Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Hard Rock Cafe @ Makati City

This will be my second last post of my trip to Manila.
The next final post will be covering the slum & poorest
areas. Let's talk something happier today.
We went to the Hard Rock Cafe unplanned, 
while we were just cruising across the chic areas
of Glorietta 3 in Makati City. I was curious to see their
interiors after having seen their famed cafes in
Manhattan, Beijing, Los Angeles & etc.

1. Hola! Mabuhay! I trotted inside happily.


2. They have a 2 level Cafe, so similar to the
one I got drunk inside Manhattan at New York City.

3. Lots of typical musicians' memorabilia would decorate their walls 
to add sentimental excitement for the Hard Rockers! 

 4. This is their long bar table. They just opened doors at noon
and the tiny crowd had started to trickle in.

5. So many bottles of alcohol and liquor to keep you
stoned drunk and happy. 

6. They have pool tables with Pinoys & Pinays enjoying.


7. My poor wifey was sitting far behind looking bored
but very patient with me for snapping so many photos
for my blogs. She is always my best and supportive
traveling companion in my life! Hihihi... 

8. Finally! We ordered snack and drinks. Now is her turn to snap
photos before I could sink my teeth into the appetizers.

9. Their signature Raspberry Fruity Vodka is so heavenly nice
and I was tipsy after 2 glasses! I thought it was a mild cocktail. 

10. This plate of sliced bread with Mexican styled tomatoes & cheese
was delicious. I forgot the mouthful names as usual.  

11. Voila! This potato skins with salsa & cheese was fabulous.
I forgot its mouthful names again. Sorry yeah! 

12. Cheers to all my readers & blogger friends!

13. These items belong to Keith Richards who is a famous
English musician, singer and actor who often hit the
headlines for good & wrong reasons. His well known
quotes are
I've never had a problem with drugs. 
I've had problems with the police.

14. The jacket belongs to Tina Turner! 
I love her songs!

15. These comic drawings were done by Elton John himself.
I can never forget his wedding photo being dressed in a full
gown bridal dress complete with a veil. OMG!

16. Hello? My wifey was still smiling happily.
So I continued to snap photos for you to see. 

17. These items belong to Paul McCartney of the Beatles.
So much memories for uncles like me. 

18. I had to take a break & went to piss in the Gent's Toilet.
They have so much decorations inside to keep our
eyes busy. 

19. They have 2 Souvenir Stores for hard core fans too.

 20. I bought T-shirts for my wifey & the DJ of BFM radio.

 21. The Teddy Bears looked cute but why are they not
wearing the bandana of Philippines flag?

22. My signature jump!
Happy Holidays to everyone.


Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Ayala Center @ Makati - Manila

Today's post will be more vibrant & lively after my recent somber and morbid postings.
I have to show off and share their most interesting shopping city that
I had never seen in New York City, Seoul or London. A very brilliant and well
planned green concept by the most prominent Ayala Family who are
into banking, industries and property development. 

I will share 29 photos here in just one single post. I would never
blog more than once on one spot. My photos are adjusted to lowest
resolutions for your browsing convenience!

 1. You must remember to visit Ayala Center which consists
the flamboyant upscale Makati's shopping haven. 

 2. It is so safe and well connected with tight security inside all the malls
and restaurants. They screen all the bags like airports!
Both Glorietta 1-5 and Greenbelt 1-5 malls
are just side by side.

3. You will need at least 1-2 days to fully comb the enitre
Greenbelt 1-5. You will walk tirelessly, eat sinfully,
shop crazily and still burn calories. No worries!


 4. I love all the generous lush green landscapes which is good for my eyes!
They really hired great artists to design the entire place.

5. They have their own prestigious Ayala Museum which was a welcome 
place for a boring ancient geek like me. The entrance fee was exhorbitant
for tourists but it was just worthwhile for me to study their history.
I must say that I was quite impressed with the way they displayed their
artifacts on the thick glass panels and you just walk over them!
Simply an original idea to amuse me.

 6. Outside the Museum's windows, I could see so much
green trees and pretty Koi fish ponds below. 

 7. There is a unique building that looked like a Roman warrior's helmet.
That is their own chapel for the convenience of their Catholic community.

 8. The feeling was so good to see everyone pausing to hear the
prayers and hymns that filled the air.

 9. They have plenty of shops of all sizes and names to list out.
They also have similar fancy restaurants like we do -
Bubba Gumps, Tim Ho Wan, Tony Romas,
Old Town White Coffee etc.

10. All the Greenbelt Malls are connected in circles
with directional signs otherwise you might get lost in a maze.

11. There are plenty of Alfresco Dining areas on the lower and upper deck
areas which were often packed to the brim.

12. There was an interesting spot for exhibition that displayed
their posters in a stylish manner. Can you spot me?

13. Yours truly taking a rest at the orbicular fountain 
at Greenbelt 5.

14. They have so many designer brands lining the streets!
I could just afford to window shop and dream only.

 15. Now let's proceed on to the bigger and happening
Glorietta 1 to 5 areas.

 16. There is just as much greenery and lush landscapes here.

 17. The air quality was not perfect even without Indon's haze.
The huge Shangrila Hotel stood prominently.

 18. They have several interesting shopping malls in this area.
I found their clothes and merchandise are of superb quality & designs.

19. Neat rows of retail shops.

 20. When your legs are ached, you can rest on grandma's
rocking chairs!

 21. I was stunned to see this guy reading his note book
with scribbled pages like a troubled and stressed zombie.

 22. Their layout inside the malls are just different for a nice 
welcome change.

23. Everyday we dined at different fancy restaurants and I
found this ambiance very refreshing with long stems of grass.

 24. They served very tasty pizza in a huge rectangular shape
with lots of herbs sprinkled. So aromatic and crispy! I like.

 25. We also settled for nice desserts and coffee each night after
our dinner. We still behaved like a newly courting couple,
talking and teasing each other like kids.

26 .  There was even a younger and sweeter couple here.
They shared a big glass of ice cream and giggled goo goo!

 27. Adoi! Now let me take your photo darling!!
Say 'cheese' darling! Muacks!
Amboi. Amboi. So sweet.
Ants coming!

28. Okay now I get ready to visit Hard Rock Cafe - Makati.


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