Monday, September 9, 2013

Men's Health Run 2013

When our celebrity Running Queen Lina alerted me to sign up the Men's Health Run, I was too late to dream of participating in the 12km Run. It was all snapped up so fast! Never mind, my honey & I still joined the 5km Fun Run. Actually, I was very greedy for their fabulous Goodie-Bags and this event was my 3rd time joining the fun at Putrajaya, never mind the light rain!

(Pix 1) I thought I could fool everyone about appearing on the magazine cover! Lina teased me that I was too big sized and probably fell out of the front page! Malu lah! Muahahahahahaha!....

(Pix 2) There were many usual stalls selling booster stuffs related to the running lifestyles like cleansers, corn flakes, drinks, gymnasium, slimming stuffs, minyak urut and even kasut! GO LIKE NEVER BEFORE! It was the first time I saw this kasut's products and they were so light & colourful. I could be seen 1 mile away wearing them.

(Pix 3) Fitness First had a booth which was very popular. It looked as if most runners are already members! So the FF easily rounded them up to lie down for a very tough competition of endurance!

(Pix 4) So many fellas freaked out and went flat kaput on the floor in 2 minutes. This friend still showed his thumbs up!

(Pix 5) This competition attracted the most crowd including the 2 clowns to cheer on after 4 minutes has passed! It was so tough to hold their tummies so long!

(Pix 6) I came to cheer the oldest competitor who is over 50 years old. In the end, he WON!!!! All the other younger men with 6 abs and huge arm muscles fell flat after shaking vigorously in trance.  It was not easy okay.

(Pix 7) This Kasut-Man walked everywhere and attracted many ladies to pose in front!

(Pix 8) My honey preferred to kick the Kasut-Man from behind. Ouch!

(Pix 9) Suddenly, the skies went dark and it started to drizzle lightly making the 7000+ runners worried. The 12km participants were flagged off at 8pm and followed by the 5km runners at 8.20pm.

(Pix 10) Putrajaya is only beautiful at night. I always disliked driving around in the heavy traffic during office hours as I often got lost in big circles trying to locate the Ministry's buildings and offices. Bluek!

(Pix 11) It is very romantic to walk across this lover's bridge which Tun M wanted to create our very own "Pont Alexandre III" bridge in Paris...

(Pix 12) I was proudly declared the Champion Runner by the Ayam mascot. Here I was doing SK's Ah boy signature pose!

(Pix 13) Look at the nice Goodie Bags for ladies that comes in very thick canvas material with handles & draw strings!

(Pix 14) The men's Goodie Bag is also made of thick canvas with a rugged look! All the freebies came along with a free magazine, milk, oitment, shampoo, calendar, water bottle and etc.

(Pix 15) We were given free Milo drinks, foodies, bananas and this very yummy delicious cookie from TOUS les JOURS! Oh boy, I have to head over to their  bakery soon as I really love this big sized heavenly cookie. Have you been to their newly opened bakery in Bangsar??

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