh for almost a week.

Meanwhile, Chinese newspapers reported wild stories and splashed all the photos!


This particular photo caught my eye, sending my mind down the memory lane. Often, I went to the Choong's family mansion along Western Road when I was a kid.

Now, the reality has finally crept in today and KH has departed forever.

The funeral will be on Wednesday.

The Memorial will be held at Ritz-Carlton KL.